Cannot install libreoffice on mac


  1. Question 1: what should I do before the uninstall?
  2. LibreOffice for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET
  3. LibreOffice vs OpenOffice
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Question 1: what should I do before the uninstall?

How is that different from what you see? While you certainly should be able to install LibreOffice from the main site download, the good people at Collabora have packaged it in the AppStore. This makes for very convenient installation and maintenance. The appstore link is in this Collabora blog post , or you can get it directly with this Appstore link. I've been happily and gratefully using this build on my MacBook for a long time.

LibreOffice for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET

It's great! Thanks you for the links. No file to drag to applications appears. I tried downloading in Firefox, since Safari downloads didn't open. Firefox says "download failed" 3 times. Maybe that's the failed download?

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MadLibrarian - It's very difficult to work out what the issue is with your MacBook. Do you have access to another machine friend? If the link, etc. I'm not sure we can offer any further help on that. MadLibrarian - As for Collabora Vanilla LibreOffice, it is a convenience -- and you can see some rationale for the charge for that convenience in a blog post by one of the Collabora devs.

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice

It makes sense. I've been using this version since , and it's terrific. You'll need to decide what is the best way forward in your hardware situation and personal inclinations.

Hope that helps! LibreOffice 3. How can I change the user interface language? Can I install LibreOffice in windows server Comment 8 mrwlists UTC. Comment 11 Buovjaga UTC. Comment 18 Libre UTC. Comment 21 Buovjaga UTC. Comment 22 caraffande UTC. Comment 24 kisch UTC. Installation show other bugs.

Reported: UTC by pisica. Attachments Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Description pisica UTC I downloaded 5. I can install it without a problem and then when I open it, it brings up the "Verifying LibreOffice" window and the icon bounces and eventually stops bouncing. That's it. I can't open it. Selecting 'open' by ctrl-clicking the icon itself has the same result. The first time, I got a pop-up window saying that it was damaged and should go into the trash, but that hasn't appeared since. Same thing happened when I tried to install the previous version.

And yes, I have the security setting selected to open from 'Mac App store and identified developers'.

Known Limitations

I'm using OSX Yosemite Verification is almost complete and then it hangs. I tried again a few days later and had the same issues hanging, etc. uses cookies.

My settings had already been to allow apps downloaded from the Mac store and identified developers, but once I cleared the download hang, I changed that permission to allow apps downloaded from anywhere. And then the download worked without a problem! Maybe try that and see if it works for you? Now it works: 1. Switching off the app-verification 2. Opening LibreOffice 3.

Switching it back on Now LibreOffice works without problems. But there still seems to be a problem with the package verification Comment 4 mrwlists UTC I have the same problem with "LibreOffice 5.