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Photoshop Coloring Tutorial Tumblr - Photoshop Tutorial Tumblr

The window that opens will show a preview of your GIF as well as the file size. If your GIF is px wide, it will easily be larger than two megabytes. In order to get this file size smaller we are going to do a few tricks. Going back to our hummingbird example above, when watching the video, there is only movement in one part of the frame, the rest stays still. We are going to take advantage of this. The secret to getting a bunch of frames in a single GIF and keeping it under two megabytes is masking out any portion of the image that can stay still. It only takes a few steps to do this. This will place a mask over the group.

Click on any frame besides the first one in the Animation Timeline, switch to the Brush Tool B and paint black on the parts of the image that remain static. Even though you are painting black, you will see the layer disappear as if you are erasing it. This fills back in the background that you masked away from the other layers.

You can see what my layer mask looked like on the left. There are an array of options to tweak to fine-tune your GIF. The Dither setting should be set to either Pattern or Diffusion. It will help reduce the size of the file though in dire times! Once you are happy, click Save! Play your GIF and see if the speed and quality are fine. A lates birder living in Los Angeles. Enjoys birding on the weekend, and loves checking out new areas in SoCal for opportunities to photograph wildlife.

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When not obsessing about birds, you can find him cross stitching or playing Nintendo games. Previous Slow motion pigeon.

Photoshop cs5 free download mac tumblr

Next Birds Make it Original. About The Author. Jeffrey Mann A lates birder living in Los Angeles. Related Posts. Keep Credit Intact, No using as base or redistributing.

Photoshop Coloring Tutorial Tumblr

Live Preview Code: Pastebin. One column theme with customisable post sizes and navigation. Inspired by the blogging website, Medium.

Basic Tumblr Gif w/ Text Tutorial - Mac - Photoshop CS6

Options include colours, images, links, pagination, captions, tags, font, navigation, and post style. It is important to read the full post before making questions. I believe I explained everything that needs to be said. Download your. I tried it in two different Windows and it worked perfectly update: this was about two years ago, but I trust it is still working. And follow this tutorial to get your extended version. The most important of them: the timeline mode. Smart Sharpen is a filter that we apply to gifs If we have a timeline, we can apply it in a couple clicks.

The timeline also makes things easier for us when we want to work with all frames at once for example, when we want to duplicate them, move them, etc. It is not really a big issue, to be honest. This is the one I use and my sharpening action makes me forget about the lack of a timeline in my Photoshop. I hope it helps to others.