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  1. USB Flash Drive / Memory card not detected on Mac USB port
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Drive Wipe Erase storage devices data securely without leaving any traces. These errors when you connect the USB drive are really scary!! These errors generally appear when an external device is connected to the computer and the operating system is unable to recognize it or read it. However, such issues can arise in both Windows and Mac systems. It may be an initial indication of your flash drive corruption and losing access to data in it.

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Hence, try to fix the issue as soon as possible. Here, you will find few methods to fix such not recognizing USB error. But, before going ahead with the troubleshooting process, you need to secure your data.

USB Flash Drive / Memory card not detected on Mac USB port

Yes, in the process of fixing the USB error there are chances of losing or corrupting your data. Hence, before proceeding with this process, recover your data and save on a secure drive. The entire recovery process takes few minutes:. Once, your data from flash drive is securely stored, you can now proceed with the troubleshooting methods. As said earlier, both Windows and Mac will have different methods. Read through the below procedure:. Every computer has an inbuilt mode of scanning any USB drive attached to it.

You can use this method to find out any error in the connection or the device.


This will scan and show you the results for any issues with your USB device. You can further troubleshoot the issues or use any third party element to fix them. This will reformat your flash drive and it will fix the flash drive not recognized issue. In case this method fails to fix the error, then follow the next method. To update the driver, you have to go to the device manager window. Do keep in mind you have the administrator rights to use and change the system settings. This step will update your driver software and fix the Flash Drive not recognized problem in the computer.

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  6. If you are a Mac user and facing the same issue with your system, here are some methods to eliminate it. To format a flash drive on a Mac, plug in the drive and open the "Applications" folder, the "Utilities" folder and then "Disk Utility. Select the drive, and then click "Erase. Formatting a flash drive erases all data currently stored on it.

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    If you have already saved anything on the drive, back up the data before you format the flash drive. To back up your data, insert the USB drive into the computer you used with the drive and copy the contents of the drive to the desktop or a folder on the computer. To copy, just drag and drop the files from the flash drive menu to the desktop or desired folder.

    Occasionally, a faulty flash drive becomes unreadable after it's been used for a while.

    Problem: Can't see files on USB drives on Mac

    If you have an older USB flash drive that's been beaten around, it may not work even if you reformat it. While most flash drives are made to withstand years of use, take the age and previous use of the drive into consideration if you have a flash drive that can't be read anymore.

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