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Is this device compatible for PS2? Will the screen running smooth without any laggy when gaming? Show posts by this member only Post 6. Sure, I have pm you the details and answers, check your inbox : As for anyone who want to know the answer to your questions too; 1. A: No problem. Compatible with PS2?


Garage Sales Announcement

Experience any lag? Check the system requirement in post 1. Or tell me your specs and I predict will lag or not. Dec 21 , PM. Show posts by this member only Post 7. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Yes, basic EasyCaps DC60 v2. Yes, you should be able to record Astro with it though I have not personally tested it myself since I have no Astro at home. I can try record from a dvd player to show you its video quality if you want :. Dec 23 , PM. Show posts by this member only Post 9.

Senior Member 1, posts Joined: Mar Show posts by this member only Post Jan 26 , PM. Uploaded three more Easycap test recording videos : 1. Feb 15 , PM.

Software to Capture Video With EasyCap DC60+

Newbie 3 posts Joined: Feb This post has been edited by flarefox13 : Feb 15 , PM. Feb 22 , AM. Thanks for your interest and sorry about the late reply, didn't saw your post here, my bad :P About the sound lag, there is no audio stuttering during previewing but during recording, it does but it stop as soon as you stop recording. Mar 19 , PM. Senior Member posts Joined: Apr Mar 20 , AM. As I don't have Astro, I can only make speculations on this but I think it's not possible for easycap to record in HD as easycap only have composite and s-video input.

You can only use easycap in these ways on Astro. Mar 21 , PM. Look at the input signal to know if can record in hd or not. Normally, if the input signal is only either composite or s-video, it cannot be hd already, just sd quality. If hd quality, must be at least component or hdmi input signal : A capture card that can record in hd usually cost around RM or more!!! May 22 , AM. Junior Member 10 posts Joined: May May 24 , AM. Welcome to lowyat. Jun 3 , PM. Newbie 1 posts Joined: Oct Jun 4 , AM. You're lucky, right now, I have last stocks left : Okay, pmed you.

Jun 13 , PM. Do take note however, that although you can view HD on your hdtv but your recording with easycap will still be in SD quality : Here is a sample video by Flarefox13 of his ps3 gameplay video using easycap I sold him on composite connection B] 7ZmsHNPu7iM. Jul 7 , AM. Junior Member posts Joined: Nov Jul 13 , AM.

Jul 13 , PM. Yep, can play ps3 on your laptop screen using ps3 rca composite. Yep, no problem, can use laptop speaker to output the audio :.

HOW TO: Setup EasyCAP on a Mac [UPDATED]

Sep 18 , PM. Sep 19 , PM. Sep 24 , PM. Newbie 0 posts Joined: Sep Sep 25 , AM. Oct 16 , PM. Check out these comparison videos for yourself to see which is better in graphic details and sound clarity! If this offend you, please do not watch! The splitter is to split the game console source signal both audio and video to two different separate signals which you can connect both to the tv and to the capture device.

The splitters can work for both composite and component source signal. If you want, PM me to order! Some old recorded videos using Easycap through composite quality: 1. Oct 19 , AM. To those who are interested about the performance of these capture devices on Nintendo Wii , here are some pics for comparison : Legends: First pic is Grabber Composite, second pic is Grabber Svideo, third pic is Grabber Component, fourth pic is Easycap Composite and fifth pic is Easycap Svideo. Oct 27 , PM. Newbie 9 posts Joined: Mar Hi Bro interested in the Grabber component.

Please PM me best price. Nov 2 , AM. Nov 12 , AM. Junior Member 6 posts Joined: Jan Nov 12 , PM. I would want to buy an easycap for connecting my ps2 to my laptop Both are user-friendly devices and there's an English guide included to help you install the driver. After that, it's just plug and play. You can even bring your laptop when we cod and I can setup for you! You're welcome! Nov 13 , PM. For those interested about the performance of these capture devices on PS2 , here are some pics for comparison : Legends: First pic is Easycap Composite and second pic is Grabber Composite.

Nov 14 , AM. God of War 2 p8fQ7ke4Pi4. Nov 15 , AM. Junior Member posts Joined: Jan Boleh, video mgs tu memang aku record dari ps2 yang aku main guna laptop :. Nov 28 , AM. PS3 recorded videos using Grabber on Component via i 1. Dec 7 , AM.

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Newbie 0 posts Joined: Dec Since HDMI capture device are expensive, go for Grabber instead with component input support because of more vibrant color control than easycap with s-video. Remember though the ps3 must be set to i to display on SD capture device. Ezcap is just a new name launched by the original company because of a lot of fake easycaps in the market ruining their product name. On the other hand, Grabber has a newer Empia chipset which even when both using same composite cable, Grabber has better picture quality than Easycap :.

Dec 7 , PM. When you use it for gameplay only, does it take a lot of the computer? I have a pentium 1. Dec 8 , AM. Depending on your setup, easycap is only limited to composite and s-video input. Some of the sharper easycap video here that you see may be because I'm using s-video cable hence they look almost similar to the Grabber quality but keep in mind that video game console s-video cable are rare in Malaysia and difficult to find one whereas video game console component cable are easier to find in Malaysia.

Therefore, if you have easycap and unable to find the console s-video cable, your graphic will not be so sharp as you can only use composite! Grabber allow you to have an alternative option in which is component input where you can buy the console component cable easily. As for tuning control, I find that Grabber has better adjustment when it comes to contrast, sharpness, color, and brightness than easycap. If in some part of the game where its dark, you can easily adjust the Grabber to be brighter while in easycap, the brightness settings tend to lead to the color appear paler like a shade of white has been applied to it.

When I play game using the capture device, I don't have any antivirus, downloading, or programs running in the background but I'm guessing it should work on your Pentium 1. I still need to know how much RAM and your max display resolution of your laptop before I can confirm. Pm me your laptop specs : Thank you. I do intend to provide as much information on the product I'm selling so you can make a good decision! Dec 9 , AM. Hi Nam, thanks for explaining, you got mail :.

Dec 13 , AM. Junior Member 13 posts Joined: Jun Hi, I'm interested in getting the Grabber. Please pm me the payment details. COD would be preferred. Dec 16 , PM. This post has been edited by greenade : Dec 16 , PM. Dec 17 , AM. PM me more details please. I lost you there when you said switch channel recording, what do you mean? Dec 17 , PM. Understood already :D You got PM too! Jan 3 , PM. Newbie 0 posts Joined: Jan Are you still working on this?? I'm interested getting myself one of this. This post has been edited by ekseow : Jan 3 , PM. Jan 4 , AM.

Yep, still have ready-stock. You got PM! Jan 10 , AM. Hopefully they come out with HDMI! Jan 11 , AM. These are powerful capture devices that can enable you to play your xbox on laptop at i HD, just expect to pay about RM for one! Jan 13 , PM. Jan 14 , PM. That EasyCap DC60 v2. Jan 15 , PM. Yep, component does look better indeed but remember it's still not HD! Jan 16 , AM. Jan 16 , PM. Jan 18 , PM. PM has been replied :.

You're welcome. Enjoy your capture device :. Jan 28 , PM. Junior Member 13 posts Joined: Sep Jan 29 , PM. The main difference between them is Easycap support only svideo black and composite red, white, yellow only while Grabber support all that plus additional Component input red, green blue which give better picture quality especially in gaming console. Furthermore, Grabber has a newer chipset inside which produce overall better picture quality than Easycap and a better color control scheme.

Both support Win 7 as both are latest versions :. Jan 30 , AM. I'm interested in getting the Grabber. Can you pm me the payment details. Jan 30 , PM. Apr 13 , PM. Newbie 0 posts Joined: Apr I wish to purchase easycap if you still have it. Please PM me payment details. Apr 18 , PM. Jun 23 , PM. Newbie 0 posts Joined: Jun Jul 7 , PM. Sorry for late reply, currently in Singapore.

Software to Capture Video With EasyCap DC60+ | MacRumors Forums

Difficult to get online here, very strict rules in training camp. Your laptop specs should be able to handle both software no problem. At the moment, I'm out of stock for both devices. Need to reorder and it may take weeks for me to be able to deliver it to you as I need to wait for shipping to me and for me to return to Malaysia to send it out.

COD in Melaka not possible, sorry bro. Sms me which one you want so I can order it. My phone number already pm you, check your inbox. Thank you :. Aug 9 , PM. Newbie 2 posts Joined: Dec Aug 11 , AM. Aug 13 , AM. Aug 18 , AM. Aug 30 , PM.

Junior Member 42 posts Joined: Mar PM replied. Yes, you can connect your ps3 to laptop but do remember the ps3 graphic display will be in i SD and will not be in HD with Easycap because it only support s-video or composite connection. If you want better graphic, Grabber can support component but still need to be in i SD, it just that the colour contrast and sharpness is better with component cable.

Oct 18 , PM. Oct 19 , PM. Newbie 0 posts Joined: Oct Hey bro,do u have rca to s-video cable?? Nov 5 , PM. Junior Member 61 posts Joined: Jul Is "Grabber" still available for sale? Nov 8 , AM. Hello NAM Please PM me the details. I live in Klang. Nov 10 , PM. Nov 18 , PM. Latest updates on comparison videos and pictures review captured by me!!! Okay, before we start, do take note that my latest videos and pictures posted from this page 5 onward has been rendered and edited to produce better quality unlike all the previous older raw videos and pictures I posted before this page 5 that are not edited in any ways.

PM me if you're interested to know more about how I got this quality or know how to further improve it. Grabber wins this one with deeper details and colors enhanced by the component obviously. How come Grabber only support upto ? Component cables should be able to support p right? Yes, component cable is able to support p HD but Grabber is still a SD capture device despite being able to support component input. Nevertheless, everything still look better with component input on Grabber. Check out my next comparison post for gaming : This post has been edited by Nam : Nov 18 , PM.

Latest comparison videos and screenshots for Xbox gaming. Do take note that the videos has been rendered and edited to give better quality, the screenshots however are not. I cant find any capture device that supports USB and p at a good price :. I know how that feel, bro. I have little knowledge in them though simply because I never have one to play with : You can read some reviews online or watch youtube videos for their video quality.

I'm not sure about this but normally not. Except for Avermedia which is a standalone capture device, there's a slot on the underside of the unit where a basic 2. Nov 19 , AM. Nov 20 , AM. Ah, I see. Perhaps some sellers might sell with a hdd together as a package at discounted price. I haven't been to Lowyat lately so no clue if they do sell them locally or not.

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Hopefully some shops will import them :. Feb 11 , AM. Why is it that the videos I record have no audio? Feb 12 , PM. Junior Member 13 posts Joined: Mar Feb 18 , PM. One, you need to know if your recording device is genuine or not as the fake ones has different chipset inside so the audio drivers you're using may have conflict with the device.

Second, it could be your software settings is not properly setup. Third, your cable connection is loose or faulty cable problem. You should check back with the seller about your audio problem : punkrockdamn: PM has been replied :. Feb 27 , PM. Sorry, I'm out of stock for Grabber right now but if you're willing to wait about 2 weeks, I can order it for you.

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Sent you a PM :. Apr 11 , PM. Junior Member posts Joined: Apr Apr 12 , AM. Check my thread for credibility from my previous customers :nod:. Apr 22 , PM. Hello, I know from previous comments that you're selling Easycap and Grabber. Just want to know that currently which one you're selling? Also, seems like Grabber is a better choice for better result..

Apr 23 , AM. Tell me and I might be able to suggest something to you :. Apr 29 , PM. Apr 30 , AM. Thank you. You're a recommended buyer too! May 24 , PM. Newbie 1 posts Joined: Apr Check your PM :. Jun 20 , AM. Thank you for your interest, kindly check your inbox :. Jul 14 , PM. Active 10 months ago. Viewed 7k times. How do I fix this? Bryan A Bryan A 21 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Yes, the download link is bentrask. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

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