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The best way to get an updated Transfer 2 would be to download and install the current version of ViewNX-i. But first make sure you copy the ViewNX2 folder from the the Applications folder. Then uninstall V-NX-i, or just ignore it. I found a temporary workaround for the bug in Nikon Transfer using Apple's image capture software , so I think I'm gonna leave it alone for now It's such a bummer that I'm clinging to using software thats no longer being developed NX2. I need to move on, but I just can't Maybe it should be my new years resolution CaptureNX 2 is unaffected. You are not alone, I still use C-NX2 was my main editing tool.

A layered. So Nikon released ViewNX-i version 1. It installs a new version of Transfer 2, v2. Now, I'm getting a new message: Removable Disk including memory cards inserted in card readers or card slots cannot currently be selected as a source in macOS Sierra Use the Finder or Image Capture to copy pictures from memory cards to your computer.

I can't win. Anyone solve this one? JonBauer : You have to appreciate the irony of this. Yeah, kinda funny. They release a fix so that your images won't be corrupted, then you can't use your cards in Sierra, for some reason. Hard hard can it be to write a bit of software to read from either a camera or a card-reader??? Yeah, I don't get it at all. Sounds like a Nikon programmer "training opportunity. I currently have VIew NX 2. Does the version of Transfer that is installed when installing ViewNX 2.

If you mean not being able to download from an SD or CF card, yes.

Nikon Transfer Software Download Macintosh

And if Transfer works ok using V-NX2. If you are currently using ViewNX 2 this download will uninstall your existing version and then install version 2. Be sure that you have read and understand the terms of the license agreement before initiating download of this software from the links at the bottom of this page.

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CPU Still images: 1. Movies: Playback: 3. Editing: Intel Core i5 or better.

A built-in USB port is required. Connect the camera directly to the computer; the camera may not function as expected when connected via a hub or other device. JPEG-format images Exif 2. Nikon 1 cameras beginning with the V1 and J1 released in to the V3 and J4 released in May , as well as the S2. You can send yourself an e-mail with a link to this download for use on another device.

Download Center ViewNX 2. ViewNX 2 Select your operating system. Windows Mac OS. Modifications enabled with Ver. This issue has been resolved. OS X version Notes Transferring files using Nikon Transfer 2: - Image transfer using Nikon Transfer 2 is not possible with the following cameras. Use a card reader to transfer images to a computer for storage.

Use a card reader to transfer images. Leonard Shepherd In lots of ways good photography is much more about how equipment is used rather than the equipment being used. I was able to download the thru windows but not Nikon transfer. I have a different problem with my Mac.

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On I change to Slot 2 then it finds the images, going back to Slot 1 it then shows everything in Shot 1. And oh yes, it shows every single frame as a shade of blue.

Is Nikon Transfer Not Recognizing Your Camera’s Files?

I freaked the first time this happened. These are all software compatibility issues which I'm waiting for Nikon to fix. Apple keep moving the goal posts no doubt but it's up to Nikon to resolve. So I installed ViewNX-i and sure enough no more complaints from the software. I was delighted with the U Point technology, and then later devastated when Google bought Nik and Nikon could no longer offer support or upgrades for NX2. My first impression of NX-D is that it is a big step backwards in quality and usability, even putting aside the U Point bits that are missing. I though I might still find some use for it, but now I don't think so.

Hopefully the group that have now picked up the Nik tools from Google will continue to support it - I wouldn't even mind paying a modest fee for it I had been contemplating buying before Google gave it for free - not much is free these days. I will let you know if I run into problems.

Are you using OS Sierra? Nikon Transfer no longer works with this operating system, and you should have seen a pop up telling you to use the OS build in Image Capture app. Give it a try if this is this case- its actually easier to use than NTransfer, seems faster to me, and less buggy. Nikon Transfer 2 does not see any of the images. That's exactly what happens to me. I'll try my XQD card out of my D and see if it makes a difference. I'd suggest a simple card reader approach instead.

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Bill Your trusted source for independent sensor data at PhotonsToPhotos. I have been shooting digital since They are easier, more reliable, and put a little less wear and tear on the camera. I have also used every piece of Nikon software every made, way back before the NX days, and I have generally loathed every last iteration.

Granted, I'm a Photoshop guy through and through, since version 2 - not CS2, but 2 - which was released in the early 90s. I am aware of the arguments that people here make for processing. NEFs in Nikon's software, but I find it unusable for serious, heavy use. To each his own. This is truly the golden age of RAW converters, as I can't even keep up with them.

ViewNX-i (Mac)

That's just me. Your mileage may vary, which is the whole point, I guess. We all have our preferences. I own Lightroom and may use it more one day, but I generally don't use it. I do like the NIK plugins and paid good money for them before Google bought them, made them free, then abandoned them. I have high hopes for their future now that Lord Master Google has handed them off. Until then, I am using MacPhun, but their edits are destructive and that's a bit of a drag. NIK would just apply their edits onto a new layer, an elegant solution.

High Sierra completely broke that software. And I pay for all my software. I know plenty of people who make their living writing code. Way too much information. I guess my short answer is "No, I hate Nikon Transfer 2 and don't use it. In what way, I would think Nikon should be capable of setting up a way of extracting its own files. If you compare a file copied off the card with the same file transferred using Nikon Transfer you will find a number of changes to the Exif. I documented this a long time ago, I'll look for the reference.

Furthermore, more than once in the past, Nikon has messed this up corrupting NEF files. I also documented a couple of these instances in the past. If you consider you files original digital negatives, why would you use a program that modifies them? I feel this is a rhetorical question.