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  1. Step 1. Pair LG phone with Windows 10 PC over Bluetooth
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Right-click it and select Receive a file , then click Next to commence transfer. Meanwhile, use your Android file browser or Gallery app to select the file you wish to transfer. Use the Share button and select Bluetooth to share the data, then pick your PC in the subsequent list.

Once the data has transferred, you should receive notice that the file transfer has completed successfully. AirDroid is a vital app for all Android users.

Step 1. Pair LG phone with Windows 10 PC over Bluetooth

AirDroid offers notification and tethering tools as well as simple file transfer to a computer on the same Wi-Fi network. Begin by installing and opening the AirDroid mobile app. AirDroid will request permission to access calls, call logs, and media on your device.

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To use the app to its full capability, select Allow for these options. Various tools are available in AirDroid. For the purposes for transferring files to a PC, ensure the Files option is set to On. Choose the file and send it. Need to send files from your PC to your Android device? Simply drag and drop the file from your desktop into the AirDroid client. Begin by installing the Pushbullet Android app.

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  6. Transfer files between LG phone and computer via Bluetooth.
  7. You can sign into the web client or download the dedicated Windows app. To send a file to your PC, tap the menu button in the app and selecting Pushing. Next, tap the paperclip icon, select your image, and hit the Send button. Read More to learn more about it. Browse to the location on your PC and click OK copy the data from your phone to your computer.

    This method is similar to using USB, but without the cable. Here are the best ways to speed up file transfers in Windows. Read More if you need to move those files elsewhere. Equipped with just your phone and PC? Have the original USB cable that shipped with your phone handy? This is all you need for transferring files from your Android device to your PC in its most basic form.

    Tap Allow to proceed, then drag the notification shade down. Look for USB file transfer turned on and tap this to view the full preferences. Make sure you have File transfer selected so the devices can see each other. Next, turn your attention to your Windows computer. You can identify it by its model name. You will need a microSD to SD card adapter and a card reader, however.

    We explain the feature and the many ways to utilize it. Read More. With cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive you might have transferred data to your computer without knowing it. For example, Dropbox and Google Drive both offer automatic camera upload. If you have the cloud service client installed on your computer, photos will automatically sync to your PC.

    Similar features are available with other cloud services. You can copy any data to the cloud folder on your Android device and sync it to Windows. Email was the first extensively used method of non-disk data transfer between devices and remains a useful option for many. All you need to do is attach the data to an email on your phone and send it to yourself.

    Then on your computer, access that message and you can download the file. Any of the above options is much better if you need to do this often. The only problem you might have now is deciding which method you prefer. By the way, you can also send texts from Android to your PC. This article covers five fast transfer methods between PCs and mobile devices. Your email address will not be published. I love how the wifi direct instructions are "It should work natively.

    If it's so simple, why did I google this article? The suggestion to use OneDrive is clearly made by someone who doesn't use OneDrive.

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    I've spent a half hour trying to share 1 picture to it I uploaded that same image to my free Dropbox account in about 10 seconds and it even gave me a notification that it had loaded. We have had nothing but problems with OneDrive. I have transferred files before from my tablet to my PC but I've not got the original USB lead the one I'm using isn't showing up on the PC can anyone give me advice on how I can do this?

    I connect the tablet via USB the screen of my PC say click to view files then the next screen say that can not open file because so.. Seriously - this is all nonsense. Why can't i map an Android drive on my PC or vice versa? Until then it's a c-level lab experiment. Going Windows for my next tablet - at least it's reached the 21st century. Is there a way to direct download from my phone to my laptop? The file I'm trying to download is to big for my phone so ideally I want to download from phone to laptop without having to transfer files.

    Message and File Transfer using Bluetooth in android - Stack Overflow

    Just curious. I just copied from phone and pasted it to a folder on my desktop, all from my laptop, I really didn't do anything with the phone. My phone was stolen from me. Now when I try to access that info on my laptop, they are all file types my cpu cannot read. From what I have read, it looks like I need to convert the files from my phone into a type of file that my laptop can read. So far, Im have not been successful, Anyone that van help with that? I need help,first off, I'm not very computer illiterate my partner had a storage device that had the word LANA in it, it was protected with a password and when I asked him about it he said he didn't know and then it disappeared in the same day.

    Really that easy, thanks a ton, even without usb cable, we can realize the transfer process between android and PC.

    Just thumbs up for Airdroid. But i stumble upon this web application, which does exactly the same as Airdroid, i use it to connect. Not bad as u see. I would suggest you use icloud to export your contacts in iPhone as a cvs format file. It can be import to any where. For android, I would suggest you use google account to export contacts as a vcard file format.

    Of course, if you found this is complicate, you transfer a third party tool. Follow the below guide to do that. How to transfer contacts between phones. I use drop2comp. It's easy and fast. There is no authentification required and it's free when wifi available. You forgot 1 very nifty Option that I use a lot. A USB Pendrive. I've been using it for years and it's excellent. Hi I prefer to use Dropbox to send files from my Phone.

    On that way I have the files on all my computers as soon they have synced and of cause in the Cloud as well. This is where Samsung wins big in the Android space. Okay, it's notoriously flakey, but I'm not aware of a more complete Android device manager.

    2. Transfer Files From Android to PC With AirDroid

    I got gnome-bluetooth in Ubuntu It functions perfectly fine with recent Android Smartphones see pic 1 but I did not manage to send something to a paired Mac see pic 2. Pic 1: Cell phone with send button in right-hand corner. Pic 2: Mac without send button in right-hand corner. EDIT: Filled bug report over here in launchpad. Use Blueman, you should be able to pair and initiate file transfer from it. I don't remember installing it on my ubuntu, so it may be preinstalled in Ubuntu Community Ask!

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    How To Transfer Files Between Android And Mac

    Does anybody made the same experience? Pic 1: Cell phone with send button in right-hand corner Pic 2: Mac without send button in right-hand corner EDIT: Filled bug report over here in launchpad. Til Hund.

    How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac Wirelessly

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