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  1. Keying accented characters on the Apple Mac
  2. Extended Accent Codes for Mac
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Keying accented characters on the Apple Mac

Follow the instructions below to activate different keyboards as needed. They will remain active in your profile between logins.

See the Macintosh Computing Lab page to see which Mac operating system is installed. To use these codes, you need to activate the U. Note: Some codes may not work if the software or Web site does not fully support Unicode.

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Many of the fonts from Apple, Adobe and Unicode friendly fonts include the extended accents, but some older fonts or decorative fonts may be missing characters. Check your documents carefully to be sure formatting is consistent.

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This means more accents can be accommodated. If there are other shortcuts you want to know about, message me in the comments and I'll add more. No, Thanks.

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My areas of special Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Look at those lovely accents. David Phelan. Acute accent David Phelan.

Extended Accent Codes for Mac

Grave accent David Phelan. Umlaut David Phelan. Circumflex David Phelan. Cedilla David Phelan. Tilde and more David Phelan.