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  2. Review: Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad is a welcome, if imperfect, input device
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K811 Easy Switch

Another downside to the T is that it is somewhat less precise and less sensitive than the Magic Trackpad. Further, the device is less precise than the Magic Trackpad when clicking and dragging. This lack of precision, more than anything else, hands back almost every advantage Logitech could have had right back to the Magic Trackpad.

For doing serious design work, the Magic Trackpad just provides a cleaner, more precise, and thereby a simpler and less frustrating experience. If Logitech had employed just a little bit more attention to detail, they could have had a real Magic Trackpad competitor on their hands. As a result, I have difficulty recommending it to anyone who plans to use it for anything more than office work and web browsing.

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  • Logitech T651 Bluetooth Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac;

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Review: Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad is a welcome, if imperfect, input device

BAR Code: SKU Code: Warranty: 3 years. This item is currently out of stock. Product details The power of Mac OS multi-touch gestures, plus rechargeability This roomy Bluetooth trackpad for Mac computers makes it easy to navigate the web, documents and email by touch. Description A beautifully designed trackpad with a superbly smooth glass surface.

Logitech T651 Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

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    Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac (T) Review « Blog | ihukokitivoj.tk

    These tracking cookies enable the analysis of visits and browsed content. These cookies are anonymous and do not allow the tracking of specific identified user. There are no kick stands to raise them to a more comfortable angle. For some users, this could be a major issue. This is the best keyboard available to Apple users, review done. Well, not quite, I should be telling you why I said that. It has a couple of features that no other Bluetooth keyboards on the Mac have.

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    First off, like the keyboards on the MacBooks, they keys are backlit. This helps when using it in lower light.

    Review: Logitech K811 Keyboard and T651 Trackpad for Mac

    The reason they call it easy switch is because it can save pairing to three different devices and switch between them using three keys. The last one is not officially supported by Logitech, using the latest AppleTV firmware with BT support, the AppleTV recognized, connected to, and worked with the Logitech without a hitch. As cool as those features are, the primary job of any keyboard is to provide a platform to type. Depending on your hand size, there might be some adjustment time. From caps lock to return for those new to the Mac, there is a difference in function between return and enter , the Logitech is a bit wider than the keyboard on my Retina MacBook Pro.

    For small to medium sized hands or those with lower than average dexterity, this might be an issue. Those with larger hands will find no issues. In fact, this might feel a bit more comfortable than typical portable keyboards which might feel cramped.