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I work in an environment that uses iMac computers running OS The issue we are exhibiting is similar to what you were experiencing in that the Mac creates multiple files on the server side and then fails to release them once the customer on the Mac side closes the files thus prompting the customer with a file in use error window. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Automator (Mac): Renommer un ensemble de fichiers

Problems include Example "every time a user saves an excel file called test I have to say I have tried multiple fixes to no avail. All my Macs are on High Sierra. No issues. I have not tested this part out, but supposedly Might want to play with that. Apple doesn't play well with others period, they play by their own think different rules. That said, have not seen the issue you're reporting rgerman outside of one caveat.

If people on Mac use cover view, having a file selected or previewed in any way is the same as having it open. We found this a couple years back and had to advise all users never to use cover flow because of that issue. Temporary items hidden folder at the root of the share, that shld resolve it also.

Its down to the cached fkle excel creates. You wouldnt have issues saving it as an non xlxs file.. That is correct, and why we use ExtremeZ-IP. If not, do you know of a way to only disable preview for network drives? Fixes a progress reporting inaccuracy. Tidy your entire audio collection by both auto and manual methods quickly and easily! Temporary Items folder.

The issue seems to be tied to. Oncve the error comes up, the user is unable to save the file to the server or even locally. The only way to save the file is to change the save format to. Since, then I have not had any reports of the xlsx issue. Seems to be the only solution until Apple fixes the SMB issues.

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There's a long list of incompatible characters that are allowed on the Mac, but not Windows that may be the cause here. One of the most insidious, is a space at the end of the filename or folder name. Some users just get into a habit of typing a space after everything they type, including when naming a file.

The following file names are also reserved under Windows: Keep your filenames and folders to a reasonable length and be sure they are under 31 characters. Some operating systems are case sensitive; always use lowercase to avoid confusion. Don't change the files extension ie.

STRINGS Extension de fichier - Qu'est-ce que .strings et comment ouvrir? - ReviverSoft

Please let me know if you have found any other examples or characters to avoid, or weird situations where normally legal characters cause issues. Dialog with your fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other. Join the conversation. Learn more about Jamf. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest.

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We're having exactly the same issues. This is a drama, as most of our users are not local administrators of the machines. Anyone out there have any ideas? I bet someone has the files or something within the folders open when these issues occur. Administrators can use the SMB server command line to manipulate ACLs, but only if both the client and server are bound to the same Active Directory domain. However, enforcement of permissions is done only on the server, not on the client.

I know this is ages after the problem But I have a answer. My fix. Convert case, add numbers. Remove or change file extensions.

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Apple Xcode (GCC)

It has a small memory footprint so it can be left running all the time without consuming all your memory. The software gets downloaded very frequently. It has a large base of regular users.

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Most of the features have originated from other users' suggestions. As such, it is continually being enhanced and improved.

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