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  1. How to use Android Phone as a Mouse for PC/Mac (and Linux)
  2. AndroMouse 6.3
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  4. Mobile Mouse: Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch into a Remote for your computer

New game controller feature add more customized keys, include up,down,left,right keys, so you can control direction by left hand or right hand. From 1 Oct you can get bonus features by sharing WiFi Mouse to your friends.

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Bonus features include all paid features,include media player controller, remote desktop and so on. WiFi Mouse Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, remote desktop, trackpad and more. Download this app for. Basic input. Player controller.

How to use Android Phone as a Mouse for PC/Mac (and Linux)

Full screen keyboard. Game controller. Remote desktop. Amazing Features Besides basic input, one to four fingers could make multitouch getures control computer. Convinence input Mouse click and touchpad gestures. Remote desktop Log on your computer using this feature, you can control it as locally.

Voice input Using voice to text feature of input methods, this feature help you send text to your computer. Mouse Server FAQ Your use of Mouse server is free of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device's resources WiFi and very limited cellular data , and only when you are not using your device. Download for Android.

AndroMouse 6.3

Download for IPhone. Download for IPad. Mouse server. Download for Windows. Download for Mac.

1. Handshaker

Download for Ubuntu 32bit. Includes presentation timer with vibrating alerts.

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Probably the most functional app I've ever purchased. Keyboards are customized for different computer operations and the air mouse is extremely precise, I'd give this ten stars if I could. Right out of the box. Had to restart after loading server software on the Mac.

How to use Android as Wireless Mouse and Keyboard For Your Laptop/PC 2017

Using it for smart board in the classroom. There are few apps on my "indispensable" list. This is one of them. I use a MacMini as the hub of my entertainment system driving a p projector.

Mobile Mouse: Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch into a Remote for your computer

This app works perfect to control it. Get it! I was skeptical at first but after trying the free version, I was sold. This mobile mouse the perfect mouse for me to control my media center! I've used this app for the last four or five years. There are very few apps I've consistently used over that timespan. My most frequent use is controlling my laptop from afar when I plug it into the TV.

I can just watch movies or browse reddit just by relaxing in bed and using my phone as both a mouse and keyboard. Mac OS X Windows