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Thanks, but I've now spent too long studying that page.

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It gives all the steps to take before and after down loading, but no actual "Download"button - or at least, none that I can find. Did you click and expand the Elements 8 tab? For Mac you download one file.

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  • Elements: Where can I download older versions of Elements??
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For windows there are two files. If using Windows it is necessary to unzip both downloads and place the contents of each into a single folder and then double-click on setup. Please accept my embarrassed apologies!

I was mis-reading the relevant instructions I'm a happy man Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Make sure to carefully follow the updated download instructions above first though, before clicking.

Much appreciated. I ended up downloading LR3. Thank you for this! I was directed here by Adobe help. I have an older version of Premiere Elements — 7 to be specific — which I purchased new old stock. I have been working on a project on and off for the last while, and finally got to the point of burning it to DVD.

Elements: Where can I download older versions of Elements? | Photoshop Family Customer Community

At this point it required an unlock code for the MPEG codecs. The link provided by the program did not work; was a dead link. A second link I found through the forums was active, allowed me to put in the magic codec number, but then upon hitting submit I was directed to a page stating the unlock key was no longer valid. A third and different page was found via a 3rd party blog, and this page simply told me the unlock SN provided by the program was invalid.

What I have read indicates to me that this is only a problem in newer Windows versions; some folks commented that this unlock key requirement only came up after newer OS upgrade. There seems to be a tonne of unhappy customers with the same problem, and no solution. One Photoshop site had an Adobe employee saying it was fixed; many comments to the contrary. Now, after my long-winded venting, is there an easy way to unlock the codecs on Windows 10? Else, should I try to revive an older computer for this, or if I subscribe for a month of Premiere CC can I burn my projects?

One thing we can say is that newer versions of Elements should be able to open projects created with older versions of Elements — so upgrading might help.

As for using Premiere Pro CC where a free trial download is also available — that might work or it might not… see:. To receive future Adobe discounts and coupon savings directly from ProDesignTools. Thanks for subscribing! Keep up with the latest on Adobe software — follow us on Facebook or Twitter , or subscribe to our RSS feed … You can also enter your email and have new articles sent directly to your inbox. Comments 31 Leave a comment. August 16th, at August 25th, at You guys are a life saver!!!

September 10th, at September 11th, at December 9th, at January 4th, at How do you download this?

How to Use Photoshop Elements Free?

January 11th, at Hello, I used it as described and it worked fine. Thanks a lot for your support. December 22nd, at May 28th, at June 10th, at July 7th, at Hope that helps! July 8th, at Thank you again for your time. July 10th, at No, sorry! ProDesignTools Help another desperate person with elements 7. June 1st, at So sorry Nancy, only Adobe has the power to fix licensing issues! What did they tell you?

18 NEW Features: Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

June 5th, at July 19th, at If not, then you could recontact Adobe and see if they can help. July 26th, at November 26th, at It looks like Adobe made a change on their website for these links, which necessitated a tweak to the download instructions… So these direct links are definitely old but they should be working again.

Thank you! Terrific, glad to hear you figured it out — and thanks for letting us know! November 28th, at December 3rd, at December 5th, at Hello: I was directed here by Adobe help. Thanks in advance. April 28th, at Good luck! E-Mail will not be published.

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