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If no prices are available, the score for a winning tip will equal the starting price of the winning team at Sportsbetting. If it is still a draw after golden point no points are awarded for the game.

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If you select a team in a drawn match you will receive no points for the match. A score margin is required to be entered for 1 game within the round.


Margin Games For one match in each round you will be required to enter a margin. The margin represents the amount that you predict your selected team will win by. Your margin score will be used to determine the winner of a round or the entire competition if the tipping scores are equal. The lower your margin score the better. Calculating margins If the team you tip wins the match, your margin score is the difference between the actual margin in the Full Time Score that the team you tipped won by, and the margin your entered.

If a tipper does not submit a tip for a game they are awarded the away team.

If a tipper does not submit any tips for a round then they do not receive points for the first winning tip in that round. Tips can be entered up to advertised start time for the game. After the advertised start time has passed tips for the game cannot be entered.

Online Sports Tipping

There was an issue with the app causing it to crash, our latest update provides a fix that will stop your app crashing. Thankyou for your patience.

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The official afl app will show live scores throughout the game on your tipping screen next to each club. This one just tells you who you have tipped, percentage and what quarter the game is up to. If you want live scores you have to google them outside of the app. This App really needs a bit more life put into it really, it just looks like a beginner has slapped together an app without much thought. Usually I run a tipping competition on AFLs official app.

I have moved my group ESPN footy tipping this year. Most of my group are having difficulty entering the tip and finding out who tipped what. The club logos are so small. The writing and pictures on the adds are very clear and big but the important things are so small and cannot read. There are so much space wasted why can't you increase the text size bigger and the club logos. FOOTY live app. Best screen design Sometimes there is a huge add sitting in the middle of the screen!!! The only way to.

AFL, NRL footy tipping

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Pro Strategy Football on Steam

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