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  1. Many Ways to Stream From VLC
  2. How to Use VLC as a Live Streaming Server
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Today, we are going to see how we may use VLC and its network options to stream media with ease. Streaming basically consists of two parts. First, an input must be streamed into the network. And second, the stream must be received at the other end that is on the other computer. If the input is a Network Stream follow the next section of the article. Browse and add an input file to the dialog and select Stream from the drop down menu next to the Play button. In the next page you will need to select a destination protocol and head towards adding the desired network address.

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You may consider creating an output file on local machine as well. Add an address, define a port number and select a transcoding profile. If you feel the need you may hit the Settings Icon to configure more details. Hit the Stream button and your media will be off to the network address port combination. In case there is some coding error you might have to reconsider your protocol and transcoding profile or get the latest codec pack. This is the easier part of the process. The VLM Configurator tool you see here makes it really simple to stream content.

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Then, assign this video or audio stream a simple name. Finally, click on Input and choose the media file that you want to stream. Leave the Output and Muxer fields blank. When done adding all of them, you should have a list of media as shown here ignore the Bcast items — I was messing around!

They should all be VOD. The idea here is to build up a substantial library of content. As the trend continues, we storage junkies must adapt. We've talked a This will allow you to launch your streaming service in the steps below — the.

Many Ways to Stream From VLC

VLM file needs to exist. But first you need to launch all of those streams. Open up the command window by typing Ctrl-Alt-T. Start VLC with the following command line. Type it very, very carefully so that every space and every dash is exactly copied. This will scroll a whole bunch of text across the command window. This command enables telnet, but now you need to load the VLM configuration file you just created in order to properly launch the network streaming of all of the media files.

Once there, connect to your newly created telnet server on port telnet default using the command:. Replace with the name of the exported VLM file you created above when you exported the list of media files. In my case it was PlayList2. After that, the GUI maintains a library of all of them, and you can watch them whenever you like. Then, click on Media in the menu, and choose Open Network Stream….


How to Use VLC as a Live Streaming Server

End the string with another slash and the name of the media the name you gave it when you created your media streaming list above. So, for example, for the music video by Patrick James that I added a stream for, my string would look like this:. That will provide the current IP address.

This will launch the video or audio stream immediatly. To view the library, just click the menu from the navigation bar at the bottom of the video player window, and a navigation panel will open to the left. Here's what you need to know about Android TV boxes.

12 thoughts to “How to Access Media from UPnP or DLNA using VLC”

And this is the only guide to getting started with Plex you'll ever need to read. Read More. But few of them have such a powerful command-based solution that lets you stream all your personal, locally saved media in so few, simple steps. Do you use VLC for your streaming needs? What features of VLC do you like the most? Share your own experiences and views in the comments section below.

Your email address will not be published. I just use Samba to access all my files on all my machines- Windows and Linux.

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They play just fine on VLC when I access them on my local network. I can stream my laptop's web cam across my home network, but not my TV.

Vlc Stream Ps3 « Wonder How To

And that's an issue for me because I want to be able to carry my laptop out to the patio or into the garage and watch my favorite TV shows that are playing on my media center in the house. I've struggled trying to figure this out for about two years now. VLC's biggest problem is that there isn't any support from anywhere and hardly any documentation on using VLC's very cryptic commands.

How to Download and Install official VLC Media Player on Mac

Less than useful instructions if everybody has all of the listed difficulties. Better luck next time. Will continue looking for better options. Thank for wasting everybody's time. Thank you for this article. Would this be doable with VLC?

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