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For example, streaming-movie and DVD delivery service Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight for the streaming video elements of its website. On the user end, it is a plugin that you install in your Web browser to be able to view Microsoft Silverlight content. More specifically, the Microsoft Silverlight Web browser plugin is compatible with Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome, so you can use it with whichever browser you prefer.

When the download has completed, double-click the DMG file to mount the disk image. Double-click the installer icon and follow the instructions. You may need to restart your browser after installation.

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You will need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin on each Web browser with which you want to use it. Find Microsoft Silverlight, select it, and press Remove. Confirm the removal when prompted. Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8. Find Microsoft Silverlight and right click on it.

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Choose the Uninstall option that appears. Confirm the uninstall when prompted. For previous versions of Windows Mobile, the first Community Technology Preview CTP for Windows Mobile 6 was expected in the second quarter of , but it still has not been officially announced. Microsoft has stopped focusing on bringing Silverlight to Windows Mobile 6.

Silverlight for Mobile supports Silverlight 2 content and. NET languages. Silverlight applications could be written in any. NET programming language.

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How to download and install Silverlight on Windows 10

As such, any development tools which can be used with. Visual Studio can be used to develop and debug Silverlight applications. A Silverlight control is a ZIP format file with extension. XAP containing a list of one or more. NET managed assemblies. DLL files along with the AppManifest. XAML file containing this list along with the entry point class and assembly. It can be hosted in any HTML file using an object tag, for example:.

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A Silverlight project contains the Silverlight. Silverlight applications are debugged in a manner similar to ASP. NET applications. In conjunction with the release of Silverlight 2, Eclipse was added as a development tool option. An April PC World report suggested that Microsoft intended to release certain parts of Silverlight source code as open source software, [63] but a week later Sam Ramji, director of platform technology strategy at Microsoft, contradicted the rumors by confirming that the company had no plans to open Silverlight.

Silverlight's proprietary nature is a concern to competition since it may harm the open nature of the World Wide Web. Advocates of free software are also concerned Silverlight could be another example of Microsoft's embrace, extend and extinguish strategy.

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The Mono Team abandoned development of Moonlight , a free and open-source implementation of both the Silverlight 1 and 2 runtimes. The project had been officially supported by Microsoft which, [49] under an agreement with Novell , made not-publicly-available additional specifications, access to the Silverlight Base Class Library APIs, binary codecs and test cases available to the Mono team.

The " covenant " under which Novell was granted this exclusive access also specified conditions incompatible with the licensing that covers most free and open source software. As examples, it specifically required that the software must have been "obtained directly from Novell or through an Intermediate Recipient" and that it must be "not licensed under GPLv3 or a Similar License".

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Silverlight was criticised for not living up to its cross-platform operating system compatibility promises, especially on Linux systems, compared to its extensive support on Apple and Microsoft desktops for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Although Microsoft was officially collaborating on the Moonlight project, Bruce Chizen , CEO of Adobe Systems , which sells the competing proprietary Flash platform, questioned "the commitment of Microsoft to keep the Silverlight platform compatible with other OS besides Windows ".

In , California and several other U.

MINDSTORMS EV3 Software Launch Issues – Support – LEGO Education

The final judgment on the motion extended the settlement two years, to November , but for reasons unrelated to Silverlight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications. For other uses, see Silverlight disambiguation. See also: XAP file format. Main article: Moonlight runtime.

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