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The best free invoice software lets you build an invoice in less than a minute, send it to your customer instantly, and get paid sooner by letting customers pay with credit cards and bank transfers instead of paper checks. The following 10 tools make invoicing easier, so you can worry less about getting paid and focus more on finding your next opportunity. To find the best free invoicing software, we evaluated and tested more than 30 tools.

Then, we narrowed the pool by looking for tools that met the following criteria:. Free for unlimited invoices: While some of the tools listed below limit the number of active clients you can invoice on a free plan, all let you send an unlimited number of invoices without having to upgrade to a premium plan.

Simple and intuitive to use: Building an invoice in a word processor isn't a complex task.

Get Your Free PDF Invoice Template

Accept payments online: The most important part of invoicing is getting paid. Each of the tools below let you accept payments by credit card. Some also accept bank and wire transfers. Accepting online payments requires the use of a payment gateway—a service that processes card and bank payments.

It's important to note that while the invoicing software below is free to use, all of the apps charge payment processing and transaction fees for accepting payments. Those fees are automatically deducted from any payment you receive. Some of the tools below—like PayPal, Stripe, and Square—are payment gateways. Others use third-party payment gateways to process payments. For invoicing apps that are also payment gateways, we've listed the applicable fees. For those that use third-party payment gateways, the fees are subject to the terms of the payment gateway you use to accept payments.

Note: Quoted payment processing and transaction fees apply only to payments sent to and received from individuals within the U. Fees for international payments may vary. The following 10 tools meet all of the criteria listed above: they're easy to use, let you send unlimited invoices for free, and allow you to accept online payments from your customers. Even if you've never used PayPal to send an invoice, you probably already have a PayPal account. Your clients probably have PayPal accounts, too. PayPal has been around for 20 years and is one of the biggest names in online payment processing, so invoicing through PayPal gives your customers confidence that their online payments will be handled securely.

But beyond the benefits of PayPal's name recognition, its invoicing tool is one of the simplest to use. Just log in to your PayPal account, click Create invoice , and type in your invoice details. If you want to customize your invoice, you can do that too by adding a logo or creating a custom invoice template.

Invoice Template | Send in Minutes | Create Free Invoices Instantly

But all of that is optional, making it easy to send professional, one-off invoices. If you need more power from your invoicing software, PayPal offers that, too. Create recurring invoices, set due dates, accept partial payments and tips, or add discounts, shipping fees, or taxes. Then, send the invoice directly to your customer from PayPal, or get a link to send it to your customer yourself. When your customer pays, the money gets added to your PayPal account and can be transferred at any time to your on-file bank account.

Stripe is best known as a payment-acceptance solution for eCommerce sites and subscription-based businesses, but its recent addition of an invoicing feature now makes it a great option for service-based businesses, too. Even if you don't accept payments on your website, you can use Stripe to send one-off and recurring invoices and accept payments.

To send invoices and accept payments through Stripe, you first need to create an account and add one or more customers. Then, navigate to the customer you want to invoice, and click the Create invoice button. You can also create and send recurring invoices by creating a subscription for your customer. For recurring invoices, you can either have the customer pay the invoice manually or automatically charge an on-file payment source.

Mac Invoice Template

Stripe's invoices are less customizable than some of the other apps on this list, but it makes up for it with a feature none of the other tools provide: It lets you accept wire transfer payments. And the best part is that Stripe generates virtual bank account numbers for accepting wire transfers, so you never have to provide clients with the details for your own bank account. Automate Stripe with Zapier's Stripe integrations.

Can't decide between PayPal and Stripe? Check out our PayPal vs. Stripe showdown to find out which tool is best for your business.

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If you need to accept payments both in-person and online, Square is your best option. Square lets you cover all of your bases for customer payments. Use its point-of-sale hardware to accept card payments either in your store or on your phone while at a customer's house or business, or send an invoice to accept post-sale payments.

In either case, all of your incoming revenue from any source displays on your Square dashboard. Once you have your item library set up, you can add items to your invoices in a click. Square also lets you create recurring invoices, schedule invoices to be sent at a later date, and schedule automatic payment reminders. In addition to helping you create invoices, accept payments, and manage your expenses, QuickBooks offers some of the lowest fees of any payment processing tool on this list.

You can even disable credit card payments when creating invoices to ensure you aren't charged fees when clients pay. Not sure which combined accounting and invoicing app is right for you? Invoicely —formerly Invoice Bubble, then Invoiceable—has a long history of offering one of the best free online invoicing apps.

Sign up and skip the paid plans, and you can create unlimited invoices in multiple currencies for free. You'll add your client and list charges—including tax rates, shipping charges, and discounts, if applicable—to a simple invoice template. You can create invoices in multiple languages, add your company's logo, and add standard notes and footer text to your invoices. Then, add details and send the invoice via email or PDF to your clients. If you set up a payment integration with PayPal, Stripe, or another third-party payment processor, your clients can pay you from the invoice, too.

Back in Invoicely, you'll see all your invoices and payments—along with tools for estimates, time tracking, and team invoice management if you want to upgrade. Invoice Ninja makes it easy to build an invoicing workflow that suits your team. Add clients, list the tasks you need to do, and assign those to your team. Track how long each of those tasks take, and log the expenses incurred to the client's project. When everything's done, Invoice Ninja can combine all those items into an invoice automatically, complete with your company's custom template design that you can hand code.

Clients can view all of their invoices and payments online, with a password for extra security instead of just the standard hard-to-guess URL. And if you really want everything in house, you can self-host the open source version of Invoice Ninja for the same great features and even more customization. Avaza is a project management tool that can also send invoices. It's built around task management, with a Kanban board to organize tasks into workflows and a My Tasks view to use as a personal to-do list. When you bring on a new client, you can send them a project estimate from Avaza, then convert that to a project and assign tasks to your team.

Once you're finished, you can add all the unbilled task time and expenses to your clients' invoices in a couple clicks. It's a great way to streamline your projects and payments together. Automate Avaza with Avaza's Zapier integrations. If you need to send your clients an estimate of the project's costs before you start work, Ronin can handle that for you. Start by adding your clients and team to the app, and list the projects for each client. You can then send am estimate of the project cost to the client to get their approval before starting work.

Then, break the project down into tasks, assign them to your team, and have everyone track time the time they spend online or with Ronin's iOS or Android timer apps. Your client and team will each have their own profile, where they can see completed work and invoices or assigned tasks, respectively. And when it's all done, invoicing for the finished work only takes a couple clicks.

Automate Ronin with Ronin's Zapier integrations. Those are the main things you need to tweak for a customized invoice design—exactly what Invoice2go focuses on. The first time you use it, Invoice2go walks you through picking each one, with built-in simple icon designs if you don't already have a logo. Add your standard invoice items, preview the finished invoice layout, and send it along to your customers via email. They'll see the invoice formatted to look perfect in an email, along with a full page preview online where they can pay. It's a quick way to bill for your services with professional, customized invoices.

Web apps are great because they work on any device—and often are simpler to use than their desktop app counterparts. But Billings Pro reminds you where native apps can shine. Its invoice designer makes it simple to build a custom template for your invoices, with adjustable gridlines, section layouts, and any font that's installed on your device. You can then quickly build those invoices after tracking the time you spend on tasks and related project expenses with Billing Pro's desktop, tablet, or mobile apps.

Or, quickly send a routine invoice with Blueprints: customized templates with the product and service details already filled in. The one downside of Billings Pro is that it doesn't allow you to accept payments from invoices. However, if you work in a service business where you primarily accept payments on-site by check, it's a great way to generate an invoice instantly on an iPad or iPhone, email it to your customer, and collect a check for the total before leaving.

Pancake is an easy-to-use time tracking and invoice app that you can run on your own servers—which means there's no subscription fee.

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  5. With a one-time fee, you can buy a copy of Pancake and even get free assistance with installing it on your server. You can also customize its theme to fit your branding for a consistent experience when clients visit your site to pay their bills. Your team can then track their work, send estimates and invoices to customers, and even manage support tickets—all from the same app. Clients can log in to see their ongoing projects, the tasks your team is doing for them, and their payments. It's a great way to build a customized workflow for your clients that fits into the rest of your site.

    Now that you've picked out an invoicing app, it's time to fit it into your workflow. Using automation tool Zapier , you can connect many of the tools in this roundup to more than 1, other apps—including software you already use like Gmail, Slack, Trello, and much more. Invoicing software lets you build new invoices quickly, but Zapier can make it even quicker. With automations like these, you can build invoices automatically from spreadsheets, projects, sales, and more.

    Whether you've recently added a new client, started on a new project, or billed someone for work, you'll need to keep track of everything going on. If you already have a favorite way of tracking tasks, Zapier can create new to-dos and projects from your clients and invoices automatically.

    Need to send contracts, project details, or other template documents to your clients along with your invoice? Zapier's WebMerge automations can help, creating new documents automatically for new customers and invoices. If you stay in touch with your customers long after your job is done, it might lead to them hiring you for a new job.

    Connect your invoice app to your mailing list to add new customers to a list or to put those you've invoiced in a special list. Your team shouldn't have to take time away from their core tasks to make invoices. The simplest tools like PayPal and Hiveage will let you make a quick invoice for free in a minute flat. The most advanced tools like Xero and QuickBooks Online will fit invoicing into your accounting workflow for one place to manage all of your funds. And for everything else—time tracking, beautifully designed invoices, and project management—there's invoicing software to fit every need.

    We use cookies to personalize your experience on our websites. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. There are three basic types of invoices that are commonly used today - Service Invoice, Sales Invoice, and a simple Generic Invoice. These invoice templates, available below for download, will guide you on how to create your own invoice, so you can send an invoice to client and get paid for your work.

    Let's take a look at the different types of invoices and learn how to create an invoice.

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    You can download our free invoice templates below and use them for your business, or create your own invoice by referring to these invoice templates. A service invoice is used whenever you provide a service to someone for a fee. Typically, most invoices for services include rates that are charged by the hour, but this may differ depending on the service and type of work undertaken.