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Setting up a local web server on OS X Setting up a local web server on macOS May 4, PM. Just a note, in case anyone has the same issue.

Installing WordPress Locally on Your Mac With MAMP

At first I couldn't get this to work. I tried logging out and back in still no joy , then restarting the mac still no joy.

Local Web Server - Running on Mac

Try doing both of those first. This contains the text "It works! What I did was duplicate that file in the same folder and changed the duplicate's name to 'index.


Both local and user sites then loaded. After which, I was able to delete the duplicated file and everything now works without issue. Just to be clear, leave the original file index. Not sure why I had to take this mysterious detour - probably something local to my machine, but if you're having trouble after following the guide above, see if it helps.

Abyss Web Server free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Dec 30, PM. Mar 26, PM.

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Hi Etresoft. On my new iMac, with OS I had to tweak a few things to get 5.

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  • Setting up a local web server on a Mac.
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PHP is server-side software, and Apache is the most widely used web server software. You need to switch to the root user in Terminal so you can run commands without any permission issues. To switch to the root user and start Apache, enter the following code into Terminal. That's it. Make a backup of the current Apache configuration before you begin.

Abyss Web Server

This is a good practice as the configuration may change with future upgrades. Do this by entering the following in Terminal:. As the versions are upgraded, the code must change to accommodate new information. Verify this from the Apache configuration:. You've already learned how to start Apache in Terminal mode with apachectl start.

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  4. Here are a few more command lines you might need. They should be executed as the root user in Terminal. If not, prefix them with.