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Choose a concealer brush with an angled tip roughly the size of your fingertip that is slightly softer so you can buff out your undereye concealer for the most natural finish. Meanwhile, the stiffer brushes are great for concealing spots! The best way to achieve a natural brow look is to use an angled brush to fill in your brows whether with a gel or powder in short hair-like strokes.

You can even use a soft kabuki brush if you like. The best part is you can share a lipstick collection with your sister or mother, as long as you remember to use a clean lip brush each time.

MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush

Egg-cellent advice! The colour of Makeup brushes. The two must-have products if you have dehydrated and inflamed skin. The cellulite-busting treatment every woman needs to try. Video review: The non-invasive skin lifting treatment that can help you regain your youthful visage in just one session. This customisable weight-loss treatment will get you trimmed in no time. Skip to main content. AsiaOne Women. A brush for controlled lipstick application that comes with a metal cover.

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MAC 316 Lip Brush Review

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Product Description

How would you rate this product? Most recent Top rated Most useful. Overall rating:. Lipstick Brush.

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Have you used MAC 316 Lip Brush? Please rate in the box below

Please log in here. Latest Reviews Forum Posts. Newbie Question. This brush can soften the lines between colors, or add a little more color to an area the white goat hairs are stiffer and more densely packed than the ones in the , so they pick up and apply more color. Because of the longer shape, you can also use this brush as a crease brush though others are more suited to the task.

You can use it for a very defined crease, to get into corners, or even for smudgy lining or smudging existing liner. The tip is pointy but still a little rounded. The white goat hairs are soft but dense and firm, and readily apply product precisely. This brush also does a great job of blending. It's long and somewhat soft, and lends itself readily to a "windshield wiper" motion that easily shades the crease. You can also use the tips for buffing and blending. Of all of the crease brushes, I love the above all others.

The is a little less precise and firm, and can easily spread shimmer and powders around the eye. If you just want one I find this brush too large for any regular uses in the eye area, and almost exclusively use it for applying powder products to hard-to-reach areas of the face like around the nose. This brush is great for very precise eyeshadow application, but I've found plenty of other uses for it! This brush applies concealer powder, cream, or liquid quite well.

It also smudges liner nicely. I've even dampened it with a tiny bit of makeup remover and used it to clean up mascara and eyeliner mistakes! This one is very stiff and tapered, picks up plenty of product, and applies with precision. It has more in common with the concealer and lip brushes than any other eye brush, and can actually be used for either of those purposes.

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It's perfect for lining with paints, and for applying Cream Colour Bases precisely to the eye area. Great with wet or dry products, and very nice for lining with the Fluidline gel liners.

Product description

The dense white goat hairs in this brush pick up plenty of product and apply it thickly and precisely unlike fluffier brushes. I can get very bright, bold, dense applications with this brush.

MAC Covered Lip Brush | Free Shipping | Lookfantastic

However, the angled version of this brush, the , is almost identical but even more useful because of the angled shape. I love both, but if you have to pick one But I use it just about daily, because it applies a great even and thin layer of any paint as a base. And it's thin enough at the tip that I can use it to apply paint in tight corners and under the lower lashes. Other uses for this brush include application of pigments and eyeshadows, and shading in small spaces. This is an all-synthetic brush with a very different "feel," and it lends itself readily to applying products like Cream Colour Bases to the lids.

It can be used in the same ways I think the is more versatile, and you really don't need both. The main difference between this and the brush is in thickness -- the is much skinnier than the and for this reason, I like it better. As I mentioned with the flat liner, you probably really only need one liner like these. The same sorts of uses apply to this one -- lining and defining the eyes. You could also use this for the brows, but I prefer the brush for that purpose. I'm perfectly happy with the smaller size, and never saw any reason to purchase this one.

If you haven't noticed, I'm very fond of the brushes made of white goat hair -- I find them very soft but dense, and they pick up and apply plenty of product. This brush is very much like the , but I love the angled shape for getting into corners. This brush goes with me everywhere.