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Sorry, this model is no longer available. Try using our product search bar for current deals. Advanced 2. Solid, portable design This sturdy number entry-solution is easy to take with you, so you can work confidently and quickly—wherever and whenever. All Rights Reserved. Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

MLN Sitemap. Venom BlackBook. Venom BlackTop. Venom BlackOne. Venom BlackBox. Venom BlackStrike. All-In-One PCs. The do work in Notes and in Word, just not in Excel for Mac When I enter a number it appears briefly and automatically backspaces. If I hold down a number key a series of numbers will appear in the cell and when I stop the last entered number is backspaced out. Microsoft support was no help.

Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305 Numeric Keypad USB Barely

Posted on Oct 6, AM. Just got a new computer with El Capitan and noticed my Targus number pad sending clear keystrokes before and after every number press. It seems to be wanting to send num lock strokes for whatever reason. Look into a program called Karabiner. It offers a variety of key remapping features, but one of them is "Disable NumLock key.

When Karabiner is running, click its icon in the toolbar a little square and select preferences. This should open to Karabiner's "Change Key" tab.

Re: Suddenly, numbers on numpad part of Logitech keyboard no longer work...

But you can also simply type "numlock" in the search field and look for it. Feb 10, PM. Oct 15, AM in response to rpatinha In response to rpatinha. A good try but it doesn't work. Why oh why did I upgrade to El Capitan? My machine was working fine and now this. It materially affects my ability to get work done.

Oct 15, AM. Page content loaded. Have you tried this?

wireless number pad | eBay

Keep punching in and then hold and press keys down as much as you can with your 4 or 5 finger and release. Delete what ever you typed and then Check by typing any Numeric Key , it works everytime for me when ever i disconnect the keypad from my Macbook Air Jan 7, AM. Jan 7, AM in response to imblue14 In response to imblue Nope, didn't work. I think the issue is with Targus and until they release a new driver it will just continue to do this. Feb 21, AM. I had the same problem.

Holding Ctrl-[ emulate normal Esc. As two options have to be toggled, it is not possible to support in such Viertual mode. Hence, the combination set to do nothing in such Virtual mode. Need additional application like MadRuby. Application choice If you want to change applications, add the following lines into private. It works rather like "sentence".

Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305

Enter: Move to the first non-blanck character of the next line. D: Cut from here to end the line. C: Change from here to end the line. U can be used as same as u, too. J: Combine two lines. ZZ: Save and Quit. ZQ: Quit. Non text edit commands zi: Zoom in. You can use Vi style navigation on any applications when "Complete Vi Mode" is on. Turn on a setting below, and toggle "Complete Vi Mode".

It is a list of the operation. Push S and D keys simultaneously and keep them pressing. You need to press S key before D key. You need to press keys in the order S,D,F. Set "notsave. This makes it easy to use Expose.

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You can do Expose by an alphabet key instead of F3 key. Usage: Enable launcher mode by O key.

Remember as "O"pen apps. And you can open other apps by similar way. See what fits you and change it when you get used to asetniop typing. Chords This enables the chords of the qwert-uiop keys. Qwer-uiop-to-aset-niop This does exactly what it says, it makes the top row of letters into the asetniop keyboard. This also changes the t,y, f,g,h and j keys into some missing interpunction signs for easy reaching.

Cmd to Shift This changes around a few of the functional keys on the left side of your keyboard. Cmd to C This is here purely for practicing with the asetniop web version. Use numpad in order to enter numbers. Change 1 to! Change command keys to lazy modifiers. Change command keys to lazy command keys. Prevent unintended windows menu popup if you changed command-letters to control-letters.

Disable Close Tab shortcut command-w on Google Calendar.

That's not you, right?

Disable Close Tab shortcut command-w on Google Translate. Change command key to control key in Remote Desktop. Works well with CoRD. Enable at only Dictionary Do not let Dictionary. This mode is designed for Quicksilver. Double Control to Quicksilver Mode It is useful to set the double press recognition threshold to ms. Change command-c to command-shift-c. Launch DigitalColor Meter by holding equal key.

Enable at only VNC Change the left command key to the left control key. Change the right command key to the right control key. Change the left control key to the left command key. Change the right control key to the right command key. F10 Enable at only Skim Fix Skim. Enable at only Twitter. If keyboard use has been crippling your hands, this may be useful to you. The mappings are statistically organized based on standard English, and makes liberal use of chords to implement common English words. Note that this is rotated from conventional mappings to move the wrists into an approximately straight alignment, optimal to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and that the pinky has no key they are not generally used.

Holding down E and pressing O, noted as E-O, generates "the". The reverse, O-E generates "it". EF, and a key, e. J, is pressed less common characters and sequences are generated, i. Pairs of pairs, e. This setting flips only pointer and scroll. So, gestures do not work properly.

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Please disable gestures from System Preferences. Some Logitech keyboards sends same modifier events twice when you pressed modifier keys. Karabiner counts them and changes only the first event. That causes extra modifiers will be added into the changed keys. For example: "Change control-D to delete" setting should send "delete" key event when you press control-D.

But "control-delete" key event will be sent with some Logitech keyboards. This setting solves this issue. F12 keys to F