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X-Plane 11 Benchmarks

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Might be a bug. Even your macbook should do beter than that. Might be a bug but im pretty sure its just Macs, they are not good for gaming, especially for running simulators. A lot of windows machines with the same hardware or even better hardware would struggle to run X-Plane, so running on a system with an OS which is not good for gaming will be hard.

It is unlikely to be a "bug" as the program IS running. The AMD is not a slouch, being the rough equivalent to the Nvidia series. The program is also running at lower resolution than usual for most people. It should be faring well. X-Plane relies upon a good installation of OpenGL to function properly. Poor performance on decent equipment circles around OpenGL and Drivers.

X-Plane 11 system requirements revealed, needs plenty of RAM | GamingOnLinux

OP start by looking to your AMD drivers. You may have to take some measures to make sure that there are no vestiges of older drivers hanging around that could be screwing things up. Reinstall your drivers as cleanly as possible and run some OpenGL benchmarks to help isolate issues. Also make sure that you have the computer plugged into a wall outlet when you run X-plane.

Laptops permit lower GPU rates when run on battery to conserve run times. It was designed for this range. Read the details of this in the manual. I've tried exporting the plan to. FMS but my version of XP11 appears to have nothing to do with this format, and only accepts. How does one make files in these formats? Yes, iMacs are not able to use native graphic drivers for acceleration.

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I installed FSX and X-plane a long time ago before I built my windows rig and used the bootcamp software included with the iMacs. Unfortunately, my iMac is a late model so the CPU wass not able to keep up and the graphics card was pretty weak, so I ended up building the new rig, which is already three years plus outdated. I'm using an i7 K clocked at 4. I haven't touched my sim in 8 months now, but may dig back in.

Good luck with everything! I will give my opinion as to why MAC is not the platform to use for flight sim or anything else. For half or less of what you will invest in a MAC, which you cannot modify outside what they want you to have, you can build yourself a PC which will outperform any MAC out there. MAC has a wonderful plan for making people believe they cannot use anything other than their products by furnishing schools and indoctrinating the students and staff to their systems, thereby creating a MAC dependency. We can see, just in this tread, the frustrations experienced by MAC users and, if they want to continue that, fine, but why not just build a cheaper, more functional system and be done with it.

As stated, Apple produces the best hand-held devices available as they invented them, but even they suffer from the Apple tentacles by not allowing you to just plug in a new battery or several other things that their competitors do with their products.

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  • I'm sure my thoughts will rankle some, but just think about it which has been going on in this thread already and make your own decisions, but don't be persuaded to do something either way that you just can't live with. Basic X-Plane operation is perfectly fine on a Mac. X-Plane is also developed on a mac. Of course there is limits to what the GPU in an iMac can do don't even think about running X-Plane in native screen resolution, think more like x , and yes, it's always more expensive than a even better PC.

    I'd prefer having a dedicated X-Plane Windows machine, but as I stated above, for the average user, a maxed out iMac will run X-Plane just fine. You could opt not to pay the Apple tax, and build a Hackintosh. One of each for OSX, one of each for Win I run XP11 in both OSes without problems and with similar performance.

    Haven't found an add-on plane yet that I want to fly that doesn't work in both.

    Saitek Fly5 stick on Mac with X Plane 10

    HotStart TBM runs equally fantastic in either one. X-Plane simulates the sounds of engine and other mechanical noise like the muffled thump of landing gear being stowed after take off, for example , which helps to round out the realism. But getting to understand and appreciate the complexities of the X-Plane interface is quite daunting. The game responds much better to fine adjustments made using game controllers than it does to the gross movements of a mouse or trackpad.

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