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Does Google Updater update itself?

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Uninstall How do I uninstall programs? How do I uninstall Google Updater? Google Updater is the installer for Google products on the Mac. You can use Google Updater to see which Google software you have installed and to see other Google applications you might be interested in. Google Updater helps keep your software up-to-date by installing updates when they become available.

And you can use Google Updater to uninstall Google Software. Google Updater makes the software installation process more convenient in several ways. First, it streamlines the software installation process. Also, once Google Updater is installed, you can see which Google software you have already installed.

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Finally, Google Updater provides you with a central place for discovering and downloading more Google software. New Google applications are just a few clicks away. We use this data to help us improve our software. What are the system requirements for Google Updater? No, Google Updater can be installed without an administrator password.

Google Updater for the Mac - FAQs

However, to install some applications, including Google Desktop, you will need to have an administrator password. If you're the only user of the computer, you're probably an administrator. Just use your usual login and password. Google Updater is designed to download and install programs in the fastest and most efficient way possible; however, if you're using a dial-up connection, it may still take a while to install programs.

You can look at the progress bar in the Google Updater window to see how your installation is progressing. Google provides separate installers for these. How do I install programs? Click the program you want to install. Click the Install button. That's fine. You can pick and choose whichever Google programs you like. And you don't have to decide all at once. Whenever you want to add or remove a Google program, you can use Google Updater.

Once you have installed Google Updater, you can use it any time to install more software. How will I know when there are updates or new programs available? Google Updater keeps track of the programs you have installed and can alert you when new versions become available. By default, updates are installed automatically. The kernel. I found one page that suggested I turn off the update by issuing this command: defaults write com. Agent checkInterval 0 which is supposed to disable auto google updates completely.

Anyone have any new ideas? I suppose I should uninstall Chrome altogether next..

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Gord Wait Gord Wait 56 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Could you add what kind of crash you got: a browser crash, a kernel panic, a freeze of an application or something else? It simply froze. The entire operating system. No mouse movement, no activity, the screen showing what ever was running at the time of the freeze. I wonder how to get Google's attention on this? These misbehaviours seem to come from a Google software update agent.

If this command: launchctl list grep google tells: - 0 com. One at a time I uninstalled each Google App the Macbook stopped crashing. Still ok now after a few months. We'll see how it goes. Jules 2 2 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. I'll try it out. I am concerned I have a hardware issue and the updater is just setting off the problem, but we'll see what happens! I tried that method, and discovered that One: Google Chrome started to complain that it was unable to update, and offered to fix the problem, and Two: My Macbook crashed again with the same GoogleSoftwareUp message as the last thing in the kernel.

I like these programs, but to diagnose this I removed all Google software from my system for a while to check stability. Perhaps one of these other packages had a stale or buggy copy of GoogleSoftwareUp, or was interfering with the Chrome copy.

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  6. My Macbook pro is mid , not This is not the same issue. After a week with no Google software I've had a week with zero crashes a drastic improvement from a couple crashes per session. I have since upgraded to Mountain Lion, no crashes. New Google Chrome. No crashes. Problem was two copies of Google Updater running at the same time: a stale copy of Google Updater Chromium? Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!