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You could manually copy files from your Mac to another drive or cloud storage service before you restore and then copy them back afterwards. However, if one of those files is infected, you risk contaminating your Mac all over again. This is a ground-zero approach.

Remove unwanted pop-ups or site redirects on Mac

That means re-installing all your applications and copying all your data back to your Mac afterwards. If you have a recent backup of your data, from before your Mac became infected, you can use that to copy data from after you re-install. Creating one is beyond the scope of this article, but there is a comprehensive guide here. Restart your Mac, holding down Command-R and do the following:. As you can see, there are many different ways to remove a virus from a Mac, depending on how badly infected it is and what kind of virus it is.

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It can be fixed! How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Got a virus on your Mac? Darina Stavniychuk. Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now. April 03, Updated: May 14, CleanMyMac X.

What is maftask, and Why is it Running on my Mac?

Security is arguably stronger, and there is statistically less malware in the wild specifically targeted at Macs. But it would be a mistake to take that sense of security for granted. CleanMyMac includes tools to protect my Mac from digital thieves, vandals and hackers. Even though viruses are not a significant problem on Macs, scanning for malware regularly is part of being a good internet citizen.

You may have a Windows virus in an email attachment, and could unknowingly pass it onto your Windows-using friends. I scanned my computer just yesterday using Bitdefender. Sometimes I refer to old chats, and I like my forms to be filled in automatically. Here are the results, after about ten seconds. Then there are others, like cookies and HTML5 local storage.

Cleaning these up may actually speed up my computer, as well as make it more secure. CleanMyMac can reverse this, making your computer feel as good as new.

Over time, apps may start background processes that run continuously, taking up your system resources and slowing your computer. You may not even be aware that some of these processes are happening. CleanMyMac can identify them for you, and give you a choice of whether they run or not. Also, any apps that have crashed may still be using system resources and slowing your computer.

I do have a number of apps that launch automatically when I log in. These include Dropbox, CleanMyMac, an app to sync my Garmin cycling computer, and a few productivity apps that place icons on my menu bar. These include Skype, Setapp , Backblaze , and a bunch of Adobe agents.

There are also a few agents that check for software updates, including for Google software and Adobe Acrobat. CleanMyMac also includes a set of scripts designed to optimize system performance.

These can make sure my hard disk is healthy both physically and logically. They repair permissions and more to make sure my apps run well. And they reindex my Spotlight database to make sure that searches run quickly and properly. The app has already identified that eight tasks can be performed on my computer. That sounds good to me.

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So I run the lot. It took 13 minutes for them to run.

What Is CleanMyMac X?

Software applications can leave a mess, especially when you uninstall them. CleanMyMac provides a few ways to clean up after your apps.

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First is an uninstaller. When you remove an application, often a collection of no-longer-needed files are left behind, wasting storage space. CleanMyMac can keep track of those files, so the application is removed completely. I browsed through the list, and decided not to remove any at this stage.

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I remove all 76 files, and within three minutes had cleaned up another 5. Have a look at this screenshot, taken from my Mac during the course of writing this column:.

Free Easy way to remove Adware, Spyware, and Virus on a MAC (apple) 2.0

That, my friends, is a list of 30 potentially bad things that And, nope, I did not plan this, even though I did plan to write about this problem. Why ClamXav? Because it has one job and it does it very well. ClamXav is, like AdWare Medic, donationware and it is fantastic.