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Home Products. There are several ways to copy formula into neighboring cells in any direction, here's how: Option 1: Dray fill handle Option 2: Double-click fill handle Option 3: Apply formula using fill command Option 1: Drag the fill handle to copy the formula In Excel, select the cell that contains the formula you want to copy.

Option 2: Double-click fill handle to copy formula Double-click on the bottom-right corner of the cell that contains the formula you want to apply formula to entire column. To apply the formula to entire column, here's how: Step 1: Enter the formula into the first cell of that column, press Enter. This means simply that when you fill the formula down, the references will change incrementally from A1, B1 to A2, B2 and so on, like this:.

Other times, you may not want the references to other cells to change. For example, let's say that you wanted the first reference, A1, to stay fixed and B1 to change as you drag the fill handle. A dollar sign forces Excel to keep pointing to A1 as you fill other cells. This is what it would look like:. When you fill down, the reference to A1 stays fixed but Excel changes the reference of B1, to B2 and B3.

To display it:.

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Under Edit Options , check the Allow fill handle and cell drag-and-drop box. In Calculation Options , ensure that Automatic is selected. Expand your Office skills. Copying a formula down by dragging the fill handle not only copies the formula, but also the source cell formatting such as font or background color, currency symbols, the number of displayed decimal places, etc. In most cases, this works just fine, but sometimes it can mess up the existing formats in cells where the formula is being copied to. A common example is overwriting alternate row shading like in the following screenshot.

For prevent overwriting the existing cell formatting, drag the fill handle as demonstrated above, release it, click the Auto Fill Options drop-down menu, and select Fill Without Formatting. As you've just seen, the fill handle makes copying formulas in Excel really easy.

Excel Fill Down or Fill Right Shortcuts

But what if you need to copy a formula down a ten-hundred-line sheet? Dragging the formula over hundreds of rows does not look like a good idea. Luckily, Microsoft Excel provides a couple of quick solutions for this case as well. To apply the formula to the entire column, double-click the plus sign instead of dragging it. For those who have skipped the first section of this tutorial, the detailed steps follow below. Among other great features of Excel tables such as predefined styles, sorting, filtering and banded rows, automatically calculated columns is what makes an Excel table a truly wonderful tool for analyzing groups of related data.

By entering a formula into one cell in a table column just any cell, not necessarily the top one , you create a calculated column and have your formula instantly copied to all other cells in that column. Unlike the fill handle, Excel tables have no problem with copying the formula across the entire column even if the table has one or more empty rows:.

It goes without saying that the fill handle is the fastest way to copy formula in Excel. But what if you want to copy your Excel formula in non-contiguous cells or beyond the end of the source data? In situations when you need to input the same formula in more than one cell on a worksheet, adjacent or non-adjacent ones, this method can be a time-saver.

As you already know, when copying a formula down a column in Excel, you can use the Fill Without Formatting option that lets you copy the formula but keep the existing formatting of the destination cells. For more paste options, click the arrow below the Paste button on the ribbon. Excel formulas rarely occur in a spreadsheet in solitude. In most cases, you enter a formula in one cell, and then copy it to other cells in the same column or row, to perform the same calculation on a group of data. Most of the time, this is exactly what you want. But what if you want Excel to copy the formula exactly , without changing the cell references along the way?

Depending on your particular task, choose one of the following solutions. To move or copy a range of Excel formulas so that no cell references are changed, use one of the following methods. Doesn't make much sense so far?

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Okay, let's consider the following example. And this approach works well as long as the formulas remain in column C. The concept of Excel cell references may be difficult to grasp from the outset, but trust me it's worth your time and effort because it will save you much more time in the long run. For example, see how you can calculate the entire table with a single formula by using mixed cell references.

How to copy formula in Excel: down a column, without changing references, etc.

However, if you already have a ton of formulas with relative cell references in your Excel sheet, and you need to quickly make an exact copy of those formulas but you don't feel like you can get the references right, one of the following methods could be a solution. To copy a range of Excel formulas without changing their cell references, you can use the Excel Find and Replace feature in the following way. The purpose of this step is to turn formulas into text strings, which will prevent Excel from changing the cell references during the copy process.

This is a quick way to make an exact copy of a formula without changing cell references. Well, this is all I have to say about copying formulas in Excel.

Copy/Paste Function Not Working in Excel Mac Office - Microsoft Community

If you know some other methods to quickly move or copy formula in Excel sheets, please do share. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week! I am trying to track training for multiple people. I have a summary sheet with everyone on it and all modules listed. Then I have individual sheets for each individual. I want to fill in the individual sheets and have that auto fill in the summary sheet.

Is there an easy way to drag down and auto copy this? I want the sheet name to change on every line, but the cell reference will stay the same. Dear Sir, I want to drag a formula in excel which should refer to alternate cells and not continuous cell references. Cell A1 has a formula referring to data in Cell F6.

Dragging the formula to Cell A2 should refer to F8 and not F7 and so on.

How to Apply Formula to Entire Columns or Rows in Excel

One way is to drag the formula as it is and delete the alternate rows. Is there any way the formula can be modified to comply to the above requirement. If you want to dont want to change cell while pasting formula then make a formula like this for an example. Example below. Is there a way to copy a formula that contains a range that keeps the range intact? For example:. I need to copy all the different formulas altogether from some specific area and paste these formulas to another area. While pasting, it should paste only the formulas all formulas from the copied area and other cells which have numbers should not change.

For eg: I have some data on column A and C. The cells A3, A8, A24 etc.. I need to get these formulas altogether on column C at the same rows C3, C8, C24, etc.. But the other cells on column C should not be changed. Is there any way, other than copying one by one formulas? I am trying to copy the formula down several rows but it changes the 2 and 53, and I need the letters to change.

I hope that was clear enough. I have a large amount of spreadsheets with amounts aleary in the cells. I have tried using the F4 formula and dragging it down but it is changing the original amount in the cell to the amount of the cell above. Most likely it happens because of incorrect use of absolute and relative cell references.

If this does not help, please post the exact formula here, and we will try to help. Thanks very much for this very clear and helpful set of tips. Excel was driving me nuts refusing to copy a table, and this provided some handy work-arounds. I want to copy the above row to another sheet. BUT I need to skip the empty columns. So on this sheet I want a consecutive row of from the other sheet. Is there a way to create the first two formulas and then copy the remaining?

I too, would love to find out if this is possible. Please let me know if you have found a solution. I am trying to figure out how to replicate this formula setup down an entire column but when I do it changes to numerical order not the formula series I have created. Can anyone help?? Hi hope someone can help. I am trying to setup a formula that will repeat on each work sheet, but when I copy the formula to the various worksheets it put a 0 zero and I would like to have an empty cell that and the info to appear when typing it on the master sheet.

For example I would like the employee name and employee number to appear on my master sheet for tracking vacation then then I would like this info repeated each month on seperate worksheet that I have created? This is entirely unnecessary. Simply enter the cell first F2 or Cmd-U and then paste the content. No need to use a separate text editor. F2 works fine when copying a single formula. The section you refer to shows how to copy multiple formulas in a range of cells keeping all cell references intact.

Is this possible. These explanations are worthless. Nowhere does it tel us how to copy a back of cells and paste them somewhere without changing cell references, if even if that is possible or not in EXCEL. It is such a common need that it is ridiculous no to address it. The method of explain things is at sea. Are you clicking the mouse at the same time. One has no idea from reading the explanations. There are far too many hidden assumption that the authors think everyone knows about.

I have a form on sheet 1. All the the raw data's i have are all on sheet 2 all reference.

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When i enter a number on the form Sheet 1 the information automatically goes to Sheet 3. What i'm thinking is how can i not make the result on Sheet 3 not disappear when i clear out the form on Sheet 1? Please help me I would like to copy a changing value as it moves down a column in my main worksheet, to a single cell in a separate tab. It will not change cells in the separate tab but always copy to this single cell while it still changes daily in the main worksheet.

I would like to copy a changing daily value as it moves down a column in my main worksheet to a single cell in another tab. The cell location in this other tab always remains in this one location. Pls help, i must copy a lot of cell info from 1file to another, downwards. Pls help.

Cut the Range of formulas. Paste itin the new location. Copy the contents, from the new location, that you just pasted. Paste the contents from the Clipboard! The formulas will have the original references. IF it looks like a lot of work — take a look at the keyboard shortcuts: 1. Ctrl-X 2. Ctrl-V 3. Ctrl-C 4. Ctrl-Z 5. I am trying to help a friend with an Excel sheet. At this time his sheet looks like this: The numbers under the month represent the number of people with these reasons.

All of a sudden, the boss wants it in a different format, and i can't get it where it needs to be for him. We have 39 counties and 10 possible reasons and 12 months. I don't want to have to write this all manually. It's impossible. Happy to work by phone if easier. Just let me know. I have an Excel spreadsheet which I made last year for a luncheon with about people. I linked a page to it which creates name badges, using some of the information from the first list.

This is an annual function and this year we would like to change the font on the name badges. I have created formulas so that if I change a line on the first badge, all of the badges will change as well. However, if I change the font on the first badge, no other badges will change fonts. Only the wording changes. How I get the font on all of the badges to change at one time to whatever is in that first badge? We will be using this spreadsheet for many years to come, but would to occasionally change the font, and I know there must be an easier way other than copy and paste!

Thank you in advance for your help. However, on the Weekly analysis Worksheet, I need to jump 7 columns each time for the totals i. Is there a simple way to copy with this jump on references or is it a case of manually amending the references each time? Thank you so much! Hi, I am trying to copy a formula from say cell A1 that has references from another Data source tab say C1. I want to copy cell A1 and paste it in say cell A9 in the same sheet but want the cell reference in the formula to change by one row in the Data Source tab from C1 to C2.

How do I do this? I'm trying to create a formula for a basic point of sale type stock control sheet.

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I've been looking up the Excel INDIRECT formula, but am struggling to make head or tail of the tutorials I've read online - can anyone tell me how to create a formula that will keep the cell references as they are without regardless of whether or not I am deleting rows? Any help would be appreciated! Under the section "How to copy formula without changing references" your Method 2 is brilliant and totally new to me.