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You get all the basic tools such as red-eye removal, selection tools, and color management, along with more advanced tools like background removal, creative filters and automatic editing options. Unfortunately, while the program works in layers, you cannot apply layer masks to your images.

You also cannot easily fix lens distortion, create HDR images or stitch together panoramas with this software. There is no organizing system, so you will have to purchase a dedicated program if you want that capability. You can, however, view your photos' EXIF information. It can also help you optimize your photos for online usage. You can post photos directly onto social media sites such as Facebook, or email photos from within the program, but there is no online photo gallery. Also, you cannot make animated GIFs with this software. If you want help with Pixelmator, there are various video tutorials, FAQs and even a user forum to help you learn and find answers.

If you want to contact a representative, you can do so via email. Affinity Photo is one of the most powerful photo editing programs we tested. It didn't score as high as other program since it lacks a photo organizing feature. You'll find that many of the tools you use in Photoshop are also in this program. In fact, it uses many of the same hotkeys.

We were quickly able to remove unwanted objects from our photos with the content-aware fill tool. We counted 42 preset filters in the program that you can quickly add to your images. We also found it easy to work with and manipulate the various layers as we worked. The program will help you create HDR photos and panoramas using simple step by step windows. There is no lens distortion tool per se, however, you can use the perspective tools to fix any warping caused by your camera. Affinity does offer a free demo of the software, but you'll need to use it quickly as it only lasts for 10 days.

There is no photo organizing system built-in to this software so if you're specifically wanting a program that can sort your images, this might not be the best choice for you. We didn't find any printing project resources within the program. It will only allow you to make basic print requests.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the best Mac photo editors on the market. You navigate through the interface by choosing between the Guided, Quick and Expert modes. As expected, Guided mode helps you become acquainted with the various tools. It even offers tutorials and written instructions to fully explain everything. Quick mode allows you to automatically make common adjustments to your photos, which can save time when you know your enhancements won't take long.

You can adjust contrast, brightness and color. The Expert Mode gives you access to all of Photoshop Elements' tools.

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There are more than 90 filters that can quickly add artistic effects to your favorite images. It also features advanced tools like content-aware fill, which gets rid of objects in an image and fills the space believably. Photoshop Elements comes with Elements Organizer , a separate program dedicated to organizing your photos. You can tag photos by time, date, name and rating. While Elements Organizer allows you to organize and catalogue your photos in a variety of ways, it can get tiresome jumping between the two programs. You can use Elements Organizer to store your photos directly in the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

You can also choose to share your photos directly onto Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

Top 10 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac | Photolemur

Should you need help, there are dozens of video tutorials online along with user forums and a FAQs page. Use the tools to alter the hue, brightness and contrast of your images to make them look the way you want them to. This software also works in layers to quickly view and select various elements when making changes. You can create both HDR and panoramic images using this software. GIMP is used for producing icons, graphical design elements, and art for user interface components and mockups.

GIMP provides top-notch color management features to ensure high-fidelity color reproduction across digital and printed media. It is best used in workflows involving other free software such as Scribus , Inkscape , and SwatchBooker. GIMP provides extensibility through integration with many programming languages including Scheme, Python, Perl, and more. The result is a high level of customization as demonstrated by the large number of scripts and plug-ins created by the community. Header image: After the Cotton by Pat David cba.

We recommend you to check out these free lightroom presets. Feel free to ask anything. Anyplace you can suggest or point me to?

Do You Know All the Functions of Your Mac Photo Editor?

Also has great options about resizing multiple images.. I have recently discovered PhotoViewerPro for editing my photos. It is very easy to use. I was able to explore several tools that could make my photo look like it was taken by a professional photographer. Hi, I am looking for a freeware photo editor for editing my website photos. Can you please suggest which would be the best one to go for? Thanks for the guide sir. I have used pixlr, photo scape, picmonkey and many other in the list.

To me picmonkey is very easy and smooth. I personally prefer picmonkey. But others are also good to use. I think this list includes a great option for those who needs editors to edit their photos. Thanks for sharing the list. Cool list of software! Thank you for sharing this, Waseem.

Being acquainted with several ones from the above mentioned I may say that photographers basically use really powerful stuff for quite ordinary tasks. Operate with presets and layers, use various brushes and editing tools, as there are so many tech available. Great job! I like GIMP, it can be used by professionals, you just need to get used to how its functions work, coz it differes from adobe illustrator. Throughout the internet, there are a multitude of programs that allow us to edit product photos for our online store and you have shared a wonderful list here.

Thanks for sharing this. I am a beginner and tbh, i am talented at taking photos but have really no knowledge at editing them. I have used photoshop n lightroom but what i need is a program where i take the photo then put card in conputer and it downloads to a program and within secs, pictures are done. The program autonatically does it for me. Anyone know such a program?

Im starting a buisness where i will booked back to back and ned to give them there photos instantly by printing them right there. Thank you in advance! If I need layers and such I use an additional editor like Photoshop elements. Easy and fast! All that I need now. Photography is an ongoing constant learning process and simple yet powerful editing software enhance your creativity beyond imagination.

Thnx for sharing all these wonderful software and guide for everyone. GOD bless you and your team. Great selection. As for me, I mostly use PhotoWorks image editor.

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  4. Especially i enjoy retouching raw photos — high quality for little time and effort. I always look to gather new knowledge. I search it out. It really was engaging to read.

    Editing tools

    Thank you for that. I have used PicMonkey for years but now that they upgraded or made changes.

    I find it very in user friendly. Your list was very helpful. Great list. I agree on most of the software. But there are few more platforms, where we can outsource the services for Professional Photo Editing. We need to outsource the things.