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  1. A Look at The Latest Bridal Beauty Trends with M.A.C Cosmetics
  2. 2. Don't stray too much from your usual make-up routine
  3. MAC Senior Artist predicts the biggest bridal makeup look of the summer
  4. 20 Flattering Lipstick Colors for Every Kind of Bride

If you are going to a store could they be running behind? Could it cause extra issues to go wrong?? I know a girl I went to highschool with that sells Mary Kay I think I don't know one of the makeup brands and they do make overs, but will come to you on the day of and it includes a consultation as well. Not sure if this is just what she does or what they all will do.

I would try to see if you could get someone to come to you? Even going to a salon they could run behind, but with a store if they happen to be busy that day and people are helping others shop it might be tough I haven't but for the worries that Jillian brought up Maybe a couple of minutes for them to grab their things. If you're having an evening wedding then I think this is fine because you can make an early appointment and not have to worry about rushing.

I used MAC for my engagement photos, and no way would I use them for the wedding day!!! No way!!! You can't really do a trial with the same person who would do your wedding makeup, and so you wouldn't know until the day of whether or not you actually liked it. Once its done, you probably won't have many options, either, given the tight timeline most wedding days are on. This is how my makeup came out for my e-session. When I was explaining what I wanted, I used words like "natural" and "barely there" and "like myself". I ended up feeling like a drag queen.

I actually had a ton more blush on, too, but managed to rub some of that off before the pictures. I have had my makeup done several times at MAC and almost always love how it looks. I usually buy their products as well. I certainly think it would be a good more cost effective way to get your makeup done. However I think I'll hire a makeup artist to come to me simply for convenience. I don't want to have to drive to the mall 20 minutes away to get my makeup done. If you do decide to get your makeup done at the mall my advice would be to request a trial with the artist who will be doing your makeup on the wedding day.

A Look at The Latest Bridal Beauty Trends with M.A.C Cosmetics

Along with that, make sure you allot double the time you think is needed just incase there is a delay on the wedding day at the store or traffic. Things tend to take longer on the wedding day than you think and traveling around just adds to the stress of that, so do makeup as early as you can. C specializes in more dramatic looks, if that's that's the kind of makeup that you like then go for it, but if you are wanting to go with a more traditional bridal look I would try a different counter.

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A lot of brides end up hiring me after having multiple trials elsewhere because they realize that the investment in the way they look on their wedding day is important to them. Along with that I travel to my clients on-location so that they can get ready in their hotel, home or at the venue. All makeup counters that I know of require a purchase in order for you to get your makeup done, these are not professional makeup artists these are makeup sales persons. I will probably be having a MUA come to my hotel to get ready on the day of, but I have had my makeup down at the MAC counter in Bloomingdales with an appointment for other occasions and I loved it.

It probably depends on the person you get working on you, but it is the same way with any MUA. Thanks everyone.

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I love makeup so not worried about a dramatic look. I can do eye makeup pretty good myself but for my face I'm super picky. My ceremony doesn't start until 4pm so I don't think timelines will be an issue.

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  • Here a picture of the makeup I did on myself at halloween and a couple of ideas I found on pinterest. Oh well I guess it's back to the drawing boards. I wish there was an easier and less time consuming way to find MUA in my area with google. All throughout my wedding planning I was so stressed and I had super bad acne. It was really annoying but I found a make up artist that does airbrush and honestly you couldn't even tell that I had any acne let alone zits.

    It was really great and I would recommend it to anyone! I did this as a part of a wedding party in Aug in Iowa City. It was fine, but I don't think it was special enough for a bride on her wedding day.

    We had appointments and got in and out really quick. It was just a pain to all pile in cars after having our hair done and such. I had my makeup done one year at Mac for my birthday. I wasn't a huge fan, my makeup was overdone and I have acne prone skin and the foundation killeddddd my skin and i felt I was greasy looking all night I wouldn't use them for a wedding. It was ok for my birthday, but in some pictures it looked way too much A friend of mine was going to do my make up, but surprised me by taking me to the MAC store in Vegas.

    I had no trial just a pic of what I wanted. This is me hours later after cake and almost everything notice I haven't reapplied my lipstick. Was it way more than I'm used to?

    2. Don't stray too much from your usual make-up routine

    Of course! But with pictures and running around I thought it came out great and held up really well. I would recommend. I get my makeup done at MAC all the time! Go in for a trial run that way you know what you want for your wedding! You can book an appointment also and have the same person do it again.

    MAC Senior Artist predicts the biggest bridal makeup look of the summer

    I love their products that is all i use, plus its free to get done you cant beat that! I have a passion for makeup and find my inspiration all around me, but what inspires me most is my clients! Beauty is so much more than what we look like and I like to get to know my clients and get a feel for who they are while we come up with the perfect look for your event. Makeup Artist in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Beauty and makeup product reviews.

    20 Flattering Lipstick Colors for Every Kind of Bride

    I love trying out new products and sharing what I find. I hope you all had an amazing summer! I have been getting a lot of questions about lipstick from my brides this year so I thought I would share my favourite colours that I keep in my kit! Where I have so many empty MAC containers from working there and being a regular customer for the last 15 years , it makes sense to use free lipstick rather than spending money.

    First is the most used lip colour in my kit: Brave by MAC. This is the perfect neutral medium pink for a light-skinned person. If you end up buying this colour then it can be used afterward as your daytime lipstick! This warm-toned- peachy nude is a great colour for light-skinned brides who want something a bit more than a whitish- nude. This colour looks great on everyone and I would describe it as a neutral brownish pink.

    I would call this colour a neutral plum shade. I do use this on MOBs and MOGs as well, however it is often darker than most people are looking for if they have lighter skin.