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RC Simulator for Mac???

Discover the exciting areas of the 3D sceneries in cockpit or follow mode or practice hovering with one of many included model helicopters. Suitable for novices and experts alike.

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Requires Your Own Transmitter. See similar items. Only 1 left! Condition is Used. Part Hitec: Optic 5; Optic 6; Laser 4; Laser 6. Sponsored Listings. Got one to sell? Hobby RC Simulators. Futaba Hobby RC Simulators. Spektrum Hobby RC Simulators. Make an Offer. Aerofly 5 Win If Version - Ik Aerofly 5 Win Gc Version - Ik Win Upgrade Afpdel. To Af5. I wouldn't recommend x-plan as a substitute for an RC Sim, but it something you can play with. Rating Reply by: John Hello, I am in the process of trying to line up a "simulator" to practice flying rc aircraft.

I use a Mac and PC at work.

Need help for Simulator for Mac

I have an older PC laptop at home. I prefer and intend to buy a MiniMac in March. So an option would be to buy a simulator made for PC's and then run BootCamp. Thank you for suggesting flying from the control tower for X-Plane. I think what I want is an RC controller that can fly a family of various planes AND also allow me to fly these models on a computer Mac? Is there such a manufacturer that offers this capability?

Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator Mac Version Released! - General discussions - IPACS Aerofly Forum

Rating Take Phoenix sim demo for a spin You can download them demo here to see if it will work before buying. Depending on your controller you may be able to use the interface cable with your transmitter hitec or JR or purchase the sim controller as well. Hope this help.

This includes everything. I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere that addon installation would be through the Mac store or something. User addons usually go into the Documents folder under Aerofly FS 2.

So now that this was mentioned as well: will there be a Linux version of Aerofly in the near future? I recommend the website to be modified as it is misleading with regard to the scenery included. It states:. I found that a lot of stutters due to higher frame rate over 60 fps. Cheers Rudi.

Steam Edition Breathes New Life Into Microsoft Flight Simulator X!

Hi Rudi, all of our platforms use mostly the same code which is only possible because everything was hand-coded by IPACS and is independent of what the operating system does. Jan, That's a smart strategy. Does that apply to the Mac version as well? Many thanks for this, I've been waiting a while for the Mac version Just one question before I go ahead and purchase, will you be releasing this on Steam also? Cheers Tony.

Will the SDK be available to the Mac users too? First, bravo and thank you for the so awaited Mac version : - Now I no more need to bootcamp to the Windows part of my iMac Same question than donka but about the Swiss scene? Thank you for the nice simulator on mac.