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  1. Use Startup Disk preferences
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  3. How to Repair Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard
  4. Perform a Clean Install of Snow Leopard OS X

If you see a notice that says "Volume [your drive name] appears to be OK" in green, your drive needs no further attention. If you see a red error message that indicates problems, you'll need to restart from your Leopard Installer DVD to repair your startup disk. If your system uses a slot-loading internal optical drive, press the DVD into the empty drive slot. Open the Apple menu and choose "Restart. Press and hold the "C" key the moment you hear your system's startup chime or just as your screen blacks out at the beginning of the restart process.

This key command tells your system to start from the bootable installer you inserted in your optical drive. Continue to hold down the "C" key until you see the startup progress indicator, shaped like a spinning gear. Select your language from the list that appears when your system restarts. Click on the right-arrow button at the bottom of the dialog box to continue.

Open the "Utilities" menu and choose "Disk Utility" to launch the application. Click on the "Repair Disk" button below the details window. If Disk Utility reports errors it can't repair, seek further assistance from a technician or try a third-party disk utility application.

Use Startup Disk preferences

If your disk repair finishes successfully, press "Command-Q" to quit the application and "Command-Q" to quit the installer when it returns to your screen. Click on the "Restart" button in the dialog box that comes up. Your Mac restarts and reboots from your startup drive. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism.

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Skip to main content. Disk Verification 1. Startup Disk Repair 1. Combine the "Command" key with the down arrow key to open a selected folder or application without using your pointing device. A proper backup app like Get Backup Pro can save you a lot of headache here. Once you have space on your computer, figure out what version of OS X you would like to install.

Tab to the Purchase page of the menu and scroll down to find the line for previous operating systems.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Clicking the install button of the macOS you want will begin downloading the file. If your goal is to download a version of macOS that you have not already used, or, that was not available as an update from the App Store after you bought your Mac, you may need to purchase it. OS X Snow Leopard ships as a boxed version and requires a disk drive to install.

How to Repair Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard

It could be helpful to know where you sit on the timeline of macOS X updates. Below is a chronological list of all the updates beginning with the most recent update, High Sierra, released in Downloads for previous versions of OS X are linked below and include:. Downloading a.

Alternatively, you could hit up your nearest Apple Store. They will likely have image files of all the different versions of the software and help you install it right there as well. If you download the file from the App Store, the installer will start immediately. Follow the prompts and be prepared to restart your computer.

A downgrade is different than an upgrade. When you try to downgrade macOS, the installer may not launch right away depending on which versions of macOS you are moving between.

Creating a bootable USB or a bootable drive is not complicated. Once your drive is prepared with your bootable version of OS X, erase the unwanted version. Tab to the Erase page and name the file you want erased e. Hit Erase and quit out of Disk Utility. This will return you to the OS X Utilities selector.

If you used Disk Drill for creating your bootable drive, a window will prompt your actions for using the install disk you made. Find and select your install disk with your bootable version of your preferred macOS, and click continue through to the license agreement. Once you agree, you should be prompted by the installer. Once the installation is completed, your computer should restart. If it does not restart itself, make sure you restart it normally.

How To Clean Install Osx Without Disk

The downgrade should be complete! So downgrade away! September 25, No big functionality updates, the focus is shifted to performance instead. A large grey Apple logo appears for the first time, replacing Happy Mac at startup. App arrivals: iChat and Address Book. Safari officially becomes the default web browser. Long-awaited and Mac-changing.

Perform a Clean Install of Snow Leopard OS X

Leopard gives a spectacular leap, introducing Time Machine , Boot Camp, QuickLook, and full support for bit software. While Leopard did a great job, Snow Leopard arrives to refine it even more. Mainly, it comes with apps rewritten in 64 bit and OpenCL. It gets easier to track app updates via the Notification Center. To enable secure password encryption and storage, iCloud Keychain in introduced. A completely new sleek design is what Yosemite is remembered for. September 30, El Capitan features Split Views — dual-window functionality for arranging and managing app windows.

Plus, OS X September 20,