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The last two turned out to be my favorites of the line! Before these, I felt most of the red and brown Lipstains looked too much alike, but these stand out.

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Today I also wanted to follow up and address some of your questions from the first Longwear post. I get about two hours of rich color intensity before the color starts fading. Even after it fades, my lips still remain stained. After dinner and a shower, my lips still had color when the clock struck , and when I finally hit the haaay at 11, there was still some red hanging around. What do you think of them compared to Cover Girl Lipstains?

The CoverGirl ones tend to deposit color unevenly on my lips, so the outer edges end up looking darker. Did you have just [the Lipstains] on your lips [in the swatches], or did you have a clear gloss on top?

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In all of the Lipstain pics I only used the Lipstain — no clear gloss. That glossy look lasts about minutes, too, and as the stain dries down it looks more semi-matte. I already own Benefit Posietint and pretty much have a full bottle of it. Stylesetter looks brighter and like a hotter pink to me.

Do you think [the Lipstains] would look ok on dry, flaky lips? Well, you might want to wait for your pucker to recover first because even though these generally distribute pigment evenly, I get the sense they would pool in flaky areas. Did you find they faded naturally and evenly, or did they settle into lines as they faded?

On me the stains fade naturally and evenly, but some of the darker browns and reds did leave darker traces along the lip line. Let me know, and please post any more questions you have about them in the comments. Well, hallo, Miss Coco! Get those pics in before Pacific time tonight, and good luck. Pink in the morning, orange by lunch. So depressing. Did these stay true to color? Concerning Catherine with the flaky lips, When it comes to lipstains, they definitely make flaky lips look, well, flakier. If the flaky lips are a rather new thing and only come around winter i.

Then try the lipstain fifteen minutes later. I suggest keeping a spare tube of lip balm around so you can hydrate your lips. However, if you consistently have dry, flaky lips especially if you drink a lot of water , you probably should see your doctor. Consistently dry, peeling, flaky lips can be caused by sun damage, eczema called cheilitis , Vitamin A poisoning, or anemia.

Pink Grapefruit would look rad with them too. Thanks for answering the questions…I though of something while reading but I forgot, it must be the time…better go to bed! And i told myself not to buy more lippies…. Not the normal lipgloss applicator kind of stains.

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These lip stains look great on you, I will have to try the stains in store because my lips are often dry. I didn't even feel the need to reapply after toweling off. Eight hours passed: which included doing a bunch of errands, eating salty chips read: lip licking and drinking apple cider -- and my color began to fade towards the center of my lips. It still didn't look bad ; but under normal circumstances, I'd probably be ready to reapply it at that point.

Unlike the other brands I'd tried, this one was in the form of a regular tube of lipstick. The formula went on creamy and smelled a bit sweet. It never completely dried out on my lips, and instead, stayed pretty moisturizing. Though that obviously made the lipcolor feel better to wear, it worried me: Could a lipcolor with that much moisture really last all day long?

The short answer? I went out for breakfast an hour after applying the lipstick, and it didn't pass the glass test.

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The 10 Most Unbelievably Long-Wearing Lip Colors

While there still seemed to be quite a bit on my lips, I checked myself in the mirror a few hours later and found that the color on my mouth was looking all blotchy and was in definite need of another application. Although maybe you could call it a stain? While I liked the lipstick in the scope of traditional, non -long-lasting lip colors Unlike those others, it does not include a top coat. The color I chose to try is a bright red called "Fiery" and went on extremely opaque.

With this formula, I felt like I had less control while applying it the tip of the wand is a bit bigger than the others I'd tried , and I had to touch up around my lips afterwards with some makeup remover and q-tips. While I noticed the color wasn't as drying as some of the others were, that also meant it wasn't as secure on my lips. It also took longer to dry in general. About 45 minutes after application, I took a drink of water and saw the slightest bit of residue on the glass.

A half hour after that, I touched my lips lightly with my finger and saw that they turned a bit pinkish from the lip color. While the overall color on my mouth remained vibrant, the inner parts looked worn away. Throughout the day, I noticed the lip color rubbing off ever so slightly onto various things: My turtleneck, my beer, my gerbil.

Yes, more gerbil kisses. For a second I was convinced that I'd practiced " Shake It Off " so hard on the ukulele that my fingers had started bleeding. Nope, just the lipstick. By hour five, the color had worn off so much in the middle of my lips that it was no longer wearable.

Reviews: Mac Pro Longwear Long Last Lips Lipgloss Stuck in Love | eBay

Bummer, because the color was really gorgeous in the beginning. Maybelline Super Stay 24 2-Step Color! Not only did the lip color resist fading better than any of the other products I tried, but it's also WAY cheaper -- making it more bang for your buck in every sense. This is one instance where a drugstore find totally trumps the beauty counter. Way to go, Maybs! Thanksgiving is a marathon day of doing nothing much more than cooking, eating, drinking, and gabbing.

MAC Pro Longwear Long-Last Lips | News | BeautyAlmanac

So it's quite the workout for your face, and thus, your makeup. We talked to some makeup experts from MAC, NARS, and Maybelline for tips to make your makeup last which will be helpful all through this marathon holiday season , as well as product recommendations for the most tenaciously long-wearing makeup we could find for your face, eyes, and lips.

Read on to see how you can get through this Thanksgiving with nary a touch-up needed.