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  5. How Do I Disable The Screen Saver In Mac OS X?

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User profile for user: Monique Monique What else can I do?? Thanks for your help.

How Do I Disable The Screen Saver In Mac OS X?

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How-to Optimize Your Mac for Live Performance | Rane DJ

All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. And there you go, a simple black screensaver. The former should work — but I'll adapt it to clarify. I fixed it and hope this now works perfectly. I'm curious why you wouldn't just put the monitor to sleep Could be a problem with external display though some take a while to get back from a display sleep or even switch to another input source.

Simple is best for me. I did the same, and while this is indeed simple, I found that my system gets ridiculously hot while the screen is locked, with the fan spinning at max speed. Or you could just turn off the screen entirely - why waste cycles drawing a black background? When the screen is off, the load goes away.

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But I cannot control how long it takes for the monitor to turn off; my system settings are somewhat locked down by corporate policy. I've decided to go with the accepted answer and "programmed" a blank screensaver. Diogo Goetz Goetz 21 1 1 bronze badge. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

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Toss your pointer in the associated hot corner, and your screen goes to sleep immediately, consuming less power than a screen saver. To exit these special views, switch to another app, press the Escape key, put the pointer back in the hot corner again, or just move the mouse. If you find yourself triggering a hot corner accidentally, try adding a modifier key so its action activates only when the pointer is in the corner and the key is pressed. Keep the key down and choose the desired action.

How Do I Disable The Screen Saver In Mac OS X?

The best way to set up your hot corners depends on how you use your Mac, of course. Enjoying Hot Corners on Your Mac.

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Application Windows For an overview of all open windows for a particular app, use a hot corner to invoke Application Windows. Dashboard Dashboard contains a few rudimentary widgets, like a clock and a calculator. Launchpad If you like using iOS, giving Launchpad a hot corner might make opening apps on your Mac easier. Put Display to Sleep Those who are concerned about energy usage might like this option.