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  1. How to Pair Xbox One Controller with Mac OS X
  2. How to use the Xbox 360 controller on Mac
  3. How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to Your Mac - Make Tech Easier
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How to Pair Xbox One Controller with Mac OS X

Steam should integrate this driver into their install. However, since they now have their own controller, I doubt they ever will Last edited by bu11etpr00f ; 24 Nov, pm.

How To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To Mac

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How to use the Xbox 360 controller on Mac

Per page: 15 30 Although most PC gamers prefer a keyboard and a mouse as their weapons of choice, certain game titles are better played with the help of a controller. Gaming on Mac is one of the most enjoyable experiences and with several games being launched for MacOs, gaming is gaining popularity among Mac users. In order to connect your Xbox controller with your Macbook you will need to fulfill the following requirements first.

Obviously you would be needing an Xbox controller, but the question is which one.

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to Your Mac - Make Tech Easier

Xbox controllers comes in two variants: wired and wireless. The following method with work just as fine with both the controllers. The Xbox controllers are programmed for the Xbox console and the Windows operating system. But for Xbox One controllers, in order for the MacOs to recognize and communicate with the Xbox controller, specific drivers are not necessary.

Xbox 360 & Xbox One controllers

Xbox One controllers have built in bluetooth support which can be easily detected by your Macbook. Wireless functionality is fortunately spotty on the Mac. Microsoft will help you figure out which version you have.

Free Driver

Those controls have the correct Bluetooth transmitter in them, and macOS will automatically support the connection. We were not able to test the functionality for this post. In every other case, the Xbox control needs to be connected with a wire to work. As of now, this is the only way to connect an Xbox One controller to the Mac.

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It does require macOS Do not connect the controller yet. If you do not have the controller connected, connect it now via micro USB cable. The image on the controller will react to the buttons you press on your controller.

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  6. To test the connection, press a few buttons on your controller and make sure they show up on the preference pane. Once the Xbox One controller is connected to your Mac successfully, you can set some options to make the controller easier to use.