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I have not been able to test it myself, but I get the impression my boss is able to 'scan to network' from a HP MFP device to a Mac mini running Yosemite. It did previously work for Mavericks. With this older model we found an article saying a firmware upgrade fixed the compatibility issue for SMBx but we are currently struggling to find a newer version of the firmware which will successfully install.

It does not help here but for Konica-Monolta there are settings one can tweak to fix the problem. Well there is some kind of workaround. However, this only works if you are running the HP Software and only enables you to scan to that particular machine and not to a network folder on some server you are running.

But for some sort of home office like in my case this works quite good. But I would appreciate if Apple or HP or both came up with a fix for the main problem which is still there nontheless. Nov 12, PM. It is indeed crucial to use the slashes and the full path. However, I first had to change the sharing options to share folders using SMB originally disabled, at least in my Yosemite installation.

OfficeJet Pro 8630 Scan to Network Folder Slow

Please verify the following link:. Dec 31, AM. Only the password has to be case sensitive. May 4, PM. Communities Contact Support.

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Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Daniel B. Mills Daniel B. Question: Q: Question: Q: "Scan to Network Folder" broken after installing Yosemite After installing Yosemite, the "scan to network folder" function on my HP multi-function printer no longer works. Thanks, Dan. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Mills Hey Daniel, I'm dealing with exact the same problem at one of my clients at the moment.

Faithfully -- Jesper. After several hours of work this is very upsetting. What other option are to set up using Mac Book Pro and Yosemithe? Thanks LN. Hi there, The scan to email works but not the scan to Network Folder. I have tried a lot of things but I give up. I have given permissions to all and after share a folder it appears as shared The OS is Windows 7. Hope you can help me with this because I will use a lot the scan to shared folder option. Thanks in advance, Fran. I understand you are unable to setup the scan to network. I will be happy to help you. It is usually a issue with the Network Path for the network folder created.

Create a folder anywhere on the computer. Right click the folder and left click properties, select the Sharing tab, click the Share button, select who you want to share the folder with or everyone. Go through the wizard. If those steps don't work then follow steps 1, 2, 3, to resolve this issue to try and get the network folder and path. Step one: Make sure that the computer user account is password protected. Click the Windows icon, then click Control Panel. Click Change your Windows password, then find the user account you used to log into the computer.

Step two: Define the network location 1. Click Network and Sharing Center. In the View your active networks section, click Public network under your network name. The Set Network Location window opens. Step three: Make sure that the network sharing and discovery options are correct 1.

Open the Network and Sharing Center window. Click Choose homegroup and sharing options. In the Share libraries and printers section, select Documents. In the Other homegroup actions section, click Change advanced sharing settings. Click Save changes. Your computer network is now successfully set to complete the Scan and Fax to Network. I believe that this will provide a resolution to your issue. Thank you. Problem setup scanning to network folder Officejet Wifi.

Hi, For hours now I'm trying to get my printer scanning to network folder to work, but it just won't!! The printer is connected wireless successful. Make sure both user account and password are valid. Can someone please help me?! Maarten This question was solved. View Solution. The password may not be fitting the criteria needed for the printer, special character may be included for example. Try changing the password and or user name just as a test and let me know.

Upon my first need to use the scan to network folder feature in I find that it no longer works. Attempts to validate the once working scan setup failed. Though a variety of tests I have determined that the password entered into the web server on the printer is NOT being passed as part of the logon credentials to the QNAP. I tested every possible combination going back to ground zero and starting fresh with multiple new user ids, passwords, network shares, 8 character user names, simple passwords, IP or hostnames in the network path, requiring SSL or not, etc.

With each test, I validated that I could sign on directly to the NAS and that the user ID was authorized to change files in the network share. With each fail, I validated the logs in the router and in the NAS that traffic looked normal and it was the sign on credentials were the reason the NAS rejected the sign on. Any requirement for a password during the sign on to the NAS will not be honored or satisfied by the new firmware. This is an egregious error - something that should have never made it out of even the first level of testing within HP.

Now I have to set up an unprotected area of my NAS by giving the gest account access which means that anyone who plugs a network cable behind my firewall gets to see the scanned information. Now I am very sorry I applied the firmware. Now I am getting to be sorry that I bought this and another HP printer despite being a customer for years. I would love some help from HP but not going to put out for an extended warranty or pay for phone support for something that I have easily and clearly tested to be a problem with the new firmware.

If anyone has figured a way around this, please let me know. Hopefully it will help focus someone else who is experiencing the same problem. Network configurations can differ, ect but I am pretty sure the rash of posts in the last couple of months about the scan to network folder feature have the fail to pass the password error as the root cause.

Information that is vulnerable regardless of how brief of a moment until it is moved off the share is still vulnerable information. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact.

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Additionally, keep in mind not to publically post serial numbers and case details. If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here. Regards, George I work for HP. It seems to setup correctly with no errors. However, all scans end up with a zero file size PDF.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Network Folder Setup

I've previously had no problem setting up network folders to scan to on three other computers, all of which were running Windows 7, not 8. Digital Filling continues to work correctly on each of these older computers, but try as I might, I'm unable to get this feature to work with my new Windows 8. I've compared all the setting I could think of to the previous Network Folders that work and cannot find any differences. As far as I can tell, all other features are working. I do not know nor have not needed the Windows password on this laptop.

It's been years since I set up this laptop; I don't know if it even has a password. So far, I have been unable to scan to a network folder; all the resulting PDFs are zero bytes. I DO know the Windows username and password for this new laptop. So far as I can tell, everything is set exactly the same on both computers. Below are my experiments — the first three on my older Windows 7 laptop all work perfectly. All the rest on my new Windows 8. HP Officejet Pro Today I purchased a Officejet Pro all-in-one printer.

The issue I'm having is with different paper sizes, specifically legal and letter. When I try to copy a packet of documents that have papers that are legal size, it only prints on letter size paper which cuts it off. The packets are large, have to be in a specific order, and must be prepared for shipment next day. So spending time sorting papers by sizes and then copying takes up too much time. I have legal paper in tray 1 and letter in tray 2.

You need to do a hard reset of the printer. Get the running and connected. Then, without turning off the power on the printer, unplug the power cord. Wait 5 minutes. Plug in the printer again and ou should never lose the connection again. Sep 25, 1 0 4, 0. Jan 18, 4 0 18, 0. Sept then after you unplug it it works for a few hours and does it again. Nov 27, 1 0 4, 0. Same issue, out of the blue, I'll get the Scan to computer disabled error at the bottom of my screen and then it stops printing again.

HP reloading the drivers and a bunch of other stuff and promised it was fixed. Started happening again the next time I turned my laptop back on.

Hp officejet all in one wireless printer wont connect to my laptop | Tom's Hardware Forum

Deep South Reputable. Nov 28, 2 0 4, 0. I had the same problem, I think it's related to the ECO setting which can't be turned off from the user menu. I worked out how to stop the printer going to sleep i. There are 2 hidden menus, one for technicians and one for factory setup. The second one is the one you need, accessed by pressing return arrow once, the home symbol twice and the return arrow once again.

Scroll across to "Timeout" and set it to 0 seconds. Exit by pressing the red X, and voila, job done. All donations gratefully received. Deep South :. That sequence didn't work in this Maybe different firmware The sequence that worked was what was commented by IslipHP here Set the sleep mode to 5 minutes - saves a lot of keying later! If correctly selected you will get the 'Engineering Menu' Select 'Underware Menu' Use 'left' arrow and select 'System Menu' and 'OK' - using the 'left' arrow is quicker as the option is nearer the left than right.

Use 'left' arrow and select' System Mode Timeout' and 'OK' Reset to 0 seconds using the 'Down' arrow - need to press repeatedly, hence start with the least time to begin with! Once set at '0', use the red 'X' to work back out of the 'Engineering Menu' until the 'normal' screen appears. To check that the 'sleep' mode has been 'disabled': Use the left or right arrows to select the 'Setup' menu Use the 'down' arrow to select 'Preferences' Use the 'down' arrow to work down the selections to 'Sleep', which should now be set to 'Off' - DO NOT select it as the only options are 5, 10 or 15 and you will need to start the whole process from the beginning!

Lumberhead Reputable. Mar 23, 1 0 4, 0. My windows 7 is plugged into printer, but the windows 8 laptop was the problem. Always lost the connection or could not find, especially after a windows neverending update comes along. Today I have solved the problem, hope it helps. When you right click the internet icon at the bottom of the screen, it lists all the networks available in your area.

If you think you have set up your wireless printer you should see the hp model listed as another network available. If not, you are not set up wirelessly only sharing through the home network. Sharing the network is great to connect your computers but the printer in another matter it seems. My hp printer shows an option as Wireless Direct. When you press the wireless button, it will display if it is on or not by the signal strength bars. It will also show you the name of your home network.

You should show a blue light indicating it is on. If blinking, it is not connected to your home network. Use the wireless setup wizard. It will guide you through setting it up. Choose your network and enter the code word or number if you still use that. I have access to my computers, but if mine is not on, the shared computers can't print.

I want the wireless laptop to be able to at anytime. This is where you will see the HP listed on the available networks. Click it and choose Connect Automatically. It will ask you for the password. This is not the password for your network, it is the one assigned to your printer at the factory. On your printer menu will have Wireless Direct. If it is not on, click to turn on. Then click Display Password.