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Simply select the package or diagram you would like to change and use the Context Menu to 'Clone Structure as New Version' Now you can make changes to subsequent versions without altering the underlying structure of the 'As-Is' diagram. This Cloning approach provides substantial benefits and allows you to take a snapshot in time of model development. When you clone an individual Element, Enterprise Architect automatically prompts you to enter a value for the new version number.

This gives you greater control over the evolution and traceability of your overall model. Represent Past, Present and Future without having to re-build the underlying structure for each repesentation. Use the Insert Related Elements feature to automatically create a Traceability diagram that outlines each stage of the elements evolution.

This allows you to quickly determine which elements have been modified in each version. Kanban diagrams have been enhanced to allow you to visualize the current team resources allocations to the Kanban element, seeing what resource has been assigned, and how close to completion it is. Traditional features like Lanes and Sublanes are also present, with a host of styling options available for color and font.

Default Kanbans can be set at the individual level or project level in a shared model. Meaning you can use the 'My Kanban' to track your work and the 'Project Kanban' option to work with the team. New built in searches to find all Kanbans in a model help you stay in control of your agile sprints. These menu items are available from the Construct Ribbon. Enterprise Architect 13 includes a new Kanban toolbox and a collection of elements commonly used for Kanban diagrams.

These include Backlog, Iteration and Complete. These three can be used in conjunction to form powerful Kanban workflows, allowing you to move your Kanban elements between each easily.

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Didn't get a task complete in the current Iteration? Then move it to the Backlog Kanban for processing next time. OpenModelica can interpret complex mathematical results from your SysML model by producing compelling graphs that contain rich detail. The example image graphs a bouncing ball modeled in a SysML model and produces an OpenModelica plot of the height over time.

This graph can then be used to interpret a range of factors from gravity, height, object mass and other integral system components that may not be apparent from the underlying SysML model. Bring the power of mathematical analysis into the heart of Enterprise Architect. There is no need to leave Enterprise Architect to produce revealing mathematical graphs from your SysML model.

Annotate your existing SysML model, specify default values, define test models and specify the parameters that are applicable when the simulation is run. Produce rich detail simulations and precise graphical representations of mathematical formulae without leaving Enterprise Architect. Generated code has the linkages between blocks. Code generation is customizable via the code templates. Enterprise Architect 13 now allows you to place custom progress bars on any element that supports rectangle notation and suppressed shape scripts.

Defined using the Tagged Values, users can create and name their own compartments, show the value of the status bar and other custom text next to the bar graphic, supply a min and max value for the bar default 0 - Hybrid scripting is provided to extend the capabilities of the standard scripting environment to high level languages such as Java and C.

Hybrid scripting provides a speed advantage over conventional scripting, and also allows authors to leverage existing skills in popular programming languages. New enhancements to ensure accurate requirements gathering and general system traceability: Quickly identify gaps in your models traceability with the addition of relationship matrix column and row highlighting for elements without a relationship.

Archimate 3. Watch introductory video webinar recordings, read the step-by-step instructional guides, easily search the online Enterprise Architect User Guide. EN DE. Program Partner Offers. Enterprise Architect EA - Version Let your imagination run wild - custom drawing styles Streamline your diagram's appearance with the new "Simple" diagram style.

For Executives, Architects and Business Users This drawing style is frequently used by architects, business users, executives and many others as a preferred means of conveying custom information concerning a business capability, architecture, system interaction and many other scenarios. Add-ins that are defined in the model Model Based Add-Ins are designed to ease development and deployment of custom add-ins. It provides a platform for add-ins that are defined within the model itself and therefore do not require network staff or others to manage the update and deployment cycle Significant features and capabilities include: Add-ins are defined in the model using standard modeling techniques JavaScript supported for all behavioral code Add-ins can: Access all Repository based behavior Respond to repository events signals Set up and use property lists Call SBPI based API's.

Activated Add-Ins Activating a dynamic add-in is a security controlled process in which an admin or authorized person may select from the list of add-ins defined within a model and check those which are active and deselect those that are not authorized or ready to run. Develop a version of an add-in in a test repository and when ready, import it into the production model using XMI. The goal is to create a reproducible import process defined in a model format. This consists of: Data configuration process to hold the complex data connections and information Combined with the ability to run Javascript over the data set.

Custom Tables Custom Tables provide a flexible option to define your own tabulated information in an Element viewable on a diagram. Custom tables support: User definition and population of the tables Typical table formatting including setting cell colors and borders, alignment, adding cells as well as merging cells Automation feature to compute row values based on model data Ability to fill from SQL query on a package mini matrix when using automation.

To use this feature simply: Drag and drop from the project browser onto an opened Document Artifact Select a suitable template in a popup dialog Enterprise Architect will render the selected element s into the open document using the template or fragment chosen Instantly update the document at the click of a button This feature is available for packages, diagrams, operations and attributes. Instant Updates Custom Reports can be regenerated on the fly to update the report with the latest details in the model section. Perspectives The Perspectives capability has been streamlined and linked into Enterprise Architect's security and governance to provide a richer and more useful modeling experience for both small teams and large enterprises.

Security Aware Perspective sets associated with security groups on a per model basis allow administrators and business owners to customize the view and scope of particular modeling staff based on their area of concern and capability. Likewise, particular menu ribbons can be hidden to further customize and focus the modelers workspace New Perspective Groups Version 15 improves on the Perspectives sets offered in previous editions by supporting additional perspective sets and including more generic sets that incorporate a wider range of material in a single set.

Project Browser Project Browser has been renamed as simply the "Browser" and now incorporates four different view types of your model: The standard complete model hierarchy The Context only hierarchy introduced in version 14 The new Diagram Browser The new Element Browser Also as part of the version 15 UI drawing restructure, icons rendered for tree nodes are now hand drawn and compatible with the DPI or scale level. New Element Browser The Element Browser has been moved from a separate docked window to form part of the Browser suite. Click an element in Browser to highlight in diagram Select element in Browser when clicked in diagram Search the Browser for a particular element The Diagram Browser is a great addition to Enterprise Architect and supports modelers who are tightly focused on their visual representation and value a filtered set of elements in the browser tree that are only those located on the current diagram.

Fully featured

Bookmark Values Enterprise Architect 15 now allows you to set a Bookmark Value on an element in a diagram - this allows users to tag elements - especially useful for demonstrations and walkthrough's where ordering is important. A set of concepts that acts as a check-list of factors to be considered. A standard vocabulary. A flexible model to support their development processes.

A tool that will implement the Business Motivation Model for storage and management of their business plans. Help to guide and shape their more detailed models Provide a straightforward way of relating business processes, business rules, and organization units to each other, and to the desired results, courses of action, and business policies that affect them. VDML The VDML modeling language closes the gap between strategic plans, business requirements, the transformation of business operations and design of operational systems of an agile enterprise.

Diagram Matrix View This connector focused view provides a view of how elements on the current diagram are related Provides a relationship matrix view for the elements that appear on a diagram Drawn in a style similar to the state table view Uses existing quicklinker rules to determine which connectors can be created Includes the option to limit the display to those elements that have relationships defined. New Icon Rendering Engine Display of icons at high DPI settings are now vastly improved To facilitate a better and cleaner appearance, all the major icons in the Browser are now hand rendered at the right scale for the current DPI setting, resulting in a cleaner and more exact image.


Enterprise architect for mac download

Support includes Model Wizards, specific Toolboxes and diagram profiles. A suite of over 1, custom built model patterns across multiple technologies will help kick start your new project.

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  • New Perspectives capability that helps you focus on individual modeling tasks. New and flexible meta-model based rules engine, including model validation. Changes to many properties and configuration windows to enable context driven docked tools. Docked properties windows for Diagrams, Relationships, Responsibilities, Construction, Attributes, and many more.

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    New Context Browser lets you focus on a single branch of the repository. Improved and extended support for Collaborative Modeling with enhanced Reviews, Discussion. Significantly reworked, simplified and trimmed context menus. Other commands are now accessible from the Ribbon. New Diagram based "split view" enables an inline, editable document view of a diagram's elements. Model Simulation based on DMN is also supported with tools to configure and step through executing rule sets.

    Code generation is also possible for various languages. Integrated BPSim and DMN simulation is also supported, providing a dynamically executing and exploring of behavioral models. Easily and intuitively create all ArchiMate elements and relations in all of the ArchiMate views. Use the magic connector to create the right connections. Refine your model with user-defined properties, and colourise your diagram with your own colour scheme. Dynamic Viewpoints allow you to change your mind. You can experiment with different Viewpoints for the same View.

    And if you decide to keep the Viewpoint, you can simply remove any disallowed elements from the View. Hints View Helping you understand ArchiMate. All ArchiMate elements, relationships and viewpoints are described to provide you with the right information at your fingertips, just when you need it. The Visualiser Connecting the dots. The Visualiser displays the selected model element and all of its relationships with other model elements in a radial-tree graphic. The Model Driven Architecture and single platform independent model can make copying easier in this software.

    Managing Business Enterprise Projects

    The software has Automation Interface that lets users access the Enterprise Architect models and any ActiveX Com client development environment can be used on it. Planning is an important part of launching large-scale projects for companies. Enterprise Architect can design projects for every company easily.

    Free Download: SQL Power Architect

    UML 2. The application supports all 13 UML 2. What do you think about Enterprise Architect? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. CONS May be too complex for non business model users More features hidden in paid subscription Requires powerful computers and network Can be overwhelming for beginners. Helping Developing Projects Enterprise Architect provides every user an Integrated modeling platform.

    Launching Successful Projects Planning is an important part of launching large-scale projects for companies. Enterprise Architect is a fully featured, powerful UML 2.