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They also have enough buttons and analogue controls to fully support all the in-game controls. For information about the default controls, see the instruction manual that came with the game. For digitally-downloaded games, the manual can be found in the Documentation dropdown in the About tab of the Borderlands pre-game Options window.

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These devices will be recognised by the game but do not have enough buttons or analogue controls to support all the possible in-game controls, meaning some tasks may still require the keyboard or mouse. The devices below require third-party drivers that are not written by Feral. Although they are tested and fully supported by the game, Feral cannot offer support with the installation or operation of drivers. For assistance with the drivers, please contact the developers.

AKASO USB Gaming Remote for Xbox 360 Controller Gamepad Joystick for Windows PC MAC Low Price

If your gamepad is not on the list, all is not lost! Feral use a dynamic system which allows the creation of new gamepad support files for devices that are not already supported.

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I remember when Super Meat Boy on Steam only had controller support at the time, and had trouble even recognizing my input with other controllers. Whenever that happens I just use JoytoKey, but I haven't seen a need to recently anywhere I know some one playing SK on a Windows machine though I don't remember which generation- I think it's XP, but I was not paying enough attention to be entirely sure.

[MAC] Witcher 2 - XBox Controller Issues | Forums - CD PROJEKT RED

I am told that SK only recognises the USB controller if it was plugged in and acknowledged by Windows before launching the game. Please pardon my failure to remember that earlier. I run bootcamp, so I'm always on the PC side when I play, but also run it on mac side when I have some work. Gotta warn you though I remapped my 4 strafing directions on the D pad and use that to move while other hand on the mouse to fire and aim.

However, swords and bombs feel great on it.

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Okay, so I recently downloaded Spiral Knights after playing at my friends' house. Fast forward to now.. I even made sure it wasn't the controller by testing it on another game through Steam.


So, I have the controller plugged in, have changed the controls to gamepad, and Spiral Knights is ready to be clicked. I click it and the game comes up.. I sign in, pick my character, and then it launches me to the game..


Cable was secure and everything else was in order.. So, it must be a problem with Spiral Knights..

How to use an Xbox 360 controller with OS X El Capitan

I even uninstalled SK twice and reinstalled only to be greeted with the same problem Any help? Herbasaurus, did you change the controller settings to Game Controller before you logged back into SK with the controller connected? You probably did this, but I thought I'd ask you to verify. Search Search this site:. XBOX Controller.