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Access all your Linux ext2, ext3 or ext4 drives and perform the most common volume operations like mount, unmount, verify, and repair. The menu bar app is designed to perform smoothly and look great in both light or dark macOS modes. Enable Spotlight Indexing — select this option if you want instant Spotlight search, and if you want to view detailed info about how much space is being used on the selected volume for applications, music, videos, photos, etc.

Mount in Read-only — select this option if you need to access sensitive data without modifying any files. Do not mount automatically — select this option if you want to manually control access to a volume. When a volume is mounted in write mode, you can do everything with the files and folders it contains: read, edit, delete, rename, create new.

However, this feature can be disabled at any time in the program interface. It will be able to perform open, close, read and write operations and, in general, operate as usual. Ensure multi-platform access - activate required file system drivers based on your IT park, regardless of OS, in any proportion. Contact Support or file a support ticket. To stay up-to-date on new products and solutions by Paragon Software, check out the Paragon Blog. Download Buy Now.

Mounting an ext2/ext3/ext4 partition on Mac OS

Pick all three. Full read-write access granted!

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Supports macOS Cnet, cnet. The good news is you can access your Windows shares from macOS pretty easily, if you know how. Keep reading if you just want to access your existing Windows shares from a Mac. For the most part, connecting to a Windows share is simple. You can now browse the files on your Windows share from your Mac, and transfer files. Now open a Finder window and drag the Windows share to which you want to connect at boot into this list.

In the example, this would have been disk4s2 , not just disk4. I really thank you!

How to mount macOS APFS disk volumes in Linux

I don't know why but I couldn't mount ext4 partitions with my Windows's PC using software. It's the only source I found about it. Go figure! The readme in the repo has instructions on how to get everything going. That said, for enabling ssh on a Raspi when you have no usb mouse or keyboard, and you're in a pinch it comes in quite handy to be able to write files.

This worked without issues a few months ago: now it tells me the resource a busy when trying to mount it? Does anyone know a solution to the issue?

I can't find the same one online. The boot volume will be automatically mounted, but it doesn't contain all the files from the Pi's primary filesystem. Make sure you have Homebrew installed instructions here , so you can install the tools you need to mount the filesystem. Mike Petonic — 2 years ago. Nice reference. Jeff Geerling — 2 years ago.

How to Fix Auto EFI mounting on Startup -- Hackintosh

Peter Trop — 1 year ago. Srini — 1 year ago.

Mount a Raspberry Pi SD card on a Mac (read-only) with osxfuse and ext4fuse | Jeff Geerling

Very clear instructions. Thank you. Neil — 1 year ago.