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  1. REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac launches North American tour
  3. Fleetwood Mac Concert Review – VIP Experience With Mick Fleetwood

Once everyone finishes their pictures they go back to their seat and wait for Fleetwood to come down. He ends up standing up down in front of the stage. Questions are shouted out and as that happens Don gathers one item from each person which gets passed to Fleetwood to autograph them as they come to him as he is talking to answer questions. We only found out this was going to happen just 2 weeks ago. Then it will go to other formats after iTunes. We hope that that in some shape or form — Lindsey, John and myself got in the studio to record some songs and we left areas for Stevie to sing.

If not I am just very glad we have something new out, while we are doing this. The next question was about Christine McVie joining on stage in London and which show.

Fleetwood states that he does not know which show but the best would be to go to both shows at the O2 shows to be sure. At this point I had flashbacks of being at the O2 for Roger Waters and not knowing which show David Gilmour would show up to play Comfortably Numb on The Wall tour — I was there that lucky night and you can read about that here if interested. Fleetwood also claims that McVie is willing to do this in exchange for a trip to Hawaii with him. Fleetwood claimed he is skeptical about that though.

Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac From First Row at Newark 2013

He wants to see how she feels stepping on stage again and see what she is missing. He says he has been doing wine for about 12 years now and it is a lot of work. He says it is available in Mauii and jokes how bad would it be to travel all the way there to try the wine and it tastes like crap. The next question is about the setlist and if they will play older tracks. Fleetwood says no with authority as the old songs are really from a different band and a different time era.

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac launches North American tour

She had one made and he copied them with gold or silver. He offers to sell off one of them as a joke. Fleetwood spends a little time talking about himself and his nonmusical endeavors. Particularly his car racing and some races he ran at miles per hour as well as his acting career and admits to have anxiety for remembering lines but it was fun to do The Running Man. Last but not least he talks about using a cane as a walking stick while climbing up mountains in Mauii which is where he lives and runs a restaurant which is actually a lot of work but a lot of fun. He claims he runs a restaurant because he loves to interact with people and the restaurant is part of his grand plan for when he stops touring with Fleetwood Mac.

The people on the island call him Uncle Mick which he says is kinda cool! He also tells us his Mom lives with him and he will go back on the tour break to see her and his girlfriend. Mick Fleetwood finishes by stating that he will have a drum solo tonight and he does still get nervous before going on stage. Truly a very cool experience and one that surely will be remembered for a long time from everyone that was there. Verdict: 5 out of 5 — A once in a lifetime experience to get great insight from a rock and roll legend.

The laws of supply and demand dictate the price of such a VIP experience, but I must say this is one of the most reasonably priced packages available to concert goers. Kudos to ground ctrl for a job very well done. NOTE — there are still VIP packages available for a few cities, if you like what you read do not hesitate to buy — we give it our strongest possible recommendation for value and life experience! Tickets here. Awesome article and all very very true! You have an amazing memory Terry, thanks for writing it, and including all the little details.


It was one of the most memorable experiences my husband and I ever had along with the meet and greet we had with Stevie in at the Borgata in AC NJ, was just the two of us and she was awesome as well! Your article described our KC experience as well. It was a fantastic evening. I do have one question. Where did you go to get your picture with Mick. We were told to go to mickfleetwoodofficial.

Fleetwood Mac Concert Review – VIP Experience With Mick Fleetwood

Fleetwood Mac just played the biggest show of their Australian tour in front of This was the Fleetwood Mac concert Australia had waited 35 years to see. Christine McVie was back in the band. She last toured Australia with Fleetwood Mac in and had left the band before the next tour in The cancellation of the tour due to John McVie discovering he had cancer pushed the Australian dates back two years. One year ago, after a couple of guest appearances in London, Christine returned to Fleetwood Mac and Fleetwood Mac returned to greatness.

John McVie has been given the all-clear from his disease but still looks frail on stage. Without Christine, a major voice of the band, its history and its legacy, disappeared.

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Personally this band is a soap-opera. Even when you know the true-life story its hard to believe. There is nothing to reveal in a biopic, it has all been done in song. Maybe that is what makes these songs so powerful. Only recently Nicks revealed Sara was her unborn child with Don Henley.