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Page 68 Enter a name for the custom paper size in the Custom Page Size Name field, enter the dimensions in the Width and Height fields, enter the mar- gins in Margins fields, and then click OK. The default units used for the dimensions for Width, Height and Mar- gins is inches. You can specify the following options from the Print dialog box. Background Printing This section contains options for spooling the print data for background or foreground print- ing and the document printing time.

Page Common Buttons No warning message will be displayed if options that cannot be used together are selected. Common buttons Preview Click this button to view a preview image of the printout, to check that the print options are set correctly. Cancel Click this button to close the Print dialog box without applying any of the settings.

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Page General Options General Options Copies Allows you to specify how many copies of the print job you want printed. Collated If this item is selected, your print job is collated one complete copy of the document is printed before the next copy is printed. Left unselected, the printing is uncollated.

Page Background Printing Background Printing Print In Allows you to choose between printing in foreground and printing in back- ground. Printing in background creates a spool file that is temporarily saved on your computer until the print job is ready to be processed. This allows you to continue working in your applications while the print job is processing. Intent Allows you to specify the color matching configuration or allow for auto- matic configuration.

Page Cover Page Cover Page Print Cover Page Lets you choose whether to print a cover page, and specify Page the placement of the cover page in relation to the remaining pages of the print job. Font Downloading — Preferred Format: Allows you to select the preferred font format. Job Documentation Allows you to specify generating a job copy in the folder specified as the Job Documentation Folder, and generating a job font log following the completion of the print job. Page Layout Layout Pages Per sheet Allows you to set the number of logical pages per physical sheet. Layout direction Lets you identify either left-right or right-left logical page direction on the physical sheet.

Border Allows you to select a border to surround each logical page. Print on Both Sides Allows you to configure the print job for duplex printing.

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  7. Font Inclusion Allows you to choose the fonts that are included with the Inclusion print job as it is saved to a file. Page Watermark Watermark Text Allows you to select watermark text. Font Allows you to select watermark font type. Size Allows you to select watermark font size. Color Allows you to select watermark font color. Transparent Allows you to set watermark transparency. Position Allows you to select watermark position.

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    8. You can then print the rest of the copies through the panel. The job is deleted after the whole copies are printed. Job Name Allows you to set Job Name. To use Job Retention feature, the optional Hard Disk must be installed on the printer. In addition, the printer must be set up with the Chooser to use the Hard Disk.

      Halftone Allows you to select halftone for images, text and graphics. Page Checking Print Jobs Checking Print Jobs To check the progress of print jobs, double-click the magicolor desktop printer icon. In the Classic environment, Print Monitor automatically starts up, and the icon appears in the Dock.

      Click the Print Monitor icon to check the status of print jobs. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Symptom Action When printing on both Both sides of paper with a custom size can- sides of paper with a cus- not be printed on. In addition, there are limita- tom size, an error occurs. Page 89 Operation on Linux Operating systems Red Hat Linux 9. Use the appro- priate ppd file for the language.

      Start up the Web browser. Click Add Printer. A pop-up window appears. Enter the user name and password for using root privileges, and then click OK. Printer on localhost. Click Configure Printer. The printer driver settings page appears. Specifying Printer Driver Settings Color Separation Specifies the color separation as Yes or No. The default setting is No. Manually Print on 2nd side Select Yes when you set paper already printed on the front side. The default setting is Tray 1. The default setting is Detail.

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      The default setting is Composite Black. Page Banners Banners Parameters Settings Starting Banner Specifies the starting banner as none, clas- sified, confidential, secret, standard, topsecret, or unclassified. The default setting is none. Ending Banner Specifies the ending banner as none, classi- fied, confidential, secret, standard, topse- cret, or unclassified.

      Page Printing A Document Printing a Document The contents and available options that appear in the print dialog box may vary depending on the application being used. Click Properties in the Print dialog box. The following procedure or some steps may be dif- ferent depending on the version of the operating system being used.

      First, use mopn. Page Click Import. Driver Installation dialog box appears. Click OK. Page Click Finish. The Printer Administration dialog box appears again. Click Close. From the main menu, select Office, then OpenOffice. Click Print in the File menu. Select the name of the printer specified in the Ope- nOffice printer settings. Click Manage Jobs. A list of the currently active print jobs appear.

      Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Symptom Action The printer stops because The job may have been sent with a prohibited of a paper size error or a combination of settings for example, for the paper type error. Printing is not possible with postcards or overhead projector transparencies if Plain Paper is selected. Select from the Introduction dialog. Page Accessing The Ethernet Menu Accessing the Ethernet Menu Use the following series of keystrokes at the printer to access the Ethernet menu options on your printer. This menu provides access to all of the config- urable network items.

      Press this until the message window reads. For details about each setting, contact your network administrator. Range 0— for each xxx triplet Use the Up and Down keys to increase or decrease each number; If NO is selected, NetWare is disabled. If NO is selected, AppleTalk is disabled.

      Konica Minolta Magicolor Driver | Konica Support

      Page Network Printing Network Printing In many cases, you have to enter only a unique IP address. Printers are shipped with a preset IP address, subnet mask, and gateway. If the configuration page was printed immediately after the mes- sage READY appeared, the updated IP address information may not be applied. Page Press this until the message window reads. Use the keys to increase or decrease each number.

      Page Press this until the message window displays. Use the keys to move to each of the four number triplets. If you want to set the gateway, follow these steps.

      Konica Minolta magicolor 7450 - printer - color - laser Series Specs

      Page Save your configuration changes and make the printer ready for printing again. Press this until the message window displays. Press the Cancel key 2 times to reboot the printer After rebooting the printer, print a configuration page to verify that the cor- rect IP address, subnet mask, and gateway have been set. In addition to these protocols, this printer supports EtherTalk.

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      Bonjour Macintosh network technology for automatically detecting devices connected to the network and for specifying settings. With dynamic addressing, a device can have a different IP address every time it connects to the network. In some systems, the device's IP address can even change while it is still connected.

      Page Snmp Multicasts, on the other hand, are forwarded by routers. Multicast traffic from a given group is forwarded by routers to all subnets that have at least one machine that is interested in receiving the multicast for that group. If you want to install the driver on your local computer, click OK.

      Delete the printer icon from the printer folder. Delete the printer driver and SMB port from the system. The logical name of the port is the description identifier for the port. Each port name must be unique. A maximum of characters can be entered for the port name. Page Click OK. For this address, type in a unique host name or the dot notation identifier IP address for the printer. The printer search function is not supported with this printer.

      This page gives you instant access to printer status and the most frequently used printer configuration options. About PageScope Web Connection Page Setting Up The Printer Web Through the assigned name of the printer—This name comes from the IP host table the filename is hosts on the computer system and is usually assigned by the system administrator for example, magicolor It may be more convenient for you to use the printer name than the IP address. Page Internet Explorer version 6. Always enter your printer's IP address without lead- ing zeros.

      When printing 2 pages on a single sheet of paper, the pages are not centered on the paper. Depending on the operating system, the pages are not centered on the paper when printing two pages on a single sheet of paper with the following paper sizes. The specified name can- not be used for the name of a custom paper size. Due to the limitations of Mac OS X, the follow- ing names cannot be used as custom paper size names. Specify a different name.

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      When printing multiple cop- ies of multiple pages on a single sheet of paper with Collated selected, the pages are printed continu- ously. When printing multiple copies of multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, Collated cannot be selected. Konica Minolta Driver. Feb 22, Konica Minolta Magicolor ii Driver Download- Obviously, with a 00 base value, the isn't precisely rivaling 0 ink planes went.

      Konica Minolta History of Konica. Retrieved on November 6, Buhl, Andreas Konica Start page. Extensive Konica. Support Downloads; Contact; close. EN; Search. Contact Us. Business Solutions. Office Multifunction. Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK Ltd provides a range of document workflow solutions, managed print services, digital production printing systems, colour. Konica Minolta Canada. Skip to main content. Konica Minolta. Giving Shape to Ideas. Products Services.