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  1. Installing the PlayStation Emulator 'PCSX Reloaded' on OS X Lion
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Do not just reboot, actually shut down, pull the power, wait a few seconds and reconnect. Firstly we need to tell the controller the address of the bluetooth dongle. To do this you need to connect the controller to your Pi with a mini-USB cable. The example above shows that no change has been made, as this particular controller had been paired with the dongle before, but you should see two different addresses - the first is the address the controller was trusting, the second is the one it now trusts.

Installing the PlayStation Emulator 'PCSX Reloaded' on OS X Lion

Next we need to configure the bluetooth software on the Pi to accept connections from the controller. Now re-connect your controller with the mini-USB cable. You will see a list of possible devices, including at least your SixAxis controller. You need to take note of the MAC address of the controller for the next step:.

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[With or Without PC] How to Connect PS3/PS4 Controller to Your Android Phone/Tablet - Tutorial

Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Preparing the App To use Sixaxis with a rooted device, you should make sure your controller works with the app. Download Sixaxis Enabler 1. Download for Android. It looks like most app devs aren't really focusing on this kind of functionality.

Some Xperia phones though have it built in. This was a real pain to do but it was well worth it. Now I can enjoy all my GTA games to their full extent.


Nice guide. I did everything the guide said to but when it gets to listening for controllers, nothing happens, ps controller just keeps flashing for a while and the app doesn't pick up the contoller. Any ideas?? I sucessfully connected my controller in the compatibility checker. But when I tried to connect in the actual app, first it doesnt say the local bluetooth address, even after i click start.

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Then after it says "Driver Starting Any tips? I am using galaxy s5 btw. Can somebody please help me my controller is supported on my nexus 7 but I cannot adjust left and right stick in order to normally play games. Hi there. Press power on pad and will come up Ps3 controller connected.

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And how exactly does it emulate on-screen controls in games that don't natively support the controller without some "strange app"? Save your cash. The best games will be those with on-screen analog control stick, which the app can map to the physical controller. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

What About iPhone? Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Can U publish an article where u can connect the controller without sixaxis app and otg cable. It will pair the pad without you knowing 2- Disconnect pad and turn on Bluetooth. Press power on pad and will come up Ps3 controller connected 3- Enjoy ps3 native without cables and without paying for strange apps.

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Yes, but you'll need to re-pair it with the ps3 as if you'd bought a new controller. Hi There! I just want to ask you can we play any game with PS3 Controller or just some games.

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I installed the checker in my Ouya console but it just stayed at "driver starting