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This is a good value pick. While Fitz was probably hoping another pro would be available here so that he could have an all-pro team, this might have been a blessing in disguise. Having a backyard kid will help balance things out, and Ernie might have some tricks he can teach the pros. Ronny Dobbs is another kid that annoyed me.

Files for ScummVMRomCollectionByGhostware

While he's no superstar, he's not a bad pickup in the last round of the draft. It's a good thing he's not on the same team as his sister. He plays better without her. Ronny's one of the younger kids in this draft. Give him a couple years and he could really develop in to a better player. One plus to having him on your team is that he has a very small strike zone, and he will draw walks and get on base, especially late in games when a pitcher is fatigued.

I think Benjamin might have been making this pick to have some fun, as he referenced the song "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch shortly after making the pick. I don't think Marky's that good of a player. He's not a bad fielder, but he's not much more than that. CJ had been eyeing Vicki Kawaguchi for a long time. I knew he wanted her. Getting her in the last round is great value. Not only can she field exceptionally well, but she's also incredibly fast.

While she's not a very strong hitter, she can lay down some bunts and get on base. She also shows good plate discipline, and can work the count. Irrelevant" in this draft is Jorge Garcia. Jorge is one of the most boring people you will meet. There's not a lot of excitement in his life.

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He's not a very good player. He has improved his hitting a little bit since , but he hasn't shown great baseball skills. He's a very smart kid, but I honestly don't know a lot about his baseball knowledge. On one hand, he could be a stat guy. He could know every little ounce of information about everyone.

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He could help his team find the right matchups, whether it be righty-lefty or whatever. He could almost be a solid assistant coach. But on the other hand, he might not know much about baseball at all, and "bat boy" may be a more fitting title for him. They recently posted a pic asking who you would choose as a franchise player: Trout, Harper, or Sanchez haha.

Backyard baseball 2001 emulator mac

I still have the disk somewhere in my house. EDIT 2: installed this puppy on my new computer, gonna be sweet. KGJ :'. Solid team, you'll go far. I think you may be forgetting Mark McGuire. Where are Ricky Johnson and Dante Robinson? Mar 2 PM. You have to make a. Note this only works for this file only Open your. You forgot about Pete. Mar 4 PM.

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I used to love that game! Is there a way you can describe this in English for those of us who have no idea what this means. I need to find my disk now.

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  6. Is it impossible to play on a Mac? I still have all my backyard games, but now I don't have a pc to play them on. Pablo Sanchez, proving there was a little mexican in everyone while at the same time getting all the bitches wet with his amazing skills in seemingly every damn sport. To get a pitching power-up, you must get a strikeout with your pitcher.

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    Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. You pick in a dodgeball type format, back and forth. Season Mode Play a full 14 game season. Pick your team and whatever players you want.

    Backyard Baseball on Mac OS X - ScummVM :: Forums

    Also pick your home-field and difficulty level. Online Play The first backyard game to feature online play. Played on a closed network provided by Humongous Entertainment. Batting Practice Robotic pitching machine Mr. Clankey throws you fastballs, slow balls, and curve-balls. You hit them all around the field. Clubhouse Power-ups During the game, you are rewarded both batting and pitching power-ups.