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  1. MAC Cosmetics 'Matchmaster' SPF 15 Liquid Foundation 35ml | Debenhams
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  4. Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 Review

Not only is it more bang for your buck with the larger bottle, but the formula has won me over. That being said, the formula is very thick- I almost want to call it a cream foundation because it does not go on as liquidy as a liquid foundation does. Still, it does not feel heavy on the skin and does not look like most cream foundations do. Another pro- MAC has infused this formula with a natural oil absorbing agent, which helps my oily skin tons! I honestly dont remember the last time I had to blot my face.

MAC Cosmetics 'Matchmaster' SPF 15 Liquid Foundation 35ml | Debenhams

It sets with a matte finish, some people say semi matte but to me it looks matte and for people with combination skin, I wouldnt even suggest to powder it. Yes, thats because that natural oil absorber really works its butt off!

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  • MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation Price, Reviews, Benefits: How To Use It?.

Great, great formula for oily skin. My favorite perk- the fact that the undertone is so barely there that it matches to both yellow and pink toned people! I have naturally light pink tones, but usually use neutral or yellow toned foundations to help neutralize my skin, and with this foundation I have not had to do that.

MAC has also released a color wheel to help match people since this foundation range does not have the typical NW or NC naming, rather it goes from This might confuse people, but I find this foundation formula to be forgiving in that it is okay to get a shade up or down from your normal, because it will settle into your skin and adapt to your coloring. The shading is good as well. Good foundation for combination to oily skin types. About reviewer 30 reviews. If u have dry and sensitive skin,please.

Is a total wastage of money.

Product Description

Makes my pores look bigger and accentuate my dry area. Look horrible! About reviewer 1 reviews.

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I have a problem with my forehead sweating quite a bit also, and this … Read more. About reviewer 10 reviews.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have combination skin and even though this has a matte finish, it doesn't accentuate the dryness or cling onto any patches. This line of foundations, especially the lighter shades are more neutral so if you're having trouble finding something in studio fix or prolongwear, this is a good one to try.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review; Image & Demo Included

The only con with this is it smells of paint, disappears after some … Read more. About reviewer 51 reviews. Doesn't work on my combo skin. In the middle of the day my nose used to be totally naked, the same around my lips, even with primer. I noticed this foundation made my skin so dry.. This is the only foundation that perfect fits in my shade all over the year I'm NC 30 and use number 4. Accentuates fine lines. Not a super coverage. About reviewer 11 reviews. Another great foundation from MAC in my opinion.

Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 Review

As a makeup junkie and a foundation hoarder LOL I am always on the hunt for the next foundation to try. Shade 2. About reviewer 78 reviews. Well I will admit i would never consider trying any MAC face product again because ive tried a concealer and hated it. I wasn't that into the brand to begin with.

Anyway, i was actually given a bottle of this foundation in shade 4. Great, a free full size foundation, i was thankful! So i went on to try it later. I … Read more. About reviewer 4 reviews. My first MAC foundation ever.