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For only ten bucks, DaisyDisk is a simple, convenient utility for every Mac owner, and it gets the job done well for less technically-inclined users.

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Daisy Disk is the perfect example of one of those tools that should be built right into OS X. While there are a few similar apps none of them even come close to matching the beautiful DaisyDisk interface. DaisyDisk is a phenomenally helpful utility app for Mac. Seeing it in action is the only way you should see it. While working on your Mac you create and download lots of files, but rarely delete anything.

At some point you find that your startup disk is full. What to do? Well, a larger disk will cost you a few hundred dollars. Yearly fee for a cloud storage is about the same. Or simply get DaisyDisk at a fraction of the price and make plenty of space by removing old junk.


DaisyDisk also gives you a great overview of all connected disks, be it Macintosh HD, Thunderbolt disk, flash, network storage, you name it. Just scan a disk and see all of your files and folders as a visual interactive map.

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Find an unusually large file. Scanning modern disks takes only a few seconds—a far cry from any rival. DaisyDisk remains the tool of choice for IT professionals, photographers, film makers and artists worldwide. Download Free Antivirus.

The basics—switching from Mac to Windows

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MacRumors Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy iPhone, Mac, iPad

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