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Towards the end of the song, DeMarco picked up his electric guitar again and closed things out with a solo. It was a refreshing change, as he often limits his talent to a humble rhythm guitar during live performances. Things took a turn for the weird, however, in the latter half of the night — all in true Mac DeMarco fashion. DeMarco introduced it as a song about a train.

It was a sort of bastardized funk track with falsetto vocals and train whistle. He likes to joke around.

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This song can be found on the new album. The rest of the band then came back out and seamlessly transitioned into a series of Misfits covers. White was on vocals at this point. The whole concert had morphed into a punk show. The fans took it all in stride, moshing together while DeMarco himself took off his shirt and put on a bra.

Jeff Mills Will Perform His Soundtrack To Fritz Lang’s ‘Woman In The Moon” In Berlin

For most of this time, he was off to the side messing around on the keyboard. Eventually, he took a bass drum case from backstage and climbed in it to crowd surf all the way to the rear of the venue; he gave his soundman a kiss and then traveled back to the front.

Mac Demarco - Salad Days (Cover)

That was the true conclusion of his main set. There was a rambling monologue mixed in with the lyrics: something about life and death, extremely old people using tinder, life-extension technology and wedding anniversaries after one or two hundred years. The crowd was obedient during all of this, staying quiet when DeMarco brought things down to an abnormally low volume. The moment was a testament to his talent. For as much as he goofs around, people are willing to listen. He really is one hell of a performer. It was a sobering experience and a nice comedown from a chaotic and extended concert.

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‘Stranger Things’ star Finn Wolfhard joins Mac DeMarco on stage

A clown? A joke? He chose to quit and start his own bands when he sensed that his teacher, having noticed his early potential, was trying to turn him into a jazz-fusion guitarist. His first groups were overtly novelty acts; I suspect as a defence mechanism that he still has in place today, in part, at least. At his shows today, his encores — where he and his band play a medley of ridiculous covers, including tracks by Neil Young, Limp Bizkit and Metallica — have become a draw of their own.

Salad Days

It was weird. Some people take that so seriously — my label was very bummed out. Who gives a fuck!? If kids want to hear it that badly, I find that cute.

Are You Having A Laugh? - Loud And Quiet

Momentarily, he thinks about politely saying he remembers it. It was a touching moment of genuine affection.

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  • Normal service had resumed. Mac DeMarco is an anomaly — a DIY hipster with more than a handful of actual songs; the most overly qualified chancer in Brooklyn. He stretches his arms out over the water and steps up onto the railings. The passengers below wave and take photos of their own. The opposite is true of DeMarco, who you have to sneakily catch looking straight-faced. I mean, what makes him so special? Before we walk back to the hotel I give him a copy of Loud And Quiet.

    Once again he is laidback and calm — an approachable everyday kinda guy. The next time I see him is exactly one week later, on stage in London. Having thought about the best way to support our running costs the printing and distribution fees, the podcast and production costs etc. European and world plans are available too, at the lowest rate we can afford.