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I sit with my back to the window, both at home and in my office. We all understand the implications of too many products with too many options, but we spend many hours each day looking at the screens. I do not know if it is viable but I remember being at a museum in Germany many years ago, and all the exhibits were in non-reflective glass and they were incredibly well presented. Non-reflective glass or equivalent? I have windows in my home office. If I am not on travel then I am in my home office 10 — 12 hours a day. That is the only solution available to me so I am not going to purchase it; it is a money issue.

I am going to wait. Another negative fact regarding glossy screens: people susceptible to ocular migraines can have them triggered by glare and flashes of light. A matte screen helps to minimize this possibility. Verify this with Eizo, the maker of high quality LCD displays used in photo-processing, video and graphics work and aimed at the professional market. Could we have a link, or something? Also, do not forget most professionals use a separate screen for their work. Love it, already ordered one! Question: Gloss or Matte? Glossy 7 Question: Glossy or Matte Display?

Poll Options: My matte is great 66 votes No, the glossier the better! The shine is affecting my work! Yes, I hate glossy! Tilting the screen never works to eliminate glare. Try using a glossy screen on a sunny day with a window right behind you. The screen is unreadable. Hopefully the matte screen MacBook Pro that I have will last long enough until Apple releases a new matte version of the 15 inch Macbook pro. Like many others, I checked the glossy screens on MacBook Pros and iMacs as well and found them very eye-straining.

This means I will not be able to upgrade to a new iMac in the forseeable future as I believe that Apple will continue to force Glossy on its customers no matter what they say. The only thing I can imagine is the Matte-option of the 17 inch MacBook Pro trickling downwards, of course at a premium, a usability surcharge so to speak. I think the only way to get Apple to change this is a lawsuit on the grounds that it is not compliant with workplace regulations regarding monitors.

In fact, many of us graphic designers would not work unless the employer would provide these anti-glare screens as our days under deadlines would extend for as much as 20 hours at a time! Some complained a bit that the color was off a bit, but using them for a few hours we began noticing they were much, much easier on the eyes. Our nightly headaches and eye rubbing soon disappeared. We were happy workers again. So back comes the anti-glare filters and hoods to accurately see what you need to be working on!

Well I took a few hours to set it all up for her as well as taking a few hours a day here and there to school her in using computers. I started noticing I had those old tired eyes and headaches again. I was right not to purchase a glossy screen computer for myself! I read an article online I wish I could find it! Eyes are refocusing automatically and because the two images are so close and yet one or the other is out of focus your eyes are working overtime between the two images.

Of course they are the ones you tell them fire burns and yet they still need to put their hand into a campfire to prove it to themselves! Now just like the volume control on iPods, the choice is there, so should there be a choice with glossy or matte screen options on all Mac computers. Since this can cause a problem with production, not knowing how much of either to produce, I suggest Apple take an innovative approach and modify their screens to allow the consumer or even a Apple Store employee to easily make the appropriate modifications.

Peel and stick anti-glare filters trap heat, crack, bubble and peel. They collect dirt and grime, require replacement regularly. They are certainly not perfect in their application. They might also void AppleCare or warranties for that matter. People have been known to cut their screens with the exacto knives used to trim the anti-glare filters excess! I kid you not. I had two older folks with nothing but time on their hands and money up the wazzoo who wanted a carefree computer to get online with.

So the lack of matte screens a vital hardware choice of many is killing Mac sales, plain and simple. That would settle the problem and future proof if a customer has regrets and wants to switch to either matte or glossy.

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I have never liked this new Macbook because of it. I will never buy another non-matted display product again. I love it otherwise in every way but the screen. Even now, my blood boils. And when I see the poll at macpolls. My computer is my workplace, and I stare at a screen typically 16 hours a day. And yes, I have been into stores several times to test the glossy screens of the MacBook and new iMac.

Look, it depends on how you phrase the question. I have a wonderful little white matte imac — and my only choice now is either. Bring back the matte! The damn glossy screen was the only thing that prevented me from buying the new iMac. Apple, we NEED an option. I would have bought a new iMac ages ago if there was such a thing as an option for a matte screen.

I completely agree that they should offer a matte iMac as an option. The glare from my glossy screen has been irritating me for months now. Until I found the solution. Get some suction cups and take off the glass covering the screen on your iMac. Underneath is a perfect, matte screen. If you want to see pictures of how its done, search for pages describing how to upgrade hard drive etc on the imac, and just do the first step. You offset the reflection by the brightness, and consumers love it. One of the great things about a notebook is you can turn it however you want!

To go all gloss is a design decision that has little to do with usability but more to do with scale of economy. Otherwise, spend more, buy a MacPro and use whatever screen you like. For such an innovative company at times they lack some common sense. But then ergonomics has never really been their strong point. Glossy was then available as an option, but I stuck with what I knew and got matte. Then this January it was time to upgrade again.

People are different, and have different needs and wants. I never thought anything could sour me on Macs but Apple has managed to do it! I used to enthusiastically encourage frustrated PC users to try a Mac but can no longer do that. By refusing to offer a matte option Apple is losing current sales but more importantly they are losing the support of former loyalists like me.

It will take a while longer but in time they will feel the impact. Meanwhile, Apple has turned me into a PC user! The reflection issue sucks, too, but at least could be simply dealt with. But there is no solution to the crappy corner-to-corner color performance with these screens. I will not buy a new mac of any kind until Apple comes back with a matte screen. Already our studio went to ebay for used machines with matte screens.

They will last as long as I can keep them going. Instead of choice, they use coercion — always a bad business model. In our company we work only with matte displays. Jobs — We made you successful! I guess Apple figured out they sell more Macs to the occasional buyer looking for shiny cuteness. Just plain bad choice from Apple. They have gone to a lot of trouble to hide the terrible reflections. The color was inspiring with HD movies but even in the Diehard 4 helicopter scene I was distracted by people milling around me, just like in the Apple store where I ended up checking reflections to see what was going on behind me.

If I could get a hold of one in Japan I would go for it straight away. The MacPro is elitist and the iMac is very limited and does not age well. In my experience give them 3 years to 4 years before they start failing. I have 2 out of 3 with broken parts……. I need a new machine to replace my out of warranty iMacs. I cannot buy an iMirror, no way… so I am considering all other options with increased enthusiasm.

Thanks for the blog space. My mid MacBook Pro with matte screen has no such issues no matter how long I work on it, or what the room lighting is like. Apple have got to sort this out. I value my health way more than even the joys of OS X. I detest looking at dirt specs and smudges.

Glossy screens are bad about that. However, the colors are more vibrant on a glossy screen, and the blacks are richer. A matte screen is non-reflective, but that can be a pro OR a con. It depends on your preference, again. I asked our viewers and chatters which type of monitor they prefer. It can only be controversial if there are sufficient number of matte supporters.

The quotation marks search for the specific phrases. I now have 2 years of using Macs, iPods and iPhone without issues or problems… but here are some thoughts about the new unibody MacBook Pro. I already have a early MacBook Pro 2. I work in the medical sector medical student AND worker in a clinic and having to analyse medical data on a glossy [screen] is painful for my eyes myopia in an environment with 2 windows in my back so in house so at work….

Other computer manufactures have the option of antiglare in computers of Euros. I want to take the new unibody for reasons of robust structure AND future proof technology … but with a matte or antiglare…. This is a serious problem and not just a fashion aversion. As a photographer and a Mac user since , I will be purchasing a Windows notebook with matte screen to do my studio and location work. I need accurate color for what I do and you cannot properly calibrate a glossy screen. Sadly, Apple has overlooked the industry that has stood by its side since the beginning.

Me too, me too. Could care less about all the arguing — just my personal preference not to have glossy. Have used both extensively now, and simply prefer matte by a wide margin. No rational, compelling reason: just an consistent emotional reaction. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to comfortably work on a glossy display. As a MacBook Pro user who travels often, it is extremely difficult to situate myself in ideally lit positions.

Matte screen. I would have preferred buying an Apple display, but was not given a choice. Add me to the list of people who want Apple to offer a choice of screen finishes, for many of the reasons already presented here. Might be! I work at a design school. I cannot tell you how much outcry I am hearing from the graphic design, video, animation and especially the photographers. Apple is moving their product lines closer to the consumer market which is good for market share… but they are forgetting about many of the folks who kept them going all these years… artists.

How is that Pro? Boy, was this the wrong decision. And always moving my head around trying to read through the glare. Apple will be getting switchers, but in both directions, Mac users are being forced away by absurdly limiting hardware. But that seems unnecessary. The Mac OS is great but it is severely crippled by the hardware now, if you need to be mobile. For the variety of environments that I use my MacBook Pro in and previously my G4 MacBook I am extremely disappointed in the current lack of a matte screen option.

A disappointing move by Apple to be sure. Why would you make so many perfectly happy consumers question the desirability of your new products? I will not buy a new notebook until some manufacturer offers matte options again. An overwhelming 86 percent of respondents preferred the old-school anti-glare matte finish for their laptops, with only 8 percent voting for the glossy reflective finish. Only 5 percent were indifferent. Therefore you can still buy matte screen laptops from Lenovo.

A hackintosh is a lot of work and may not work right. No wonder they sold out fast. Apple marketing is in control of our old buddy Phil Schiller, who just likes to tell us what we like. Some of us truly have lives in the outside world and the reflections alone are a huge problem with glossy displays. So why did I bring up the MacBook Airs? Because it seems Apple thinks they cannot make a matte screen version for them, due to new types of production or screens that thin in color can only be glossy. So no third party options to replace the screen with a matte one if one so exists that thin.

Apple might be banking on only selling to glossy-only customers and forsaking the matte folks, so they increase their overall market share to compensate. The article is dated October 21st, I find it amusing and perhaps a little frustrating to observe that Apple — the company that built its reputation on a TV ad depicting the taking down of Big Brother — now behaves far more like Big Brother than IBM ever did.

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I wonder if Steve Jobs ever ponders this. Answer: The PC side started first.

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The glossy screen computers sold faster than the dull looking matte displays on the counters at computer stores. Answer: In short people like shiny things. These things stand out, and in a dark room free of reflections, they are indeed better. But not everyone lives in the dark. Shopping is almost always an emotional experience, not a rational one. Question: I see that in most large online polls taken, the matte screen crowd outnumber the glossy screen crowd.

The polls speak for themselves: most people prefer matte screens. The Queensland University of Technology has published health and safety considerations for Apple Macintosh glass or high gloss monitor screens. I use the Powerbook more than I use my original model MacBook Air, which is far more powerful than any of my other Macintosh. The cause is the glossy display on the MacBook Air, which I dislike yes, it looked good in the store. I would have replaced both the iMac and the PowerBook in the past year or two had a matte display model of each been available. I live in the tropics, work on my computers in daylight, and my room is open to the breeze and sunlight.

A glossy display with reflections simply does not work for me my partner says she does not see the problem. I could try a 17 inch MacBook Pro, but the size is just too large for aircraft. It is not just Apple with glossy displays. In a store recently, every notebook computer had a glossy display. However some matte displays are still available elsewhere, especially in larger models. So I have bought a 27 inch Dell matte monitor.

I will upgrade both my iMac G5 and my Powerbook to as much memory as they can handle not much more than I have.

Kuzy Screen Protector Installation Guide for iMac and other Widescreen Displays Monitors

I will buy a replacement battery for my Powerbook. When my old models die, I will probably look at dropping OS X on some sort of clone, despite thinking this is unreasonable behaviour. That is all money that Apple could have had, if Apple made matte displays available as an option. I think it is sad that Apple is losing sales because people like me refuse to buy a glossy display. I think it sad I cannot buy the matte display I need. No-one is winning in this situation. My old iMac G5 failed to satisfy with the applications I use nowadays.

I definitely agree. In my development environment, switching to any other OS is simply not an option. So where does that leave me? Their loss. Workstations shall be so designed that sources of light, such as windows and other openings, transparent or translucid walls, and brightly coloured fixtures or walls cause no direct glare and, as far as possible, no reflections on the screen.

So my reading is, that European employers need to install non-glare screens on their workstations. I wonder how many European employees know about this regulation and demand fulfillment from their employers. From this point of view Apple has no chance there. I am a European employee, and known about these regulations.

So no, European employers are not obliged to install non-glare screens by these regulations. No offence is committed in buying or selling a shiny screen. But at least employers who try to comply with all of the DSE regulations may consider providing matt screens to users who have health problems due to unavoidable excessive reflections from a glossy screen. My only choices are a Mac Pro or a Mac Mini.

Apple is losing market share by not offering a Matte screen on their iMacs, notebooks and stand alone monitors. Both worked great. I worked with those for about a week and then enough was enough. For me, glossy is not an option. Not any more. And tilting the screen does not always solve the problem. When he said that, it was just incredible spin, pure and simple. I have a two month old MacBook aluminum and the glossy screen IS a problem. Apple really needs to get their act together on this one! Apple are a great disappointment. You expect them to have a high level of awareness, yet, they shoot themselves in the foot and do things as stupid as those on the dark PC side that they deride in keynote speeches.

This matte screen issue is a big enough issue to turn people to other options and, now, Windows 7 might not be so bad. Give the customers what they want. Provide an option for matte on every computer you make. Thanks for this. I love to browse macmatte. Yes, s-e-v-e-n whole hours!! Pity, my eyes tolerate 5 minutes [with its glossy screen] ….

Write a clear and professional one page letter asking for the return of matte screens across the entire product line, especially laptops.

Apple Thunderbolt Display 27" Models: A - Screen Protector

If you have a medical condition, please have documentation from your doctor stating your condition and the need for matte screens. Do state you cannot use glossy screens and will have no choice but to buy a ThinkPad or other Windows based matte screen computer, but prefer to keep using a Mac. Use clear and precise English. Do be aware that the mail most likely be forwarded to a P. Box and handled by a drone and not seen by Steve Jobs at all. Personal delivery via Express Mail or other method might be the preferred method of reaching him personally.

This is an extreme problem and we need to get an answer and things changed or we all are doomed to a Windows existence. Glossy displays of any type give me migraines after an hour or more. I will probably be forced to live in a Windows 7 world on my MacPro and buy a matte screen Lenovo for my notebook. Thanks for kicking me out of the club, Apple. I appreciate it. I am a long term Mac user who has been involved in the graphics world for quite a long time now.

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Monitor manufacturers were falling all over themselves to eliminate unwanted glare from the screens of people who use these things for long periods of time. Fast forward to today. I really need a matte screen. I had a PC with a glossy screen and it was hardly usable. I wear glasses and tilting the screen is not always the answer.

Apple, please give us an option or at least a coating for a small cost which we can order with a machine. Thank you. My heart sank when I learned Apple was moving to all glossy displays. I already have one of each. I cringe every time I see one. I imagine sitting outside trying to use one and watching birds flying overhead as I strain to read text. I agree shiny looks nice in a showroom, but for real world use, forget it.

She said she wanted a Mac for doing artwork. The glare was insanely bad.

Transform your MacBook’s screen from glossy to anti-glare matte

Apple lost out on an easy sale of three grand. We professionals need! If glossy is Apples last choice, we have to look out for other solutions in our company. Even though you can argue the extra screen space is a big help to those professionals, the bottom line is this all equals more money for Apple. Glossy screens interfere with the perception of the colors that are being generated from the LCD, causing an overly saturated appearance or otherwise creating minor variations between what you see and what colors are actually being used in a document.

They also interfere with tonal range in some cases depending on lighting conditions and other factors. They can interfere with monitor calibration equipment and cause the profiles that are created to be slightly off, as well. The bottom line is glossy screens are designed for consumer computer systems where the user is not concerned with these types of issues. For me, the ultra-glossy screen is unacceptable and unusable. I have seen the new models, and the highly reflective screen irritates me, and provokes my migraine headaches.

I can and will defect to Linux in order to get a non-reflective screen if necessary. I waited for nearly a year for the next model of MacBook to come out, and then had to scramble to buy an old model so I could get a matte screen. I would be happy to pay extra for matte but I really need the option.

Because the need for a matte screen is as fundamental to using a computer as it ever was. Moving the screen is just missing the point. I was finally convinced of this when I held a meeting in a seminar room with only a few high windows on one wall and florescent lighting with diffusers. Nevertheless every laptop that the group looked at, not everyone in the room could see the screen as there was glare on it for someone.

In a darkened room to watch a movie a gloss screen might be superior, but in all practical everyday cases the reflection is just too much. It is unlikely that I will buy Mac again unless it is matte. So the matte screen will be the decider when I come to purchase next time. Come on Apple this is an attitude thing where you have just dropped the ball.

Please roll that matte option out for the other MacBook Pros at least and iMacs and others if possible. Glossy screens are great if the only thing you ever want to do with your MacBook Pro is watch movies in the dark. Thanks to another poster, Steve Jobs is aware of the problem but we need more posters experiences please. Many people nevertheless dismiss such polls as being skewed. That is not true. Read the user comments on this page. Therefore, a deleterious effect on sales may only become noticeable until around years later when these holdouts are forced to replace hardware, and then have to make the choice of whether to stick with Apple.

Others dismiss the matte-trend in the polls by rationalizing that the type of people who post comments on websites tend to be professional computer users and computer geeks, i. I would argue differently. Equal sales are not generated equally across the population. Therefore, I would argue that people who post comments on Mac websites are more representative of this minority that generates the most sales.

Why do we read Mac websites? So we can buy the stuff that interests us. For this reason, the online polls are telling Apple that their core, fanatical minority are crying out loudly for a matte screen option on all Macs. And since when does it require sales figures to slope downwards before a company listens to the needs of its customers? I have been an IT consultant for the past 20 years. I had been using Linux, but found the constant changes in the kernels caused too many issues with laptop hardware.

The Mac OS proved to be more stable. My choice in the screen finish has always been matte. My last visit to an Apple store, I commented on the amount of glare from their glossy screens. The sales person indicated that the florescent light in the store is not what the average user would experience. The Apple sales person indicated that that would be a problem. I would be hard pressed to purchase another machine from Apple with a glossy-screen-only option — I would most probably opt for a system that supports a matte screen.

I have sent Apple my thoughts using their feedback web page. I hope they rethink this flawed marketing strategy. Also, according to the above, I have a photo and a very detailed description under the photo here:. Be aware it is subtle, but it is there. And unlike what some have reported, this darkness at the edges of glossy screens does NOT go away even after leaving the machine turned on all day more than 8 hours.

A pattern is emerging, I believe. The Inquirer article, at the time, had 19 reader comments, and so I did a quick analysis, and I made this comment on the article, as follows:. I calculated, out of 19 comments, there were 15 relevant comments. Out of these 15 comments, 8 were either neutral or in favor of glossy, while 7 where specifically in favor of matte.

That is roughly exactly the same percentage spread of a recent poll conducted at MacRumors. The largest poll sample was at macpolls. Just wanted to say I am in total agreement that the Matte screen is by far a much more appealing screen. Just comparing the two in an Apple store, the matte screen shows the image, the glossy screen shows the nice florescent light fixtures overhead. Guess what, if Apple wants to compete against cheap consumer crap they will never win against Dell.

People buy Apple because it was branded as high-end, not the headache that they have to use at work. In my opinion Apple needs to build in America, needs to reclaim the high end computer market and a pro laptop sized small designed for location work under a variety of lighting conditions is essential. My 2 cents. She is a long time Mac user and even has an old clamshell iBook which still works she just replaced the battery cough.

Macintosh and Apple have always represented something more than a computer company. I have always liked Apple, and have used them since the Macintosh SE, and still been a minor skeptic. She felt she had no choice in buying the Mac for the professional work she does. She has several complaints, but I know this thread is about the screen ….

Last night she tried to show me a movie on Youtube … mind you this is not what she purchased the laptop for. She is a pro, but this was one of those casual moments when friends gather round a screen to laugh at silliness. She tilted the MacBook Pro to me and here is how the dialog went:. Me: All I see is myself waving at my reflection. She: tilting the screen How bout now? Me: Now I see my feet. She: tilting again, and turning Now? Make sure you can see it. I hate this computer. They are alienating the strong core of designers and creative people that have kept them alive over the past 10 years.

At least Dell, and most other good monitor sellers, continue to make matte screens. Apple will look back at this phase of their life in a few years and wonder how they could have possibly ignored the voices of their users and done something so foolish. A glossy screen is simply pointless. All it does is make the screen harder to see because of reflection. Apple would do better to concentrate on improving resolution. Please Apple, at least in the Pro line, offer a matte option. My supervisor is a dyed in the wool PC user. But a funny thing is happening now.

So we watched them for awhile and noticed they kept looking up and back, at the overhead lights and shuffling in their seats. The glassy screens are so reflective, they are shining the lights right into their eyes. Some have suggested we hang pieces of paper from the sides of the lights to block the glare. An alternative is the Moshi iVisor which you can find on Amazon. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Apple has ditched matte laptop displays: Display replacement options?

Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 2 months ago. Active 5 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 5k times. By good I mean: No voiding of warranty No other nasty visual side-effects apart from slightly reducing overall brightness, which is OK No noticeable additional weight By easy I mean, either somebody else would install it, or it may be installed by a very silly guy like me with near-zero probability of breaking anything. M K 10k 1 1 gold badge 25 25 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges. Computing Keep your laptop battery in tip-top condition with these handy tips Learn how to care for your laptop's battery, how it works, and what you can do to make sure yours last for years and retains its charge.

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