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Overall, modeless interfaces have shallower learning curves and help novices become experts quicker. As I began researching genealogy software for this review, my family had a big party to celebrate six birthdays — siblings, nieces, nephews, grandmother. Everyone was there. At the party, I talked about reviewing genealogy software, knowing it's a topic my family is interested in. Are you going to get your DNA tested? Indeed, Top Ten Reviews covers genealogy services and DNA testing kits , but when I explained it was desktop genealogy software, the response was "Why?

Aren't the services better? And they make a good point — why buy genealogy software?

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The software doesn't come with a database of names and records. If you have to access a database to do research anyway, why not use a service to build your family tree?

The Best Genealogy Software and Services |

Ownership I asked Simon Orde, director at Family Historian, the same question: Why is genealogy software still relevant? While he praises online genealogy services as a vital part of the genealogy industry that connects people with vast databases of names and records, he draws a stark line between the value of genealogy software and that of genealogy services. Desktop software, he explains, "allows customers to store their own data on their own PC, under their own control.

It may seem like a small detail, but there are big implications. Namely, when you use a cloud-based database, the information isn't yours to control or maintain. When you put your family history together in a desktop genealogy program, you not only own the data, but you own the process. Cross-database Hints Doing genealogy is like being a detective. This is part of the appeal for many people — building an ancestor's life story through small clues and fractured information. To do this, you can't limit yourself to one database.

However, genealogy services lock you into a subscription with complicated user agreements and intellectual property issues, making it difficult to do cross-database research. If you're like a detective, online services limit the scope of your detecting. Orde illustrates this by pointing out that services only provide hints within their own database — you don't get hints about records on other databases. For example, Ancesty.

But with software, you get hints and matches for individuals on multiple databases. User Changes The cloud-based nature of online genealogy services means other users can change information.

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While citing information is good practice, an online user doesn't necessarily need to cite the reason for changing data. For example, a few years ago, someone changed my grandfather's death date on a popular ancestry service's database. My father had to go through the process of fixing the altered date, showing he had firsthand experience and citing the death certificate before the date was corrected. As it turned out, the person who altered the date had mistaken my grandfather for someone with a similar name.

Not an uncommon issue with databases. A Living Record Another reason to buy genealogy software is to build a record of living relatives. Marcia Helzer, a retired school teacher and volunteer indexer for FamilySearch. It should focus as much your living relatives as it does your ancestors.

Popular in windows Genealogy Software

Online databases, she argues, are great for building backward but not for building forward. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. You can partition your hard drive and create a windows section on your computer which will allow you to run any of the certified programs for New Family Search on your computer.

You would partition your hard drive using Apple's Boot Camp. Boot Camp comes preinstalled on your computer. Unclear website information. Pros: Thorough help documentation. Lots of research resources. Free trial doesn't require credit card. Cons: Interface not intuitive. Limited family tree views. Constant prompts to upgrade from free trial. Pros: Free version has very few restrictions.

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Thorough user guide. Easy to use. Cons: Limited support. Website and user manual are poorly translated. Broken links on website. Pros: Free version offers good amount of features. Massive user guide available. Lots of publication options. Customizable interface. Cons: Information sources not integrated. Outdated interface. Pros: Relatively easy to use.

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Variety of publishing options, including large wall charts. Cons: Free plan has limited features. Very dated interface. Pros: day free trial. Lots of support documentation. Options for adding relatives of unknown sex. Cons: Download price doesn't include research sources. Not Mac-compatible. No phone support. Pros: Interesting tree-merging concept. Helpful video tutorials and quick start guide.

Cons: Updates to family tree take a while to show up on desktop. Adding research information is a manual process. No telephone support. Molly K. McLaughlin is a New York-based writer and editor with more than a decade of experience covering technology. She has tested and reviewed all sorts of software, mobile apps, and gadgets. Before launching her freelance business, she was an editor at PC Magazine, covering consumer electronics, followed by a stint at ConsumerSearch.

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