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Evasi0n7 v1. Evasi0n v1. P0sixpwn v1. CLI Cinject 0. Ac1dSn0w is a new jailbreaking tool by the PwnDevTeam. The Ac1dSn0w jailbreaking tool is just like the RedSn0w jailbreaking tool but includes some new features such as exiting recovery mode. You can download the latest version of Ac1dSn0w below. PwnageTool 5. Sn0wBreeze is actually the Windows alternative to the PwnageTool.

Sn0wBreeze 2. RedSn0w originally named QuickPwn was re-released during the times of the 2. Maintained and created by the Dev-Team, RedSn0w has become one of the most used jailbreaking tools to jailbreak the iOS firmware. RedSn0w 0. GreenPois0n is a one click jailbreaking tool; meaning that all you need to do to jailbreak your iDevice is click a button.

JailbreakMe is a userland jailbreak. Meaning that all you need to do to jailbreak your iDevice is visit JailbreakMe. This jailbreak works on all iDevices running up to the iOS 4. JailbreakMe 3. Download h1siri This can often times be helpful in case you accidentally update to a firmware version that cannot be jailbroken; as by default Apple does not allow downgrading. For a wide range of High Definition themes you can pick them up from the Microsoft site here. Create installation media for Windows 8. For more info see the official Microsoft page here.

Note: You will need a valid product key to install the Windows 8. Use the Create Media link to start the process. Create Media — Sorry Guys the Windows 8. I will leave the product key above for those that have already downloaded the ISO. If you need a copy of Windows 8 or 10 you can buy it from the myIT. Link HERE. Windows 10 Media Creator Tool 32 bit link here.

Create Media Tool 64 Bit. Sorry guys Windows 8. However the Windows 10 media download is still available. You will need a Microsoft Hotmail or Windows live account to download this software. Pangu A Jailbreak tool which supports iOS 7. Download Pangu v1. This is a trial version of VMware software that allows you to install Windows on your Mac without having to use Boot Camp. VMware Fusion for Mac download here. Download hwmonitor 1. Download PC Mark 8 here. Download 3D Mark 8 here. Classic Shell Start bar for Windows 8 download here.

SnowBreeze Download Windows download sn0wbreeze v2. Download it here. My Tab 2.

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My Tab drivers installation pack Local file share link for people having problems with the link above click here. NOTE: You must choose the right upgrade for your My Tab device; pre-paid means bought it outright, post paid is supplied on a plan. Carbon Copy Cloner 3. Viber for Mac download here. Viber for iPhone here. BlueStacks for Mac Click Here. Boot Camp 5 version 5. Whited00r Firmware is a custom firmware designed to allow you to install apps which are no longer supported by the current Apple firmware.

There are two types of firmware Normal and Unlocked. All other users should choose Whited00r Unlocked firmware. If you are not sure use the Unlocked firmware. Whited00r 6 iPhone 2G. Normal Firmware Unlocked Firmware. Whited00r 6 iPhone 3G. Whited00r 6 iPod Touch 1G. The latest firmware for iPodTouch 1G is 3. Whited00r 6 will boost your iPod and pack it will lots of features that are only available on the most recent iOS version.

Where to Download Limera1n Jailbreak

Whited00r 6 iPod Touch 2G. The models have a different Bootloader. To find out which series you have go to Settings, General, info and Model. Redsn0w is an app used to Jailbreak your IPhone 3G. Download Redsn0w for Windows here: redsn0w 0. Download evasi0n here. For Mac OS X click here. For Windows click here. TightVNC is an application that you use to connect your pc to you Iphone.

Java for Mac is an application that you use to connect your Mac to you Iphone. Click here to download. Facebook App to suit iPhone 3G. Facebook Messenger App to suit iPhone 3G. Facebook Messenger App Version 2. Instagram App to suit iPhone 3G. For a complete list of iPad firmware downloads click here. For a complete list of iPod firmware downloads click here. Samsung Galaxy S on Android 2. This links below contain the 2. The zip file includes the following files. Odin 3 version 3. Odin 3 version 1. Craig here. Hi Josimar Watch this video it will.

Windows 10 Release Cheers Matt. Hi Andy Tan The preview version has been removed but you can watch this video it will help. Hi Andy, Watch this video for more info. Windows 10 Media Creation Tool cheers Matt. Great website, thanks for the advice. It was all accurate, easy to follow and the videos were really helpful. Hi Kenny V You can find iPhone firmware here. If you are after Whited00r 6 custom firmware can be found on the downloads section of my website.

You can find it here. There are many other custom firmwares on the internet. Let me know if you find any good ones. Cheers Matt. Hi how can i install the nba2k12 on my ipod touch 2g 4. Hi Mike For sure see these videos. To backup your iPhone see this video. To restore your iPhone in case something goes wrong see here. To jailbreak see here. To jailbreak iPhone 3G on a Mac click here. When you restore the firmware iTunes will say you phone has been activated. This might help below. All other users should choose Whited00r Unlocked firmwares because they need carrier unlock.

I follow instruction about download facebook for iphone 3g version 4. How I can download facebook? On app store is just for iOS 5. Hi Talbi Have you followed the video here. And for Facebook Messenger Here. I made thanks to you! I install facebook for iphone 3 g and instagram. But unfortunately for instagram write is out of date and I enter in fb but after 10 secondgo out of app What you think?

Maybe I need update my iphone to iOS 5? Can you explain how? Thank you so much! You are great! I want to download shazam and viber onjailbreaked iphone 3g,but i cant find them on the net. I downloaded viber but it doesnt open. Could you please send me the links for these apps; thank you. Hi Kosta Please follow the following videos to get Viber working.

Shazam I have not looked into yet. First Backup your data follow the video below. Click here. Install the Whited00r 6 firmware video below. Install viber and Skype. I want say that that after I install app facebook for iphone 3g I log in , enter and after 10 second app go out alone. I try many, many times but always happen the same. Maybe I need update other iOS version.

Now I have 4. But unfortunately for instagram write is out of date and I enter in fb but after 10 second go out of app. Hi Talbi You have so many questions! If you would like to email me on info myit. Hi Vedant Whatapps is a difficult one. I have tried installing with Whited00r 6 firmware and also from 4.

So to my knowledge no. Both videos are here. Viber Video. Whatsapp PC Video. I hope that helps. If you find anything in your travels that suggests otherwise please let me know. Hello sir help me my is samsung galaxy s plus i plz upgrading hwlp to his virsion is 2. However try and Google you model of phone and firmware. Good luck Matt. Hi Matt, Would be having a tutorial on how to Teather Iphone 3G with the laptop so as i can be able to access internet on the laptop through the phone. Any help is highly appreciated. Hi Tavine The steps should be very simular to this video that I have done for the iPhone 4.

Video here. Let me know how you go. Please admin help me with this app, Metatrader 4! The older version works well MetaTrader 4 v4.

iReb per Mac - Downgrade possibile anche su OS X

Hi Collins If you would like to email me I will take a look at it for you. You can find my contact email address on the contact tab in the menu at the top of the page. Thanks Matt. Pls help to fix this. Pls help. Many thanks. You can try this program its the same type of tool as iTools. I am trying to get whited00r to my apple iphone 3gs. I always get an error when I am restoring. It never goes past preparing for restore.

Hi Kim First of all try a backup. Backup video here.

How To Bypass iTunes Errors 1604, 1603, 1602, 1601, 1600

Then try a restore to factory defaults. Restore video here. Then try to jailbreak to relax the iPhone before adding firmware. Jailbreak video here. Then try to add Whited00r 6 video again. Whited00r Video here. Its a bit long winded. But I always suggest a data backup before proceeding.

The second video sets your Iphone back to factory defaults. I do this in case some other software is stopping whited00r 6 from being loaded. Every time that I select Restore iPhone, iTunes immediately starts the reset factory default process. Once you do this the iTunes should then pop up ask ask you to select a file. Point this to the saved Whited00r 6 file that you downloaded.

Try a reboot with the iPhone plugged into the USB cable. Try that first. Make sure the screenlock is not on. I was getting this error too before I finally figured it out. Hope is helps. I want to jailbreak my old iPhone, can you please tell me how to jailbreak an iPhone 3g iOS 4. Hi Lee It might be a bit difficult. Usually people will buy a button part and open the phone up and replace it. You might want to try that first.

Hi Lee Have a look at this video here. Hi Hiba I have updated with a Skype video here. Hi ernest I have tried to get the Whatsapp to work. I have got it as far as installed but it still hangs on the firmware version. Hi ernest Your best bet is to try the Whited00r 6 firmware. Make sure you backup your data before you try this firmware. Good Luck! When I try to run the iTools Then a bunch of gibberish. Please help. Hi tcarey Try getting a different version from the iTools website.

Failing that, iFunbox might be a better replacement. People seem to have less problems with iFunbox. Good luck. What if many sort of kinds of error appear while im installing the whitedoor 6 what can i do about it? Hi Yayan Can you please let me know what error message you are getting? Hi Tito Viber works on 3G via the Whited00r 6 install.

First of all I should thank you for your all kind attempts. I used all of your tricks and all of them work. I have a iPhone 3G with iOS 4. Some apps like Line, voxer, whatapps, wechat and some other. Hi Sajad Shortly I will be looking to update the website with some more apps. Or at least allow users to submit apps. So until then I will try put up any apps that work. When I say work I mean actually work not just install. Hi Flores Can you give me some more info on what this code is? And I will see if I can fix it. I have Mac Book pro Please have me suggestions so I can do something else. Hi Imtiaz Wakil It should be working I just tested it.

Hi Delano Try the link again I have changed it to a direct download. Sir,respectfully i want to inform u that i have iphone 3g 4. Hi Roman Adhikari You might be out of luck in this case. You can just try the installs up until the cellular data part. And maybe you can do those parts when you are in an area of better signal?

Sr i did all by iphonecake, sync by my 3g sim it all thank to u sir…. N sir can i change my iphone 4. I have iphone 3G IOS 4. Tried funbox to install skype 3. I have factory unlocked Iphone. But installation did not work. Do I need to jailbreak my Iphone? If you want to run Skype without using the Whited00r 6 fireware, ie the Apple 4.

Then you will need to follow the jail break video here. Once you jailbreak the phone you can run the Skype install, video here. Make sure you backup your data before you do the steps above. Hi there. Hi Dan Just so I know which file you are talking about can you put the heading in the post here? When I click on the zip file it works ok for me no password. But let me know which file and ill take a look. Sorry for late reply, I actually got it sorted and all updated fine. I am trying to install win 8.

However there is a few suggestions I can make that might help. First of all try installing an older version of windows EG 64 bit Win 7 and see if it works. If that installs and works ok try reburning a new copy of Win 8. You could try running Apple hardware diagnostics to see if you have a hardware issue. Link is here. Running this will tell you if you have some problems with your hardware and if this is the case if the Mac is still under warranty you can get Apple to fix it. Hi Matt thanks for your comment. Hi brightstar Glad it worked out for you. Yes I thought it would be a hardware issue or software compatibility issue.

But your right install Windows 8 then upgrade to 8. Hi Matt I managed to upgrade windows 8 to 8. Many thanks to put me in a right direction. My best advice would be to backup your data and then try restoring the phones firmware.

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I hope that helps and good luck. Wrote something about respecting somones effort to make aplication, bla, bla.. But may you also ad whats app and some Bibles and dictionaries on your downloads if you can. Hi Mc I am glad it helped you out. What is bibles and dictionaries? Does Bootcamp 5 support Windows 8. And the download link for Windows 8. In order to get the product key, I will need to purchase the physical dvd disk, right? So, which one should I buy? HI Vijay Its Windows 8. I am trying to run snowbreeze to hacktivate my iphone 4 which is on ios 6.

I have a winindows xp laptop and trying to run snowbreeze v2. Click on OK to terminate the application. Please help.. Hi Hari You may have some problems with your pc. See this page for more info. Hi Hari You may have some issues with files on your PC. Please Google the error for more information. I have not tried it on other models. Regards Matt. Great, Viber worked for me. Thank you so much.

I have one more request please try to get Whatsapp.. It would be great if you managed to get it. So could you please try Whatsapp. Thank you. Hi Sandeep I have never been able to get Whatsapp working on 3G. I have LG-P android phone with 2. Hello and congratulations for this site. I downloaded the Samsung galaxy S 2. Can you give it? I need this to fix my phone…. Hi Jake I just checked that file again. I think I was corrupt. I have uploaded a new file if you still need it. I have Samung GT-S android phone with 2. Pls Advise…. Hi Matt Jailbreak. Worked great.

Everything is working except MMS. I have looked on YouTube for instruction on adding the cellular data network button, but all the info is old and the sources are not available anymore. Any ideas? Hi Keith Not really sure what you are after. The MMS button not working? Cheers MAtt. HI Luis, Try watching this video here. You should be able to find a Key on your installed system. Let me know how you get on. Thanks for your wonderful video and step by step instruction for downloading viber onto my iphone 3g. I have also installed Facebook app by the ipa file mentioned in your file.

I have gone through other youtube videos but yours was easy and best. Thanks once again. I have downloaded whatsapp.. Also can i get ipa files for templerun 2,subway surfers and other top apps which i can install on my iphone 3g.. The other ones if you want to email me I can email to you to test if they work. See my contact address on the contact part of the website. Well i want to put windows 8.

Hi Kyran Perkins I would recommend buying a 4. How can i install mac os on my intel dual core pc which version of mac is supported for y pc with 6gb ram and 1 gb nvidea graphics and inbuilt around mb. Hi Pradeesh I am no sure you can unless you mean you want a hackitosh. Google hackintosh and your model of PC. Hi Kyran Perkins The serial key is only a preview copy.

If you want it to go away you can probably buy a copy from Microsoft App store. Hlo, Sir I have Samsung galaxy core it running on 4. Plz Sir Quick!!! Hlo Sir I have Samsung galaxy core and it running on 4. I waiting for your answer? Hlo, I have karbon titaians s5 and nokia 4 gd micro sd card I reject it and and after rejected it not working in my laptop, phone. Plz sir help. Can you update your iOS?

Web Buzz Forum - Download iREB for Windows or Mac

If you decide to do this make sure you save your shsh blobs and do a backup of your Apps and data. Let me know. Have you installed app sync? I have not yet been able to get Skype v3. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Hi Skipper When you jailbreak your iPhone in Cydia you will find app sync for your version of ios. Look under the facebook video for more info. I have tried to use window 8.

Hence, i remove the bootcamp and planning to boot it into window 7. What recommendation do you suggest? Thanks in advance. Thank you so much…. Good luck in your search. I installed your windows 8. Ive verified my keys well, Is there a way to help? Thanks much. HI Ian The serial key is a Windows 8.

I have checked this a few times and it was working ok for me the last time I checked it. My understanding it will install for one month for free and then after that it will shut down and restart your PC every hour. You can buy a copy and that will make it a full version and it wont shut down after that.

You can get that from the Microsoft app store. Or you can try Googling a different serial key for Windows 8. I followed up the installation for Blue windows 8. Can i get some help please.

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Hi nenad Thanks for your feedback. If you leave some thumbs up on the YouTube videos and subscribe should be thanks enough. I jailbroken the Iphone 3G using your instruction, then i started with Ifunbox to get Skype but I need appsync, When I go to Cydia and search it does not give me any appsync available??? I put appsy in search and it gives me 0 results. Maybe try going directly to their website. Hey, I updated my samsung galaxy s to 2. Hi manimal35 There should be no password which password are you talking about? HI Duncan Take a look at this video it might answer some of your questions.

HI Sophie It will probably be difficult as the Windows 7 is not being sold any more. Any reason why you cant use the Windows 8 iso here? Hi kiran Yes, the may issue is finding the correct file version to suit your firmware. Hey… I just bought Windows 8 from the microsoft store. It downloaded a file called Windows8setup. My question now is, how can i get the iso so I can install windows 8 via bootcamp on my mac?

HI Alex Yeah, so its seems to be like a file which connects you to the MS servers and allows you to download the whole package. You have a few options. You can install Windows 7 and then run that file you have which should upgrade the Windows 7. Or you can try the Windows 8. Your call. I have iphone 3gs and I updated it recently with ios 6.

Before it runs ios 4. Please help…………. But it cant be connected to Sim Card network and on the place of network showing in Display, it shows No Service or Searching……. What version did you upgrade too? Hi Jackie As far as I am aware its not available yet. However I will keep checking its progress and put a video up once I know. Hi, I tried to download Whited00r 6 iPhone 3G and I did, it was a zipped file, when i wanna unzip it it gives an error that says the file is not working or cracked..

If so you might need to rename the file to ipsw. If you cant do that try downloading Google Chrome and then use Google Chrome to download the Whited00r 6. These links will explain it. I changed the ios to 5.