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Users who have updated to El Capitan will need to run updates for the OS and Microsoft's Outlook until none are available prior to setup.

Microsoft Exchange If your e-mail account has been migrated , change the following in your e-mail client: Username full and official UCSD e-mail address : username ucsd. Expand all 1.

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Add a new account. Open the Go menu at the top of your screen and click Applications.

Check your password

Double-click the Office folder then double-click the Outlook icon. Or double-click the Microsoft Outlook icon for the version. Click Tools and then Accounts and click Add Account in after you decided if you want to login to your OneDrive account. In the window that appears, select your account, and make sure that the Incoming server -field says imap. If you experience problems with the setup of your account, it would help us if you make screen captures of your settings, and any error messages you might get, and send these to our support so they can help you find a solution.

You can also check the error log within the application, by clicking on Window in the top menu and then click on Error Log. You will now get an overview of errors logged by the application.

Office - Outlook for Mac Exchange Configuration | Office of Information Technology

Information from the log can be useful when you contact us, if you experience any problems. Step 3: Enter your account information Enter the e-mail address you want to set up in the field E-mail address , and its password in the field Password. In the expanded window please enter the following information for your account: E-mail address: Enter the e-mail address you want to add, in this example "name example. User name: name example. When you have entered all the information, click on Add Account. Step 4: Enter a name and description Enter a name in the Account description -field that describes your account.

Microsoft Exchange

Step 5: Select Authentication-method Next you will be asked to select an authentication method. Click on OK. The next steps will show you how to sync your IMAP-folders. Step 6: Synchronize IMAP folders IMAP allows multiple clients to access the same mailbox, while keeping the e-mail messages available on the server for later access via webmail or other devices. We recommend that you use these settings for handling IMAP folders from the start.

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Click on the tab named Server. The password for your email address. User Name. Account Type. Incoming Email Server.

Exchange 2013 – Auto Configuration For Outlook 2011 For Mac

Override Default Port. No check mark because IMAP default port is used. No check mark because POP3 default port is used.

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Use SSL for Connection. Set check mark. Outgoing Email Server.