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Features: -Browse patches in synth and.

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You can preview. The first time, I recommend requesting full list incl. Please do not forget to save list before you close editor. First of all: Many thanks nanasi. It looks fantastic and works well!

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Ever since I had to abandon micronAU because of the lack of 32 bit support in Logic X, I have been frustrated with my micron… this panel is making me fall in love with it all over again! Hi dergitarrist, I hope this thread will help. Thanks for the link, it did help although I could not solve my problems yet: 1. The menu just disappears and nothing changes.

If I export an instance and then re-launch logic with that. The only confusing thing is: When I use an exported instance, all kinds of menus save list, load list, select root directory etc keep popping up and I have to fight through them first.

Miniak Patch Editor

After that, all is well. Thank you nanasi, it seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the great work! Any idea on what could be wrong? Ctrlr uses ch. Can you load each patch? If no, please check bank number of patches in synth.

Common FAQ

A couple of points maybe worth noting. MidiYodi contains valuable features such as: MIDI File Explorer Scans entire folders for MIDI files and displays information such as available instruments, song duration, tempo, key- and time signatures for each file prior to selecting a specific file But dont worry, our Get the synth that you can control. Following the tradition, we have optimized the instruments for a real-time performance. The CPU usage is low even for 96khz host sampling rates, and for advanced polyphony we support dual-core CPUs, spreading the For the greatest fans we've added also original Trigger output configurable as well.

Every instrument also has a Mute, Solo button and Activity led. Mute will not just silence the sound, it will stop the sound being triggered. Solo will stop Perfect Broadcast automation channel-in-a-box solution.. Thanks for sharing this. The Ion engine was incredibly deep, and improved with delay and verb when the Micron came out. The Miniak is an even nicer package that the Micron, and this free editor is amazing.

Akai MINIAK Demo Part 3 Pad and Strings

Way back when the Ion came out, it was the only VA I knew of that sounded analog. By that, I mean when you tweaked the filter knob, there were no audible steps — totally smooth.


This was in the day of terrible step parameters. And you could detune the osc by a single cent, with that subtle phase. Or by microcents using the analog drift parameter. I think the engine is still deep enough to compete with newer VAs.

3 problems I have with the Miniak

Ditch those old buttons for rubber backlit pads. Make the display or the entire control panel tiltable.

Add USB with audio.