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Asked 9 months ago. Viewed times. But thats another storey Any ideas how i can get my software activated?


Deactivate Product Key in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Im running OSX I assume you have tried to uninstall and reinstall the product? Only after doing that did you try to activate the product? Your assumption is correct, you should absolutely be able to activate the product, but you might also have reached your activation limit.

Ramhound ill try uninstalling the software, and then re install, currently i have it installed as part of the cloned files when the HDD was cloned, but maybe re installing it will re trigger it. I did think i might have hit the install limit, so i tried with another new serial number i had never previously installed and had exactly the same issue. Ramhound, i just uninstalled the software and re installed it, then inputted a serial number that hasn't been recycled previously, it still made me go through the telephone activation, but this time it worked!

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Microsoft slaps product activation on Mac Office | Computerworld

Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! For the first time, Microsoft has made product activation mandatory for users of Office for the Mac.

Identifying Office Mac Serial Number

But Microsoft has saddled the new Office for Mac with an activation process that's significantly more draconian than that demanded of customers running the Windows version of the suite. Office for Mac comes with a character alphanumeric activation key that must be entered within 15 days of running any of the suite's applications for the first time.

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During that grace period, the software works as if it had been activated. At the end of the grace period, Office for Mac refuses to launch. Failure to enter the key and activate the suite displays a message on the screen that reads, "You must activate your copy of Office for Mac before you can use it," along with a button that initiates the online activation procedure. Both the grace period and the ramifications of not activating Office for Mac are stricter than those facing Office users running Windows.

Office , for instance, gives customers 30 days to activate the software, and even lets them reset the grace period countdown clock up to five times, giving users up to days before they must activate. Nor does the Windows suite go DOA if it has not been activated. Instead, Office drops into what Microsoft calls "Reduced Functionality Mode," which lets users open the applications and view previously-created documents.

A copy of Office in reduced mode will not let users edit or print documents, however. Wednesday, Microsoft defended product activation on the Mac with the same reasoning that it has used in the past for Office on Windows. Microsoft has aggressively promoted product activation by arguing that it's one way customers are assured they've purchased genuine software. Users have often scoffed at that explanation.

How to Find the Product Key Once Microsoft Office Is Installed? : Tech Niche

According to Microsoft, the goal of the anti-piracy technology is reduce "casual copying" by tying the software to a specific Mac's hardware configuration. During the activation process, Microsoft also collects other information, including the Mac's IP Internet protocol address and the default language of the operating system.

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Microsoft debuted Office activation in with Office XP, but this is the first time it has added the technology to the Mac productivity suite. The company has also scaled back the number of Macs on which a customer can legally install Office, and uses activation to keep people from violating the terms of the software's end-user licensing agreement EULA. Each license granted the user permission to install Office on both a desktop and a laptop, for a total of six installations. Office for Mac , however, switched to a single activation code and to an install-based licensing plan, effectively halving the number of Macs on which a customer can install the program.