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At it's best, a charming love song with a killer hook; at worst? A pretty great White Denim off-cut. Vocals akin to Bowie at his most spritely and a chorus that blows up with a wiry guitar line the whole track feels like it's on a constant crescendo. Gospel infused and undeniably uplifting, 'Rise Up Singing' is the perfect pick-me-up for any time of the day. CPS is a songwriter for the ages and one you should definitely be checking out.

Pile - 'Mr Fish': Pile have been making noise within the Boston scene and aren't slowing down with their quickly growing fanbase. They're rough around the edges and really don't care what you think of them; their music has a similar temperament. Every song is a timebomb that will either blow unexpectedly or diffuse itself - you can expect the unexpected but you'll still be surprised.

Bust No Moves was a track released especially for their Record Store Day 12" of the same name and is just more outstanding verses from the pair. It's rich in texture and shimmering finesse but 'Low' in particular stands above the rest when London rapper Jay Prince comes in hard, ripping out his heart out over bass dives and sparing hit-hats. Slaves x Mike Skinner x Jammer - 'Cheer Up London remix' : Slaves are not strangers to Grime collaborations after their covering and subsequently performing with Skepta.

It's no surprise that a remix featuring The Streets' Mike Skinner and Jammer is as, if not more, brutal and venomous as the original. The condo was so decorated so tastefully, the kitchen and bathrooms were stunning, and the view Thank you Kara. This condo was absolutely beautiful. Couldn't ask for a better location in Old Orchard Beach. Very clean. We got to watch the fireworks from the balcony. It was incredible.

MAC Playland Collection Review: MAC Toys With Chromatic Candy Colors

We will be back for sure!! Thanks for everything! Great stay at the Grand Victorian. We contacted the owner upon arrival about two very small matters, and she responded and rectified the situation immediately. The pictures don't do it justice, the condo is absolutely stunning and very spacious. Everything is clean, brand new and very comfortable.

The kitchen and baths are fantastic. The proximity to the beach, amusement park and arcade can't be beat, especially if you want to be in the middle of it all and have everything within walking distance. We ended every evening enjoying cocktails on the balcony just watching the crowd below It was all very enjoyable and relaxing.

The only reason I'm not giving it five stars is that I'm a light sleeper and there were several nights where the street noise was an issue. In fairness, my husband and kids didn't hear a peep and slept through everything. I would definitely recommend it! Thank you for your feedback! In order to soundproof the condo you simply need to pull up on the outside door handles. Located directly on the beach across from Palace Playland and adjacent to the Pier.

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Prime view of weekly fireworks. Tons of local shops and restaurants just steps from building entrance! Trip Boards. Feedback Form. Login Traveller Login Owner Login. View all 17 photos. Pier and Palace Playland. Condo sq. Many observers interpreted the action as a simple stunt, but over the next few years it became clear that the self-mutilation was the first indication of James' mental instability.

15 Fascinating facts about McDonald's in UK

By the time they released their much-hyped debut album, Generation Terrorists, in February -- a record the band claimed would outsell Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction -- they had already cultivated a large and devoted following, many of whom emulated their glammy appearance and read the same novels and philosophers the group name-dropped. Nicky Wire and Richey James had become notorious for their banter throughout the British music press, and while it earned them countless articles, it also painted the group into a corner.

Comparatively polished and mainstream compared to its predecessor, Gold Against the Soul, the group's second album, appeared in the summer of to mixed reviews. Shortly after the release of Gold Against the Soul, the Manics' support began to slide as the group began to splinter amidst internal tensions, many of them stemming from James. Nicky Wire ran into trouble over on-stage remarks about R. Suffering from deepening alcoholism and anorexia, James entered prolonged bouts of depression, highlighted by incidents of self-mutilation -- most notoriously at a concert in Thailand, when he appeared with his chest slashed open by knives a fan gave him.

Early in , he entered a private clinic, and the band had to perform a number of concerts as a trio. James' mental illness surfaced on the group's third album, The Holy Bible. Reportedly recorded in a red-light district in Wales, The Holy Bible was a bleak, disillusioned record that earned considerable critical acclaim upon its late-summer release in Although the Manics' critical reputation was restored and James was playing with the band, even giving numerous interviews with the press, all was not well.

Prior to the American release of The Holy Bible and the band's ensuing tour, James checked out of his London hotel on February 1, , drove to his Cardiff apartment, and disappeared, leaving behind his passport and credit cards. Within the week he was reported missing and his abandoned car was found on the Severen Bridge outside of Bristol, a spot notorious for suicides.

By the summer, the police had presumed he was dead. Broken but not beaten, the remaining Manics decided to carry on as a trio, working the remaining lyrics James left behind into songs. Throughout , the band toured constantly, and most U. Despite their growing success, several older fans expressed distress at the group's increasingly conservative image, yet that didn't prevent the album from going multi-platinum.

Everything Must Go didn't just go multi-platinum -- it established the Manics as superstars throughout the world. Everywhere except America, that is. The album received a belated release in the U. It should have led to increased exposure, but a blowup between the Gallaghers led to Oasis canceling the entire tour, leaving the Manics at square one.

They returned to the U. The album was another blockbuster success in the U. For a while, there was simply no interest in the Manics by American labels, but another multi-platinum album and numerous awards in Britain revived interest. Know Your Enemy followed in , although it was not well-received, and the band moved to Sony for British distribution of 's Lifeblood.

After its release, the band quickly set to work on another album, using Richey James' abandoned lyrics as inspiration. Postcards from a Young Man, the band's tenth studio album, followed in After releasing a compilation called National Treasures: The Complete Singles in the fall of , the Manics released a super-deluxe 20th Anniversary edition of Generation Terrorists in Meanwhile, the band plugged away in the studio, working on a ludicrously ambitious project tentatively titled 70 Songs of Hatred and Failure. At one point they despaired of simply having written too much material, before hitting on the idea of releasing two very different albums.

The first, a folky, almost entirely acoustic, emotionally raw effort entitled Rewind the Film, appeared in the fall of , and the second, the "spiky" and Krautrock-inspired Futurology, was slated for May A documentary on the Manics, entitled Escape from History, arrived in , followed by the full-length Resistance Is Futile in April Annie's AMP live events series has grown from humble beginnings at the small third room in London's Fabric nightclub, to curating stages at some of the world's biggest festivals from Lovebox to Creamfields in the UK, to Ultra in Miami and Dalt Vila in Ibiza and a Coachella festival pool party in Palm Springs.

AMP has also embarked on nationwide tours in both the U. K and the U. S hosting events in London, Paris and New York. Previously a member of the short-lived bands Judan Suki and , McClure had a reputation in Sheffield as both a songwriter and a poet, and was something of a mentor to Alex Turner, who would become an overnight sensation as the leader of the group Arctic Monkeys Turner mentions McClure's in his song "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor".

Indie rock band Circa Waves was formed in Liverpool in May by guitarist and singer Keiran Shuddall, who had decided to "knuckle down" and commit fully to music after spending years in a succession of no-hope garage bands. After writing a batch of songs and putting some demos online, he recruited second guitarist Joe Falconer, bassist Sam Rourke, and drummer Sian Plummer, and the band undertook a few short tours of the U. Their melodic, propulsive rock sound, heavily inspired by the Strokes and also often compared to the Vaccines, was well-received by audiences, and such a buzz built around them that they were soon offered a deal with Transgressive Records, erstwhile home of Foals, the Subways, and Mystery Jets.

After our a cappella album Rant! A hiatus was needed: around days it seems Over the past 12 months we've been chipping away at our 6th album. It is the culmination of every ounce of energy we have: a return, we hope, to bombastic, daring, creative righteousness.

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We are almost finished. We are in love with this record. We believe in it. Becky Hill is finally ready to step into her own spotlight. After a handful of hugely successful collaborations — with the likes of Wilkinson, Rudimental, Matoma and MK — she now finds herself a bona fide solo artist, front and centre of her own music. Now, she feels like a completely different person to the teenager who won over Jessie J — and the nation — in The show, which saw her sing in front of millions of people each week, was a crash course in performing, confirming that music was her future — but Becky knew the real work would come when she left the show.

The drum and bass and dance music collaborations helped her with that, allowing her to hone her songwriting skills she co-wrote every song she featured on while she figured out the kind of solo artist she wanted to become. I usually run up to the DJ booth a little worse for wear and ask if I can sing it. And a lot of my songs were coming out hopeless. It was the most inspiring thing. All of a sudden, the songs started switching up. The song was written, alongside Maverick Sabre and Lost Boy, in the first six months of her relationship.

I was getting to know somebody on a completely new level, I was completely taken aback.

MAC Playland Collection: *Giveaway* Live Swatches & Review

It comes naturally to Becky to share her emotional intimacies in song. What comes less naturally, though, is being the face of her own music. I want people to relate to me, instead of me being unattainable. I used to never feel alone because I had a song that knew how I felt. I want people to connect with my music like that. Picture the scene. Thousands upon thousands of fans gathered in one space with hands aloft, screaming along to every word and their body shaking with adrenaline as track after track hits them like a tidal wave.

That feeling, of being wrapped up in a band who seize the euphoric and turn it into something vital and real in front of your eyes, that feeling is what makes a band special. Born and raised in north-west London, Georgia is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. Her eponymous debut album was released in August ; written, performed, produced and recorded by Georgia in its entirety at her home-studio; it presented a very necessary new talent, one with real spirit and one that is unabashedly herself. Feminine without being saccharine, her deep, brooding reflections carry us through euphoria, heartache and melancholy but always with the memory of the good times.

So we decided to take some elements of the tension, challenges and stress from the last few years and do something creative with it; music that feels new and exciting to us, that might surprise people and also confront our own expectations of what we can do. It is a weapon — peculiar, androgynous, lurching and defiant — that she wields to beautiful, evocative effect. Marsicans are a fast-rising UK indie quartet whose driving, harmony-laden sound and hard-hitting live shows are earning them a reputation as an emerging force in British music. The band create a very cinematic sound and style that is guaranteed to leave audiences in awe.

Their heavy guitar lines, dual vocals and huge anthemic hooks hold you captivated. Going from strength to strength and gaining fans across the globe, Himalayas have definitely made their mark on the industry within the three years of being together. In the past year they have played both Reading and Leeds, Festival no. The band head out on a mini tour this February, with the Manchester date nearly sold out and the others not far behind.

Having recently supported The Pigeon Detectives and nineties legends Cast, is set to be a huge year for the band, with festival slots and another big tour planned this May, including a debut European date in Paris. In May LIO launched as a full band, further building their eclectic sound compared to the likes of Florence and the Machine and Daughter.

Fixated with the presentation of the self in everyday life, Cope constructs dark party songs; anti-motivational anthems for the post-truth generation. The album is a bold fusion of dark ballads and atmospheric soundscapes, revealing an honest and powerful sense of yearning at its core. It was whilst dealing with a newly diagnosed chronic illness that Mathew found solace through his songwriting; capturing his feelings to create emotionally engaging songs.

It is honest, a little too honest for some. I wanted to create something not just for myself, but for others to relate to in their own lives. Based in Sheffield, Mathew has been a part of a number of previous bands in the city, before deciding he needed true ownership of his most personal project.

Mathew and his band are due to play a number of dates around the UK throughout In the last year Birdspeed also: Birdspeed wrote, recorded and filmed a poem a day for British Black History Month as a response to the lack of narratives on black British historical figures;. Time, death, life, living, hope: these are the big themes from which L.

Salami has crafted his astonishing second album.

Lookman Adekunle Salami is a man in his mid-twenties with a restless spirit and boundless creativity. He makes charming indie-folk, songs that turn intimate tales into epic anthems and big issues into campfire laments. His debut album Dancing With Bad Grammar introduced a daring new artist and, coming less than two years later, The City Of Bootmakers is a bold step forward.

It is L. Hailing from Manchester, England, indie rock quartet the Courteeners received regular comparisons in the U. The band's alternately jangly and bombastic brand of indie guitar rock bears the influence of all three acts, as well as comparisons to contemporaries like Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian. Call The Comet is his third solo album. In response to our confused, fretful times, many of its songs look to ideas of an alternative society and utopian futures, while retaining an all-important openness and sense of mystery.

Most obviously, the album is also full of the pre-requisites of compelling music, which Marr understands as a matter of instinct. They want good riffs, and good singing, and good guitar music. Baggage had been dropped off, packed and sent away. So I felt free. And I was intrigued myself about what I was going to come up with. The answer began to materialize in the autumn of , when Marr did a series of book talks in the USA.

To a greater extent than in the recent past, their music reflects the work Marr has done with the film composer Hans Zimmer, on both Inception, and The Amazing Spider Man 2.

Property Manager

But on this record, I just wanted to follow the feeling; follow the drama. These influences make for heady, deeply-textured stuff, which underlines something very important: the fact that Call The Comet is a work of art and imagination — sparked by the era of Brexit and Trump, perhaps, but intended to transport people somewhere completely different. To some extent, it songs do not need explanation: like all great music, the better society they evoke is there as a matter of artistry and alchemy, and the inarticulable qualities that only music possesses.

I wanted to retreat into that. I really wanted to honour that. Places like that are really rare these days. And quite quickly in the process, I turned one of the sofas in the studio into a bed, and kind of moved in there. But I felt I was on to something, with that atmosphere. I very deliberately made it so it sounded like it could be sung by The Sweet, or Marc Bolan.

It sounds like what I call a jukebox record. The album closes with A Different Gun, a transcendent, reflective end piece which came to its author in the wake of awful events in France in the summer of