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  1. How to certify and encrypt your e-mail in OS X
  2. Keep your Mac email secure! Send Encrypted Emails with ProtonMail and Apple Mail
  3. How to Use Apple’s Built-in Features to Encrypt Files and Folders
  4. Send a digitally signed or encrypted message - Outlook for Mac

The public key is to be shared with others, so they can send you encrypted messages. Important: If you delete your secret key, you will no longer be able to read encrypted messages. To send encrypted emails with Mail. Otherwise add your email address as User-ID to your existing key. Repeate the above steps to add as many User IDs as you need. To do that:. Otherwise the change will only be local and your contacts can't benefit from the new User IDs. Great, you're almost there!

If you want to encrypt to other recipients than yourself, you need to retrieve their public key first. On macOS This is a new mechanism Apple introduced in Open Mail. You'll notice two additional buttons in your composing window.

A lock icon for encryption and a star icon for the signature. For both icons: grey means disabled, black means enabled. As you have just created a key, your star icon will be enabled. You are now ready to sign messages with your key. After you click the star icon you will see a check mark indicating that your message will be signed. Your lock icon however will be displayed in grey as you must first enter a recipient, for whom you have a public key.

For this test: enter your email address in the "To:" field the same address that you use to send emails from. Then your lock icon will change to black. You are now ready to encrypt your message. Click to close the lock. Your mail will now be encrypted. After pressing the lock or star button, the OpenPGP indicator in the top right corner will turn green.

Your email should look like this: The OpenPGP indicator is green, the lock icon is locked, your message will be encrypted and a small checkmark is displayed on the star button the message will be signed. Press send: If your password is not stored on your computer you will be asked to enter it manually in order to sign the message. Shorty, the mail will be delivered to yourself.

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You'll see that it is encrypted and signed: the lock is closed, indicating that the message was encrypted and since you can read the mail-content, it has been successfully decrypted for you. If you don't see the lock icon the message wasn't encrypted. To be completely honest we have to admit, we've cheated a little. Encrypting a message can be slightly more effort, since it requires you to have the public key of the recipient s. However adding their public keys is a task that you only do once for each recipient.

Find out how to get your friend's public key. If your friends don't already have a key-pair of their own, they need to create one.

How to certify and encrypt your e-mail in OS X

After key creation, the public key should be uploaded to a key server. Also in order for your friend to be able to encrypt or sign messages, they need to use a mail client with an OpenPGP plugin - analogue to using Mail. If a public key for your search terms exists on the keyserver, you should see something like the following:.

Select the keys you want to import by clicking their checkboxes and press "Retrieve key". Then start Mail. First , sending an encrypted message isn't more difficult than sending unsecure messages, once you've understood the basic concept. Second , by sending encrypting messages you will prevent unwanted eyes NSA from reading the contents of your personal mails. Third and this might not be as clear: why should you sign messages? You can compare signing a message to the process of sending a sealed letter in real life.

For one, the recipient will be able to tell if the "seal" was broken. If anyone has been fiddling with your message your recipients will immediately see that the signature is invalid. It's under the Security heading in the Properties window. Check the box next to "Encrypt message contents and attachments.

Send a digitally signed message

When it's enabled, Outlook will automatically encrypt all the text and multimedia contents of your email. Click OK. This will save your new settings. Click Close. This will close the Properties window. Write your email.

Keep your Mac email secure! Send Encrypted Emails with ProtonMail and Apple Mail

You can use the email's body field to type your message or click the Attach File button to add attachments. Make sure to enter your contact's email address into the "To Click the Send button. This button is in the upper-left corner of your email. It will encrypt all the text and media in your email, and send it to your contact's inbox.

Method 2. You can find it on your desktop or in your Applications folder. This button looks like a closed envelope icon in the top-left corner of the app. Click the Options tab at the top. This will open your email options.

How to Use Apple’s Built-in Features to Encrypt Files and Folders

Click Security on the Options menu. This will open all your encryption, importance, and sensitivity settings. Select Encrypt Message. When this option is selected on the Security menu, all of your email's contents will be automatically encrypted.

macOS - MacMail: Encrypted Emails

You can type your message in the email's body field, or add documents, images or other files in the attachment. Click the Message tab at the top. This button is in the upper-left corner of the app window. This will encrypt all the text and media in your email message, and send it to your contact.

Send a digitally signed or encrypted message - Outlook for Mac

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