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  1. Hilary Duff Brings Fleetwood Mac's 'Little Lies' to the Dance Floor: Listen | Billboard
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Ein 80s-Klassiker! Ist nicht gelogen! Spezieller Sound, interessante Stimme, viel Drive. Macht den Song einzigartig gut. Ich dachte zwar immer, dass dieses Lied von Mike Oldfield ist, d. Grossartiges, zeitloses Teil von Fleetwood Mac. Dat Video geht eigentlich auch! Stevie Nick's Stimme kam mir damals immer vor, als sei sie betrunken oder vollgepumpt mit "ungesundem Zeug". Stand 10 Wochen lang in die NL Top 40!!! Das war ja auch das Tolle an der Gruppe. Die haben sich immer wieder neu erfunden. Immer neue Sounds.

Schlimm, die Synthis, das Schlagzeug Ausserdem: Was sollen diese Zeilen im Refrain eigentlich?


Hilary Duff Brings Fleetwood Mac's 'Little Lies' to the Dance Floor: Listen | Billboard

Erstklassiger Song und Perle der 80er. Nichtsdestotrotz eine gute 5! Herrje, was schreib ich denn da Fand ich schon als Kind toll!

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Mit diesen Popsong wurden sie auch dem gemeinen Volk bekannt. Gebracht hat es nur soviel das Stevie Nicks sich aufmachte um weiterhin Solo Musik zu machen Solide Nummer mit der 80er typischen Instrumentierung und Effekten.. Dit is gewoon een lekker nummer. Wunderlich, aber es geschah ; Und mir hat es sehr gut gefallen. Ich geb mal 4 Punkte. Hier was Fleetwood Mac toch duidelijk over het hoogtepunt heen Last season he'd wished Jane would tell him who his father was; now he probably wishes he never found out. It's tough to blame Celeste's twins for coming to their half-brother's honor and beating up the bully who told Ziggy he was a "mistake" and that his father was a rapist.

And by the way—how did the bully know about Perry and Jane?

Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Who is his brother? Who else but Corey and the Monterey women know what happened to Jane? The lyrics to Supertramp's "School" have all the subtlety of a punch to the lip as they directly apply to the boys' situation. Ed's "I was the sound choice" monologue is the most depressing Big Little Lies marriage moment since Will the two of them patch things up?

ABBA vs Fleetwood Mac Party

And s hould they? The story of Dreamin' Wild is fascinating: The record was made in a home studio their father built for them in an expensive show of support. Dreamin' Wild would have disappeared into obscurity forever, had it not been randomly discovered by a record collector in a Washington antique shop decades later. The fact that so many Big Little Lies scenes involve a main character making dinner says everything about how good it is at capturing the minutiae of family life, making the absurd lives of these wealthy Californians surprisingly relatable sometimes.

This scene, in which Ed's listening to "A Change Is Gonna Come" when his concerned-looking daughter Chloe comes up and hugs him, is nearly wordless, yet it says so much. Speaking of the absurd lives of these wealthy Californians, Bonnie's "singing for sleep apnea" class is the most amazing thing since Bo Peep the child therapist it's also a real thing , apparently. It looks so fun, and I want in. The song that Bonnie's class is singing as her father shows up at her place of business to dredge of memories of her childhood abuse so inappropriate is Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now" from their album Chicago X.

Is Corey a COP? It did, at times, seem like he was too good to be true but maybe I've just been conditioned to expect the absolute worst of people in Big Little Lies ' Monterey. When we first met him he was informing Jane that he knew exactly what her rep was with that "you're the Monterey Five" line; within a few episodes he'd insinuated his way into every aspect of her life.

If Corey is an undercover police officer, his surfing lessons with Corey and hooking up with Jane is ten kinds of wrong. Is it too much to hope he's filing a stolen iPhone report or something? Kentucky rock band My Morning Jacket's "Victory Dance" soundtracks Bonnie's realization that Corey might not be who he seems, intercut with She was hitting on him again , ostensibly to even the score given Madeline's affair with her husband Joseph.

HD Fleetwood Mac Little Lies Gypsy Today Show 10 9 14 YouTube

But then we see that Joseph's been watching Madeline and Ed flirt at the bar—is this some creepy game the two of them are playing? This is the song Jane is listening to when she rolls up to Corey's house, confronting him about why Bonnie saw him leaving the police station. Is Corey a cop? We won't know for sure until next week's finale. But if so, making out with Jane and becoming a part of her son's life would certainly be an ethical violation, if not a legal one is it legal? Someone call Celeste's completely apathetic lawyer and ask her.

Little Lies

Tori Bachman clearly wants to even the score against her husband and Madeline's affair by sleeping with Ben, a story that's been simmering since the season premiere when she alerted him to her boob job in the produce aisle. Tori has "certified weirdo" energy.

Furthermore, with just one more episode to go, one wonders why we're burning screen time with this B plot at all? Madeline and Ed's marital struggles are substantive enough without introducing this secondary conflict. It kind of feels like filler Kate Bush's song "Running Up That Hill" has received the cover treatment many times, and the version that plays during Ed and Tori's chat is from alt-rock band Placebo. Peebles is best known for " I Can't Stand the Rain. This was Nicole Kidman's episode, to be sure—her work as Celeste sorting through her own choices in real time, while interrogated by Denis O'Hare's piranha lawyer, was astounding.

But Shailene Woodley's anger as Jane confronts Mary Louise was pretty great stuff, too and satisfying to watch. The song that plays as Mary Louise literally shuts Jane out and descends into an even more toxic spiral was " It's Over " by Roy Orbison. Witherspoon got to bust out her finest romantic comedy monologue skills in this scene, in which Ed discovers her partying in her wedding dress.

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Season one set that right, and we finally learned exactly what made her push Perry that night. It was already becoming apparent through the slow reveal of her mom Elizabeth's abusive behavior growing up, but that didn't make Bonnie's confession to her mother any less heartbreaking. The song that plays in Elizabeth's hospital room is Elizabeth Cotten's "Shake Sugaree," a callback to the scene in season two, episode three, when Bonnie, Elizabeth, and Skye sang it together.

This song plays the first time Ed is boxing outside, as his daughter and stepdaughter discuss his alienation from Madeline. It also plays over episode 7's closing credits. There weren't many musical moments in the season series?