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If you enjoy action adventure games, this is the best you will find on macOS. For the longest time, Mac games have suffered in terms of performance compared to Windows.

Also, having one of the best Mac computers for gaming certainly helps, too…. Fortnite is such a sensation, it probably needs no introduction. Fortnite somehow creates tension and excitement for everyone involved, from the experienced to the beginners.

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Behind the playful graphics hides an intense game that is free to play. You read that right—the gaming sensation of the moment is one of the best free games for Mac. What are you waiting for? Rocket League is one of those games that is hard to explain. That is, of course, easier said than done, because the game features an impressive physics-based gameplay that will require you to have perfect timing, placement, and anticipation in order to score.

You can play solo against another opponent or as part of a team. Needless to say, this is a multiplayer game that is ten times more fun when playing with friends. Perhaps the best strategy game out there, we sure are glad that Aspyr brought Civilization 6 to MacOS. The follow-up to the stellar Civilization 5, Civ 6 lets you once again take the helm of an infant civilization and turn it into a mighty empire.

The 50 Best Mac Games Out Now

Your objective is simple: create the greatest and most powerful civilization in the World. It will then be up to you to decide how to best do it. Do you want to conquer the world using your mighty army? Or perhaps you want to create a trade empire that puts the other Civs to shame? It will be up to you. Civ 6 also introduced new mechanics and improved graphics that take the franchise even further.

A quick warning, though, Civ 6 is a very demanding game. In fact, you should have a modern Mac from onwards to properly enjoy it.

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Subnautica is one of the latest examples. Subnautica somehow manages to find the right balance between survival and exploration. As you progress, you get to upgrade your equipment and go further into the depths to find better loot—but also face bigger dangers. The sequel to one of the highest-rated RPGs of all time, Pillars of Eternity II broke crowdfunding records, raising over four million dollars. This isometric RPG managed to surpass the original in virtually every way. The game features a rich story, deep characters, a fascinating world, and improved tactical combat.

DiRT Rally features excellent gameplay that is both precise and exciting. The sense of speed is there, and you can always fine-tune the difficulty settings to suit your preferences. Whether you want a challenging simulation or an intense casual game, DiRT Rally can be both. Feral Interactive somehow managed to create a bug-free game that looks great and can run flawlessly on older Mac computers.

In Terraria, every game takes place in a randomly generated world full of monsters to fight, rare resources to find, and dangerous caverns to explore. You can focus on exploring the world in search of treasure and rare resources. You can seek one of the bosses that hide within the world and fight it to the death. Or you can build a city of your own and house mysterious allies.

Overwatch is one of those games. Released in and winner of most Game of the Year awards, this team-based multiplayer shooter keeps getting better and better. It currently has over 30 million registered players and has received countless free updates, including new characters and maps. That makes us miss it even more.

The 10 Best Mac Games

Luckily, it can run beautifully on a Mac using Parallels Desktop. The Parallels team recently tested it again to make sure it runs properly under Windows 10 and Parallels Desktop. As you can see from the video below, the game runs beautifully.

The best games for your MacBook and iMac

So if you were disappointed that Overwatch is not available for Mac, you can still play it with the help of Parallels. When you press the three keys, [Command] [Option] [Esc], all at the same time your Mac will bring-up a Force Quit window. I take a lot of screenshots. This is a keyboard shortcut to the Display Preferences where the screen resolution how big things appear on the screen is shown.

The Top Tips & Tricks for Mac Gamers | Big Fish Blog

Even more useful, though, is that opening the Display Preferences window is also a quick shortcut to other System Preferences such as those to set Wallpapers and Screensavers. Ever have trouble remembering what was in a file?

By clicking once on that file and then pressing the [Spacebar] key, the Mac will show you a quick look into that file or show you the picture without having to open the application needed to run the full file. For certain technical issues, it can be helpful to delete the save folder where all of the player profile info is kept , reinstall the game, and start from scratch. Now, the save location can often be hidden and hard to find unless you know where to look.

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